Guitar Notes: I Think There Is A Chance That I Might The Dyslexic. Help Me.?

I have a couple of problems which I’m not sure about.
I can spell yet my handwriting and the amount of spelling mistakes I make writing words I know is just silly, I am a slow reader and just can’t read long books to save my life, while reading I always skip a few words, lines and frequently misread words which are right in my takes me literally 15 minutes of silence just to get into the atmosphere or learning and then another couple of minutes to write something down, I have a bad habbit of distracting class mates while in the process, but not to have a laugh, but because I’m not sure on what to do. The thing is, socially Im not to great too, if I have to read aloud at school, I hesitate horribly and lose my ability to read and follow my peers, also, I’m extremely sensitive to people calling me dumb or telling me I suck at stuff, even though I have high minimum and target grades. Ialot of the time mess up again. As for concentration, I constantly day dream or just find it hard to take in simple things that people are saying, it’s as if I forget as soon as they tell me, because of it, I usually get really good days followed by pretty much horrible days. I am pretty good at maths however me and maths never get along quite well, In order to know what I have to do, I have to have my teacher repeatedly telling me the same thing individually, but then again I sometimes terrorise people ini my subjects. It makes no sense to me. I don’t knowif it has much to do with it but I love sports, I’ve been swimming for 8 years and Been playing the guitar and piano quite well. As a side note my syster is dyslexic.
Somebody help me and educate me please, what could I do to improve? And if your wondering wy my spelling is okay here, it’s the auto correct feature.


  1. slowman says:

    You may be wise to be tested for Dyslexia as well as Dyspraxia, even if it is just to rule them out.

    If your sister has Dyslexia, has she been statemented? If so this should make it easier for you to be assessed.

    there may also be other “conditions” (apologies, I am not aware of the correct term) for what is going on for you so maybe a process of elimination could be the way to go.

    Have a chat with a teacher (that you like and trust) or school counsellor if you have them, or first port of call, your parents…

    Hope this helps good luck