Cheap things on Ebay……?

How do i find bargains on ebay? i’m looking for ps3 games for like 5 to 8 pounds. Like bioshock, killzone 2, guitar hero 3. please help. thanks in advance


  1. Apples says:

    Better luck on Craigslist.

  2. Martyn says:

    the games you are looking for will probably be slightly more than 5-8 pounds but then again who knows. to look for games on ebay, on the home page in the top left hand corner should be a search bar. just type in the game you’re looking for and for what console you want it on and then click search.

    hope i have helped

  3. Andrew M says:

    sometimes people misspell or put in the wrong catergory look there

  4. Lord_Darkclaw says:
  5. PATRICK says:

    no cheap items for sale on ebay now
    most items are fake anyway and its vey hard to find a honest seller