Guitar Games: I Cheated On My Boyfriend Again.?

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My current boyfriend has his G.E.D, has motivation to get a job and move in with me. I’m currently living with my brother and he is okay with him moving in. He has 4 or 5 interviews and I only have 2 which are open interviews ONLY. So The first time I cheated was when we were first dating and I totally regreted and we’ve moved passed it. Almost 7 months later my ex comes outta the blue and he tells me he loves me and I still have feelings for him. Maybe not love. But this time around I can handle whatever he throws at me. My current boyfriend is emotionally unstable and sits on the computer all day whenever he is at my brothers house. I know he has the motivation to get a job but none to change. He doesn’t understand my humor and probably never will. He doesn’t want to party which is what I’m interested in. He doesn’t motivate me to do anything either. Seems like if we got a place this is how I imagine our relationship: he’d go to work, come home, video games, guitar, sex, then bed. I don’t care about his dreams about becoming a guitarist. It doesn’t interest me and I hate that I don’t care about it but I can’t help it. We absolutely hate each others music choice. He calls me a slut and other shitty names sometimes. My current and I had a brief break up period and I kissed another guy and he’s all upset about it when it was month ago. My ex and I had a bad past. We’ve both decided to start a new. But he doesnt have a G.E.D. He has another 4 or 5 months before he graduates, so him finding a job any time soon isn’t possible. He seems like he’s grown up a lot since last year. So I feel like both these guys are bad for me. I think I should break up with my current and go for my ex but he wouldn’t help me in life as of right now. My current would freak out and wouldn’t understand my decision so I think it’s unfair to him. I really cannot tell him I cheated on him again. I cant go through all that whore calling and crying. Help me someone. :(


  1. Solange says:

    i did not even read the first sentence but from the title i have a great answer for you : i cheated on my boyfriend AGAIN??!? leave him man stop cheating on people. i guess he deserves better. there is no excuse for cheating and nobody deserves to be hurt twice

  2. dellboy says:

    don’t worry,he will soon find out himself as your reputation gets around his mates,then you will be on your own to do as you please( increase your reputation further)