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i am teaching myself guitar and i thought i was progressing because i can make chord changes but then i realized that i am doing it wrong :/

i seen to have fingers dragging along after one is placed down. like i can place to fingers of the D major chord but then the last finger is late in placement. i want to be able to place all fingers down at the same time effortlessly. it is one of the bad habits i’ve been warned about when taking the guitar on solo. i want to get out of it..any suggestions ? and please dont say get lessons cause i am not :)

like, i can make the changes i would just feel more comfortable and feel like a “real guitarist” if i did it the way you are advised to do it. how do i get out of this habbit ? by means of excersises practice etc…

thanks :)


  1. psymon says:

    It’s all about practice, get at least three one hour practice sessions in every day. Top guitar teaching theorists believe that in order to become a competent guitar player, you need to put in 10,000 hours. Then put in another 10,000 if you want to get ‘good’.

  2. Jack Herring says:

    It sounds like you need to practice more. However It would be nice if you could post a video so we could see. When people teach themselves generally all kinds of bad habits are practiced. I would suggest taking lessons with a qualified teacher.

    Remember that only you can correct the problem. Regardless of all the answers you get or what your teacher says, you are the only one who can correct the problem.