Best Acoustic Guitar: Help Choosing A New Acoustic Guitar?

I’m basically looking for a good electro acoustic with a cut away (optional). I’ve been to my local guitar shop and tried a few and i may go for the Epiphone EJ-200CE (

I’m still abit new to understanding guitar makes, but from my understanding this guitar is a cheaper model of the Gibson J-200? And alot is also down to personal preference?

Just wanted to hear anyone elses opinions? I’ve heard good reviews about this guitar online but any info would be great :)



  1. Norm says:

    Epiphone is basically Gibson made in Asia. They’re good guitars for the price, but not as good as those carrying the Gibson name that are made in the U.S.A. Of course, you pay a lot more for a Gibson…

    Yes, a lot about buying any guitar is personal preference. You should definitely play any guitar you’re thinking about buying. If you’re not happy with the look, feel, and/or sound then there’s no point in buying it.

    If you’re not looking to spend a fortune on a new guitar you may also want to check out the following brand names:

    Jasmine (bargain line for Takamine — highly recommended)

  2. Tom Locke says:

    Epiphones are fantastic, they lack sound quality and build quality compared to the Gibsons but personally, some epiphones are better than the cheap Gibson’s. Just because of the price, don’t think it’s bad. I would highly recommend an epiphone.

  3. Mikey, just Mikey says:

    I think the Gibson J-200 is a great looking but horrible sounding guitar. I’ve tried lots of them and they are all hopelessly bass-heavy, kind of a tubby sound. No sparkle at all. The Epiphone is indeed a Chinese copy of the J-200 but it’s apparently an all-plywood guitar. I wouldn’t buy it.

    Spend more and get a Taylor 214ce, a far better guitar.

  4. OnTheRock says:

    The Epiphone EJ200ce is a jumbo guitar (Asian made plywood version of a Gibson J200). For the $ 450 price tag I would not recommend it. First of all, you’re getting a “select spruce top” not a solid spruce top. Solid top guitars will typically have better tone and sustain than a laminate top. For $ 450 I would really not consider any acoustic guitar that did not have at least a solid wood top. The back and sides on the EJ200ce are maple, which is not my favorite sounding wood for back and sides (I prefer rosewood or mahogany myself). It’s also a very large guitar (jumbo) and has a chunky neck. It will be very bassy sounding because of the large body. A lot of country finger pickers like the jumbos because you can get that pronounced bass response. If that’s what you’re into and you play it and like it, then it’s your money to spend. It’s not a bad guitar, just wouldn’t be my choice.

    Here are a few other options for acoustic electric guitars in that sub $ 500 range. I played these at Guitar Center and these were my top picks (of course your taste will vary):

    If you like the jumbo sound and feel this is another good option:

    You are correct though. It’s not that “a lot is also down to personal preference”, it’s ALL down to personal preference. To choose the right acoustic guitar for you you really have to play as many as you can and see what sounds and feels best in your hands. About all anybody else can do is tell you what complete junk to avoid (Dean – cough, cough).

    If you do want a nice Epiphone, check out some of their used Masterbilt series guitars.