Guitar Lessons: Do You Think There Is A Chance Of Him Liking Me?

Basically, we are both 14. I have a few lessons with him. He is always staring at me in lessons, and whenever I catch him staring at me he does this really cute smile :) lol and I talk to him quite a lot, and he is always really nice. Also in lessons, he always makes sure I know what to do (he is a bit cleverer than me :S), and it is so cute 😛 also, he has permanently lent me stuff like pens, guitar picks etc :S and also he has offered to teach me to play the bass guitar :) lol do you think he could like me? or is he just a nice person? thanks x


  1. Anonima Smart says:

    Yes 😀 You’ve got a lot of chances ..

  2. Victoria says:

    He sounds like a nice boy to me… a nice boy who likes you!