Guitar Chords: How Do You Know When The Chord Changes In Playing A Bass Guitar?

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  1. Jack Narey says:

    if you can’t hear it in the song then on the notation you’re reading it will probably say the chord. But from that question, it’s hard to know what context you mean. Are you talking about improvising, sheet music, playing live..?

  2. itsjustme says:

    If you don’t just “feel” it then you’ll never be a good musician.

  3. GRAHAEME P says:

    Can I suggest that you give a little more information with your question.
    I see that you are new to Yahoo answers. People will do their best to help you and give yo advice and encouragement, but you have to give them something to work with.

    How long have you been playing bass guitar? What is your other music history or experience? What has prompted your question, are you struggling generally or is there a particular tune that you are having problems with?

    You can add this extra info to your question by editing it and we can then equally edit our answers to give you more useful information.

    From what you have asked here is my best:-

    Most musicians will have developed an “ear” that tells them that a chord change is happening. Many will naturally go to the correct next chord. This is a mix of experience and knowledge of music theory. Sometimes your “ear” will just tell you where to go, but you are helped because certain chords almost always turn up in tunes of particular keys. For example, if the tune is in “C” then you would expect the chords of F and G (or G7) to be there, but then also possibly Aminor and D7.

    If you are playing from music, or from a written form of a song then the chord changes should be marked on there.

    If you can add more info to your question then you may get some really helpful answers. For example, when you are playing bass guitar, it’s not just the chords that you need to know, the bass line would be very boring if you were just playing the note that the chord is named after, it would fit as a bass line but wouldn’t be interesting. You need to know the construction of each chord (the 3 or more notes that make up the chord) and decide which of these notes best fits with your bass part.

    Please try adding more info and give us an opportunity to give you some real useful help.

  4. andy muso says:

    You listen for it.

  5. JaneyJones says:

    This should be of help to you with more info on that.