Guitar Chords: Help Choosing Between Bass Or Normal Guitar?

This is Paul Gilbert showing how he plays Technical Difficulties. Personally I think this version is slightly better than the original, but thats just me :) Since the nice people on youtube have asked me to upload some better photos I have gone ahead and uploaded a new version, hopefully good enough this time! :) The new download link is: It is the blue button which says “DOWNLOAD” that should be clicked. Follow this link to download the (old) tabs:

So, I’m pretty much a noob when it comes to guitar. I took lessons but my guitar got stolen and i couldn’t continue. now I’d like to start again in the interest of a band. I know most of my chords and can play at an amateur level.
I’m thinking of getting a bass guitar but i’m not so sure.
Is it possible to play bass parts on a normal electric guitar?
Which is easier to play?
& any recommendations as a starter guitar?
thanks \m/


  1. Op Nyck says:

    sorry to hear about your stolen guitar that sucks!!
    some bands dont even have a bass at all white stripes for instance
    i play guitar but can also drop a few notes on the bass
    go with guitar and if its not satisfying for you then maybe move onto bass
    easy guitar recommendations are difficult because it depends on the style you want to play!!
    have fun
    and just enjoy it

  2. X KANO X says:

    i would just carry on with the electric guitar i have played bass but i think electric is far more better and i would just say get an epiphone they might be a bit more pricier than lets say a starter one but the quality is awsome. my dad has a epiphone 335 dot and it sounds so good.
    hope this helps kane

  3. Mr. Knowitall says:

    both are easy to play…they all take time, lots and lots of time.

    i play bass which i love, i’m not too fond of guitar (too squeaky) but yeah i’de say bass (from what ive heard from people who play both, its the most rewarding.)

    ibanez soundgear basse’s can be quite cheap, go to a music shop and try a few out :)

  4. Lord Helmet says:

    The bass guitar has heavier strings than the regular guitar, so it’d be tough to downtune a regular one to play bass parts.

    Bass isn’t as chord-centric, and focuses more on picking out individual notes as part of the bass line. That’s not to say you can’t do some blistering bass solos. Just ask the ghost of Cliff Burton.

    With guitar, you can play more whole songs by yourself.

    As for the experience of playing in a band:
    Guitar: frontman – gets to shred the solos, gets the hottest groupies
    Bass: the balls of the band – great place to carve out a distinct persona for yourself, gets the freaky groupies (not always a bad thing)

    Good basic electric guitar? Can’t go wrong with a Fender Mexistrat. Easy to play, looks and sounds good, fairly affordable.

    Don’t know much about basses, though.

  5. jornefruitmand says:

    Bass guitar and normal guitar are very similar instruments, but still there are differences. Both instruments are easy to begin with, but take a long time to master. I myself play both bass and guitar, and started with guitar. Because the strings of the bass guitar are the same as the lower four strings of a guitar (only one octave lower), the jump from guitar to easy bass playing isn’t very hard.

    You can play a bass-part on a guitar, but the notes will sound one octave higher, the strings are thinner, and are much closer to each other. To be short: it is not ideal. I won’t make the choice for you, try both instruments, and pick your favorite.

    To recommend a brand of guitars or basses, is rather difficult because you don’t mention your favorite genres/groups.

    More information? Feel free to ask.