I wrote some poems, tell me what you think of them, i’m 13.?

Well, this is my first one, it is called hypocrites

Oh my God, Global Warming!
Well, then go give the world a final warning,
Isn’t just horrible down in Iraq,
The fight for your soldiers, try and bring them back,
Isn’t it terrible how people are starving,
Then go to a third world and consider farming,
People are losing homes in the economy crisis,
Why don’t you protect the homeless from the coldness,
If you try and do the things i say,
you could be a hero, for a minute, for a day,
Sing a blind man a song, let their ears see,
Give an ugly toothless man, some joy for free,
Batman’s not the only place where you can find two-face,
But please, go ahead and try this,
Stop being a bloody hypocrite!

Well, the next one i posted last year when i was 12, but unfortunately i was reported. It is about the music industry, and how facke it is, mainly focusing in on Punk Rock, as it mentions Iggy Pop, Johnny Rotten, Joe Strummer and Lars Frederiksen. Hope you like it.

Plastic Guitars
They say they look so hip,
With their black lipstick,
They got the clothes, they got the click,
But they don’t got it, cos’
They got Plastic Guitars, woaah Plastic Guitars,
They’re not listening to Iggy, John, Joe or Lars,
cos they got Plastic Guitars,
Plastic Bass, Plastic Drums, Plastic Guitars,
At home, Rolexes and a Rolls Royce motorcar,
They don’t drink at a bar,
Instead they smoke cigars,
Because, cos’ they have Pl-Pl-Pl Plastic guitars whoaa Plastic guitars,
No they don’t listen to Iggy, or good ol’ Johnny, or Joe, even Lars,
Nah, Rolexes, Daimonds and Rolls Royce bloody motorcars
well thx so far guys, except that Andy bloke it’s good. Thanks Again

Rock Guitar Songs: Is This A Good Song About My Friend? PLZ ANSWER!!!?

Music video by Justin Timberlake performing What Goes Around…Comes Around. (C) 2007 Zomba Recording, LLC

i did post this earlier but i have added lyrics to it and have adjusted it. now i don’t have any musical background i am a beginner guitarist. i can’t read music. i wrote this to be a rock ballad. it is about my best friend who i fell out with. he is ver musical and a grade 8 pianist. is this ok for a first try?

I Wanna go Back to the Way things Were

Here I am now, without you
Looking back at what we’ve been through
we’ve been through both good and bad
and i realise now that it’s the best time i’ve had

I Try to look away but i can’t let go
they tell me that it’s over but i just say no
I’m so full of anger and regret because of what’s happened
I just wanna go back to the way things were
I just wanna go back to the way things were

I looked at you and you at me
I said sorry for all fighting
but you turned around and walked away
cause of the fire in your life (yeah)


I sit and think how things have gone this far
thinking of this while strumming a guitar
i am your brother and you are mine
and i’ll love you now till the day i die

i realise now things can’t go back
they can only get better man
i know you can’t stand to think of me
but one day we’ll be friends again
Brother, you’ll see

I just wanna go back to the way things were
I just wanna go back to the way things were
I just wanna go back to the way things were

plz .. there is this song .. sounds pretty contemprary..I SAY ….. YOU SAY….CAN SOME1 TELL ME VCH 1 ?

Track 1. Title track from the album ‘Station To Station’ Written by David Bowie Produced by David Bowie and Harry Maslin David Bowie: Vocals, Guitars, Tenor and Alto Saxophone, moog, mellotron Carlos Alomar: Guitar Earl Slick: Guitar Roy Bittan: Piano Dennis Davis: Drums George Murray: Bass Warren Peace: Backing Vocals ♪♫ The return of the Thin White Duke throwing darts in lovers’ eyes Here are we one magical moment Such is the stuff from where dreams are woven Bending sound Dredging the ocean lost in my circle Here am I Flashing no colour tall in this room overlooking the ocean Here are we One magical movement from Kether to Malkuth 1 There are you You drive like a demon from station to station The return of the Thin White Duke throwing darts in lovers’ eyes [x2] The return of the Thin White Duke, making sure white stains Once there were mountains on mountains And once there were sunbirds to soar with And once I could never be down Got to keep searching and searching And oh what will I be believing and who will connect me with love? Wonder who wonder who wonder when Have you sought fortune evasive and shy? Drink to the men who protect you and I Drink drink drain your glass raise your glass high [CHORUS 1] It’s not the side-effects of the cocaine I’m thinking that it must be love It’s too late – to be grateful It’s too late – to be late again It’s too late – to be hateful The european cannon is here [CHORUS 2] I must be only one in a million I won’t let the day pass

i say …. some lyrics… and then …. you say…
its pretty rocking with a lot of guitar…
i have searched a lot .. all i get are pretty old ones..
plz help me out .. could some one tell me whoz the artist and the son..
thanks in advance

Rock Guitar Songs: Does Anyone Know Who Did This Song?

Tycho shares a track from his upcoming album, ‘Dive.’ Release details: ghostly.com Artist Bio: ghostly.com While his formative years were spent listening to everything from Yes to Photek, Scott Hansen didn’t get his hands on an actual guitar or drum machine until he left his native Sacramento for San Francisco in 1995. “Encountering this whole new world at 20 years old was a profound experience,” says Hansen, better known by his musical pseudonym Tycho and as the graphic artist ISO50. “At the time, I was just learning the processes of design and music; both felt very similar, and have flowed back and forth for me ever since.” As seamless as his two creative outlets have been, nearly a decade passed before the release of Hansen’s first proper Tycho LP, Sunrise Projector (later expanded and reissued under the title Past Is Prologue). And while three striking singles have emerged since then, the sum of all those sepia-toned parts is nowhere near the double-exposed soundscapes of Dive. The product of a prolonged break from IS050’s design work and blog, it pays tribute to Tycho’s prismatic past (the dense, guitar-guided turning points of “Daydream” and “Adrift”) but spends most of its time pointing to the project’s not-so-distant future. That can mean any number of things, really, from the halcyon hooks and hopeful horizons of “A Walk” to the expansive, wildly expressive tone poetry of the title track, an eight-minute epic that unfolds like a compressed concept album. Or at

its a guitar solo with no singing and i think its called either explosion or implosion
i heard it on planet rock a few weeks ago

do you all know the song…?

Music video by Train performing Hey, Soul Sister. (C) 2009 Sony Music Entertainment

she’ll be cumming round the mountain…

and who will play the guitar for it!

many thanks to the ghost for that one rock on from the shock jock lol

Rock Guitar Songs: Inspirational Song Quotes?

Jerry Garcia (guitar, vocals), Ron “Pigpen” McKernan (vocals, harmonica), Bob Weir (guitar, vocals), Phil Lesh (bass), Mickey Hart (drums), Bill Kreutzman (drums). Presented under fair use for educational purposes, materials all rights reserved by the original owners. THE USE OF ANY COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL IS USED UNDER THE GUIDELINES OF “FAIR USE” IN TITLE 17 & 107 OF THE UNITED STATES CODE. SUCH MATERIAL REMAINS THE COPYRIGHT OF THE ORIGINAL HOLDER AND IS USED HERE FOR THE PURPOSES OF EDUCATION, COMPARISON, AND CRITICISM ONLY. NO INFRINGEMENT OF COPYRIGHT IS INTENDED.

My boyfriend recently sold one of his favorite guitars and was thinking of giving up music because he’ll never be able to get it back or get another. But he is good and I don’t want him to give up his dream.

For Christmas, I found this necklace with a guitar and dog tag. I’d love to get something inspiring engraved onto the dog tag. Just not sure what… please help… :)

Also his favorite type of music is rock. If that helps..

Rock Guitar Songs: What Does Heavy Music Mean?

Einer der Teile die Gelöscht wurden…

like in rock and metal, does heavy music meam like distorted guitars, really fast or what charterictics of a bands music or song make it sound ‘heavy’?

Rock Guitar Songs: What Do You Think Of This Song?

“Miss You (City Lights)” on iTunes: full.sc Bowery Presents: www.youtube.com Subscribe & become a Roomie today! bit.ly Facebook I on.fb.me Twitter I bit.ly Vlogs I bit.ly iTunes I bit.ly Shirts I roomieofficial.spreadshirt.com (US) http (EU) Thanks so much for liking and adding to your favorites, Roomies! :) — Cast: Girl: Magdalena Engström Girl’s new guy: Jakob Engström Guy on FB page with bouquet in mouth: Jonathan Sterner — Lyrics: We broke up last night My heart is broken We didn’t even fight We both knew we are wrong for eachother Nothing went seamlessly But still I miss you endlessly I miss you more than kisses I miss you more I miss you more than those nights Holding hands, walking around In the city lights I hate you more than kisses I hate you more I hate you more than those nights Walking around in the city lights But still I miss you endlessly — Chords: II: Cadd9 G/B Am7 Cadd9 :II Cadd9 G/B Am7 GA Amaj7 D Dm6 A Amaj7 D Dm6

The roses on the windowsill have all but died,
The wind in the mountains bellows it’s last,
And yet the house remains a quiet affair,
And not a single person has yet cried.

No one would think that you’re here, silently,
Watching things of the past dance through your hands,
And you just smile along, girl,
With the Rickenbacker guitar

Oh, remember those good old days,
Of rock n roll and rhythm and soul,
Days spent in the pouring rain and howling wind,
But no one dares mentions, they just keep at bay.

No one would think that you’re here, silently,
Watching things of the past dance through your hands,
And you just smile along, girl,
With the Rickenbacker guitar

Themes of old films, all with Marilyn Monroe,
Play on a dead TV Screen, you rewriting the story,
To turn that soppy romance into a horror,
Yet nobody can remember, it’s just we have to go.

No one would think that you’re here, silently,
Watching things of the past dance through your hands,
And you just smile along, girl,
With the Rickenbacker guitar

The piano sequences which mark your story,
Have fallen silent to the swords of time,
You’re supposed to stand and bask in all your glory,
But your long gone, no way to return,
Legends of yesterday pass you by… and it’s the best
That fools can do is to cry.

Rock Guitar Songs: Is This A Good Start To My Story?

Album: Heart of Stone Writer: Diane Warren © 1989 Geffen Records

The basic story line is this; There are to rivalry drug gangs. A boy is part of one and a girl is part of the other. (don’t worry, it will be better than it sounds) They go to the same school, the girl (eva) wants to be part of it but her granddad doesn’t want her wrapped up in drugs(she lives with him because her parents we killed)so, to prove herself she finds info on a boy that goes to her school and his dad is the leader of the opposong gang. So, she befriends him and feeds info from him to her grandad. she snoops around, lies to him, etc. her grandads really pleased with her, but then she finds herself falling for the boy(cameron) she doesn’t want to let her grandad(charlie)down because being part of his gang is all shes ever wanted. She finds herself torn. BUT, Camerons dad discovers her secret so plants false information on his desk for her to find. Its about an important delivery, she finds it and plans to sabotage. Camerons dad gets him to come along saying he just wants to show him ‘the ins and outs of the buisness’ but really he wants to reveal Eva to Cameron. Also threw all this, the false info camerons dad gave to Eva ends up in the hands of the FBI so they go to the set-up too. Eva plans to sabotage, Camerons dad and his thugs wants to take her hostage and reveal her to Cameron so he can see how deceptive shes been and the FBI go because they want to catch out one of the most wanted drug gangs in London. They all have diferent intentions. Its going to end with a shootout, Eva and Cameron having a HUGE argument, while she trys to tell him that she truly loves him and that she only lied at first because she wanted to impress her grandad. etc. Cameron has a big temper (inherited by his father) and has an adrenelin rush bought on by hurt and rage. He nearly shoots her but doesn’t because deep down, no matter what she did, he loves her. Everyones mad at eachother and the two main characters have a broken heart, I plan to write a sequel that determines whether Cameron will forgive Eva. Anyway, I’m Amber, i’m 13 and this is the first few paragraphs I guess. Please only constructive critism and advice:) p.s its going to be written every chapter or so changing viewpoints from Eva-toCamerons perspective.

Chapter 1
I have to do this. I have to prove myself. Grandad just needs a little push; when he finds out how manipulative I can be, what I’m capable of, he’s sure to let me in the game.
– Ok, so I was looking through my Grandads desk the other day, and in the reject pile of stuff that wasn’t important, I found files on this guy who goes to my school. He’s just what I need; he’s Robert Taylors son and he’s part of the rival gang.

I pushed the doors to the music room open, and the sound of rock music flooded my ears. I didn’t know what it was but it sounded good. I scanned the band, and my eyes landed on the target. He had wavy dark hair, actually really good looking, and I could see he was really into the music he was playing. I waited for the song to end, occasionally nodding my head and smiling, then approached. They all turned around to look at me.
‘That was really good!’ I said to all of them, then looked directly at Cameron. ‘How did you learn to play guitar like that?’
‘It’s bass.’ He said, his face dull. His bandmates looked at him like he was out of character.One of them stepped in,
‘He taught himself!’ He sounded proud. He walked over to Cameron and whispered something in his ear I couldn’t catch. Then he announced ‘Rehearsals are over, but you can come and listen anytime.’ They all started packing away and I walked over to Cameron.
‘I’m Eva. And you’re Cameron, right?’ I twisted my hair round my finger, and sat on the side of a desk.
‘Yeah,’ he mumbled. ‘Um, I’ve got to go. I’ve got a…’ he trailed off for a second, clearly trying to think of an excuse. ‘A doctors appointment!’ I made an effort at looking hurt.
‘Oh, okay, maybe we can talk some other time?’ I smiled sadly. He nodded then walked off, and I did the same. The others apologized but I said it was nothing. As I walked home I realised this wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought.

Rock Guitar Songs: CL Final Parody: Barcelona V United Sing-off Part ONE. What Do You Think?

2nd single from 6th Album

I’ve seen others do song parodies on here, thought I would have a go. A Barcelona/United sing-off:

Barcelona taunt United (to Queen’s We Will Rock You):

Ronaldo you’re a boy, play with girly toys,
Crying on the pitch… gonna face some real men today,
You’ll get mud on your face,
You winking disgrace,
Diving your @ss all over the place.

Bring it!
Piqué will, Piqué will… block you.
Messi will, Messi will… mock you.

Rooney you’re an ugly man, hard man,
Shouting at the Ref, you gonna take a red card today,
You’ll get an angry face,
Fake Shrek disgrace,
Sleeping with grannies is surely your taste.

Valdés will, Valdés will… stop you.
Fight us!
Ref will, Ref will… card you.

Fergie you’re an old man, drunk man,
See through bloodshot eyes, gonna need lots of whiskey today,
You’ve got gum on your face,
Red-nosed disgrace,
Some Zimmer won’t help your tro-phy chase.

Barça will, Barça will… shock you.

Chew it! The…

Booze will, booze will… top you.


We will, we will rock you.


We’ll win, we’ll win… the trophy.

That’s right…

[Guitar solo and fade out…]

Just a bit of fun. United version posted shortly…

Rock Guitar Songs: Video With An Irish Dance On The Stage Near The Singer?

I know it’s a long shot but I’m trying to find this video.
I saw it in a pub that usually plays rock music.
BTW I couldn’t hear it very well but it soounded like an Irish song and a well known one. The singer has brown hair and beard and he plays an acoustic guitar on a little stage with few others players on his right side. On his left an old man comes and starts dancing (the Irish dance) then comes some little girls. At the end all of them dance.
The reprise seemed almost like a yodel in the sense that it seemed it had no words…
It’s an old song for sure, but not too old I think maybe from the 80s

Rock Guitar Songs: Translate This Into Perfect German?

The Shadows 30 Years – Live at the Liverpool Empire Theatre – 30th Anniversary Concert from 1989 Tracklist – Riders In The Sky – The Stranger and Kon-Tiki – Atlantis – Theme from Deer Hunter – The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt – True Love Ways – Foot Tapper – Shadoogie – Time Is Tight – The Frightened City – Wonderful Land – Dance On – Captain Haddock Is Missing – Apache – FBI – Hank B.Marvin – Lead guitar – Bruce Welch – Rythm guitar and vocals – Mark Griffith – Bass guitar – Cliff Hall – Keyboard – Brian Bennet – Drums and percussion

Ramstein are a German metal band from Berlin, formed in 1994. They are widely accepted as part of the Neue Deutsche Harte scene. Their sound has been dubbed as Dance Metal.
Rammstein takes their name indirectly from the German town of Ramstein-Miesenbach, the site of the flight show disaster on 28 August 1988. The band’s signature song, “Rammstein”, is a commemoration of the Ramstein Airshow Disaster. The second “m” in the band’s name makes it translate literally as “ramming stone”

Rammstein was founded by guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe. In 1989, he escaped to West Berlin and started the band, Orgasm Death Gimmicks. At that time, he was heavily influenced by American music, especially that of Kiss. After the Berlin Wall came down, he moved back home to Schwerin, where Till Lindemann worked as a basket-weaver and played drums in the band First Arsch.
At this time, Richard lived with Oliver Reidel, of the band The Inchtabokatables, and Christop (of Die Firma). Richard realized that the music he had previously created did not properly suit him; He envisioned something that would combine machines as well as the sound of hard guitars. The three started working together on a new project. Richard soon found it extremely difficult to write both music and lyrics at the same time, so he persuaded Lindemann to join Rammstein. Richard first discovered Till when he overheard him singing while he was working.

Although Rammstein is often generalized as Neue Deutsche Harte, its music spans a variety of related styles, including industrial hard rock, heavy metal and electronic with influences of punk rock and gothic rock, due to their use of keyboards to emulate strings, choirs or pianos. The band was influenced by Laibach, a Slovenian neo-classical and industrial group. Other influences include Oomph! and Ministry, but the contrast between individual songs makes the band difficult to classify, though most simply refer to them as industrial metal. Rammstein’s style has tended to divide critics, some of whom have responded with memorable comments. Jam Showbiz (April 2001) described Mutter as “music to invade Poland to”.

The lyrics of Rammstein and above all their utterance by singer Till Lindemann are an essential element of music and shape the perception by fans and a wider public. This is, among other things that are often very controversial, and taboo subjects such as sadomasochism (“Bück dich”, “Rein Raus” and “Bestrafe mich”), homosexuality (“Mann gegen Mann”), intersexuality (“Zwitter”), incest (“Laichzeit” and “Spiel mit mir”), pedophilia (“Weißes Fleisch” and “Halleluja”), incestuous pedophilia (“Tier”), necrophilia (“Heirate mich”), Pyromania (“Benzin” and “Hilf mir”), cannibalism (“Mein Teil”), religious images (“Asche zu Asche”, “Engel”) having sex and violence (“Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?”, “Rein Raus”).

Rock Guitar Songs: Which New Song Do I Absolutely Have To Have On My I-pod? ?

The official ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ music video. Taken from ‘Greatest Video Hits 1′.

Getting a bit fed up with the old ones!!!

I like most rock, very little pop, hate R&B and any noise that doesn’t involve a guitar!

Thanks very mcuh!!!

Lou x

Rock Guitar Songs: Help With This Song From 2009?

It is by a male group (sort of rock band ish)

starts off with a long guitar solo then has lyrics which are like

“I tell you yesturday oleo”

make sense?

You’re starting a band…………?

Who will be (anyone in the world)

The lead singer:
The lead guitarist:
The bassist:
The drummer:
The rhythm guitar:
The groupies:
The back up singers:

What will the genre be? (pop, rock etc…)
What will be the name of your first song?
first album?

you’ll do a cover version of the song….

have fun P&Sers! x
The lead singer: Big bird
The lead guitarist: Chief Wiggim
The bassist: Stewie Griffin
The drummer: Elmo
The rhythm guitar: Barney
The groupies: Cookie monster, Peter griffin, maggie simpson
The back up singers: Clifford the big red dog, Bob the builder

What will the genre be? (pop, rock etc…) Emo-Screamo
What will be the name of your first song? Is this life or am i in hell?
first album? I hate washing up

you’ll do a cover version of the song…. Beautiful people – Marilyn manson

R&P, do we have any Blackmore’s Night fans here…?

Disintegration is the eighth studio album by English alternative rock band The Cure, released on 1 May 1989 by Fiction Records. The record marks a return to the introspective and gloomy gothic rock style the band had established in the early 1980s. As he neared the age of thirty, vocalist and guitarist Robert Smith felt an increased pressure to follow up on the group’s pop successes with a more enduring work. This, coupled with a distaste for the group’s new-found popularity, caused Smith to lapse back into the use of hallucinogenic drugs, the effects of which had a strong influence on the production of the album. The Cure recorded Disintegration at Hook End Manor Studios in Reading, Berkshire, with co-producer David M. Allen in late 1988 through early 1989. During production, founding member Lol Tolhurst was fired from the band. All songs by Smith, Gallup, O’Donnell, Thompson, Tolhurst and Williams. “Plainsong” — 5:12 (00:00) “Pictures of You” — 7:24 (5:15) “Closedown” — 4:16 (12:45) “Lovesong” — 3:29 (17:06) “Last Dance” — 4:42 (20:37) “Lullaby” — 4:08 (25:23) “Fascination Street” — 5:16 (29:37) “Prayers for Rain” — 6:05 (34:53) “The Same Deep Water as You” — 9:19 (41:00) “Disintegration” — 8:18 (50:23) “Homesick” — 7:06 (58:43) “Untitled” — 6:30 (01:05:54) Robert Smith — vocals, guitars, keyboards, 6-string bass, production, engineering Simon Gallup — bass guitar, keyboards Porl Thompson — guitars Boris Williams — drums Roger O’Donnell — keyboards Lol

Good afternoon R&P :)
For the Amercians = Good morning :)
For everyone else, wherever you are = Hello!

Most people who know me are well aware that Blackmore’s Night are one of my absolute favourite bands. But whenever I mention them here, I get the feeling that I’m all alone. So, lurking fans of Renaissance-Rock, throw off your cloaks, pick up your shawms, chanters, guitars, fiddles, and hurdy-gurdys, light your lanternes and reveal yourselves!

Tell me…
What are your favourite BN songs?
Favourite albums?
Favourite BN cover songs?
Have you seen them live?

BQ : Favourite b-side or other non-studio album song.
BQ2 : Have you seen the DVDs? Are they worth watching?

BQ3 : What do you think of Blackmore’s Night covering songs by Deep Purple and Rainbow?
BQ3.1 : What’s your favourite of these covers?

BQ 3.2 :
Some of you will have already heard the Blackmore’s Night w. Joe Lynn Turner duet of ‘Street of Dreams’ :

But now I want to know: what do you think of their version of ‘Child In Time’ :

Now, I enjoy Deep Purple {and early Rainbow}, and I love the original of this song. But I also *love* this cover, because, personally, I feel that they worked it into their own style, whilst retaining the spirit and atmosphere of the original.

What do you think?
Oh, and does the end part make anyone else think of Valkyries…?!
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Hello Shades :)
When you do get around to them, I recommend chronological order, so start with “Shadow of the Moon”. And don’t forget the live albums!
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
All these stars are really lovely folks ~ thank you.
But what I *really* want are *ANSWERS*!!!

You don’t have to answer all of the question, just the bits you can. And I really want to hear from Deep Purple fans about the ‘Child In Time’ cover…
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Mike :
I love ‘Loreley’ ~ a very fun sing-along song.
And I’m really glad at least one person likes the ‘Child In Time’ cover :)
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
WILL! {{{HUG}}}
Where have you been?!

Apparently they are working on the new album in-between tour dates, so hopefully there’ll be something new next year. I’m still waiting to see if they’ll come to Britain again…

Ooo… and Karen Matheson has announced a new solo album in the works, to be recorded later this year…

I really can’t come up with lyrics?

me and my friend once wrote a song. if i do say so myself, it was quite catchy, and everyone was singing it for the rest of the day. She sang it while she played bass guitar, and I played guitar.
The only problem is that we are both lunatics. That song I was just talking about; it was about mushrooms. It was just a jokey song because we had to write something for music.

It is me and my friends BIGGEST DREAM to get a record deal. We both want to be rock stars, hehe :)

The other day, we decided that we wanted to write another song. We were sitting in the music room at school for 1 1/2 hours, and all we could think of was things like this
“cheese is so lovely
we love cheese
cheese is yellow
and sometimes white”
And, everything we thought of was just something un-serious like tomatoes or noses or grass.
Eventually, we came up with a topic for song, which was, “scary monsters”
(we got this from the bowie album, scary monsters and super creeps)
and we just couldn’t write anything serious. we wrote
“scary monsters are big and scary
scary monsters hide under the bed
they say RAW”.
Errr. yes, we needed inspiration.

How does one write good lyrics?
haha, that last sentence was posh :)
does reading books help?
aha, thank you :) xxx

Rock Guitar Songs: Help For My Band!?

Hey, I’m In a band and we’ve got a gig coming up in about two months. We have got a projector screen to go behind us. Dose anyone no what we can put on it? We are a Punk Rock sort of band we had 1 lead guitar (backing vocals), 1 Singer (Rhythm Guitar), 1 Drummer, Maybe a Bass. Also dose anyone have any good chord patterns I could use for the lead. Some That sound rocky but also not to difficult and can play all the way through the song? Also I possible not sececery a bass part, Very Simple one. I know i’ve left it a bit late, Thats why i’m asking you guys to help me! So Please, Thanks So Much Olly

Rock Guitar Songs: RHH: Which Rap Song Has The Most Samples In It?

Might just be this song Night of the living bassheads http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyR09SP9qdA&ob=av2e

It has 20 samples in it.
Excerpt of speech by Khalid Abdul Muhammad (intro)
“UFO” by ESG (sirens)
“Fame” by David Bowie
“The Grunt” by The J.B.’s (horn glissando)
“Scorpio” by Dennis Coffey and The Detroit Guitar Band (drums)
“Son of Shaft” by Bar-Kays
“Funky Man” by Kool & The Gang
“Bring the Noise” by Public Enemy (Vocals: “Bass! How low can you go?”)
“Christmas Rappin'” by Kurtis Blow (Vocals: “Twas the night”/”Hold it now”)
“Do the Funky Penguin” by Rufus Thomas (drums)
“Rock Steady” by Aretha Franklin (Vocals: “Rock!”)
“I Can’t Get Next to You” by The Temptations (Piano hook/Vocals: “Everybody hold it, listen”)
“Pick Up the Pieces” by Average White Band
“You Can Make It If You Try” by Sly & the Family Stone (drums)
“I Don’t Know What This World Is Coming To” by The Soul Children (Vocals: “Brothers and sisters”)
“Here We Go” (Live at the Funhouse) by Run-DMC
“Sucker M.C.’s (Krush-Groove 1)” by Run-DMC (Drums/Vocals: “Years ago”,”First come, first serve basis”)
“Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved” by James Brown
“Soul Power Pt. I” by James Brown
“Rappin’ Ain’t No Thang” by The Boogie Boys featuring Kool Ski, Kid Delight & Disco Dave (Vocals: “We are willing”)
the Bomb Squad are great at producing! using samples to make a song kind of like making beats with found objects so to speak.

“My ships’ leaving on a three-year tour”?

Who knows the artist and song title? And can anyone remember the name of the Sunday TV programme that used the guitar riff as it’s theme tune? I used to wind the telly up full blast to rock out to it (i was only 5 or 6 at the time!) First to get all 3 bits right gets the points.

Rock Guitar Songs: Could You Name This Song?

I recently got a really good tune stuck in my head but I couldn’t remember it’s name or any of the lyrics, just the tune. I’m not gonna type out individual tunes that come into my head mainly because I have forgot most of the tune aswell, but I will tell you that I heard it any time from the beginning of January to now, that it has a guitar playing in it and the voice is more slow rock/ country, not rap or pop or anything like that. I can vaguely remember a few words, like ‘where, feel, me, you, near’ and i heard it on the radio. other than that there’s nothing else much I know about it so if you could, please leave what you think could be this song and where I can find it, I will be very thankful and surprised if you do find it!

Thank you

Rock Guitar Songs: I Have An Idea For A New Bill And Ted Movie, What Do You Give It Out Of Ten?

Please share this with your friends, family, that creepy person down the street… I dont care! I really want to hit 1 million viewers. Remember, every little bit helps, so share this beautiful song with someone, please. ~~~This song is property of Crosby, Stills, and Nash. I do not claim credit for this amazing song. This is just another non-creative video to one of my favorite songs.~~~~

Bill and Ted are like they were at the end of the last movie and the world is uniting, when a bad guy with a phone booth arrives in San Dimas.

He gets a list of rock stars that are alive.

Anyway, there are some bad things that wil happen for Bill and Ted, and the world peace thing looks shot to sh it. Rock stars start producing rock as good as Bill and Teds but they have evil messages etc…

Bill and Ted fall out big time, and they go their seperate ways.
The climax will be this, whcih is how it will end.

Bill and Ted are playing what will become the most talked about Rock show in history.

Before the shop we see a montage of Bill and Ted to the song “The Show must go on”

Lots of big rock stars are there, and Ted has gone on stage alone with his band. He plays Don’t Stop Believin’.

Just as he is playing an amzingly complex solo, Justin Hawkins and a band of other rockers come on and start playing a “evil” solo that out rocks Ted.

The bad guys are trying to bring the Devil into the world through their music, which the bad guy has helped them with, and promised them the earth basically.

They are beating back Ted, lighning and stuff is everhwere, the devil can be seen as a ghostly image (the crowd think its show imagery)

Just as things look like Bill and Ted have failed (they are being shocked with the electric) The crowd are getting scared.

Ted starts playing in one last brave effort to defeat evil.

just as Justin Hawkins is telling them of the new future and gloating.

They hear Bon Jovis Living on a prayer, and Bill joins the band get onstage (Rufus has brought him)

Hawkins starts playing again, to combat this added rock power.

The Devil is adding power to the bad guys, all the good guys are being struck from their guitars.

Pete Townshend turns up on stage and adds guitar power to with My Generation, things go against them but the fight is strong. The bad guys over power them and sing their own version.

Brian May with his guitar in hand and ready, Roger Taylor and Jon Deacon walk onto the stage from the shadows,

Brina May starts laying down some amazing licks, Taylor mans the drums, and Deacon starts thumping that bass, but the devil is as powerful as ever.

Hawkins and co start playing against them,

Mays guitar solos can be overheard tearing through the air and are definitely causing some rock damage to the bad guys plans,Hendrix appears as an image wailing on his guitar, then all of a sudden John Lennon and George Harrison are seen.No one can believe what they see, Freddie Mercury shining with his hands above his head,

The crowd are chanting as the “band” stop playing, the bad guys are amazed. Then the devil appears, and shocks Rufus and the phone booth, as he is about to shock Bill and Ted,

Brian May and the rest of Queen start playing and singing Its a kind of magic, the devil stares at them and pauses, the bad band realise what they have done, and begin playing along with May,

The Show must go on!

Slowly Freddie Mercury’s voice is heard, but before the first part of the song is sung the devil begins shocking them all, May instantly changes track and plays I want it all, Death has appeared with his cello

The entire crowd start singing, the devil can’t believe the power of this song, then Freddies vocie gets louder, people cheer, the band have tears in their eyes, Justin Hawkins, is shouting please Freddie,

A golden glow begins to shine, and Freddie is performing above the stage (imagery like a dream from an old show,)

Bill and Ted, are leading the singing, the crowd are chanting, as the Now part happens Brian May sings his bit, then Freddie starts to sort of appear properly on the stage.

Rock power starts truly coming out of May and Deacons guitar and hits the devil, everyone is cheering

The devil is knocked back by the shear rock power,

as Freddies voice becomes the main one that can be heard the devil is being sent back to hell.

By the end of the song the devil is gone, Hawkins is slumped on the ground his bleeding fingers, and i crying, May forgives him as do Bill and Ted, but they have to hold back Death.

The crowd call for an encore, and begin chanting Freddies name,
Everyone has tears in their eyes for they have seen those rock heroes that have always been there in spirit, even when they were alive.

The crowd are singing Don’t stop me now, the bnd of heroes start playing along, Elton John takes to the piano, then Freddie begins to reappear.

Even Death is crying and says that this can nevr happen again.

The final song is sung and Freddy gives a final performance singing along, but the song changes half way through and changes to Somebody to Love.

Afterwards, Bill and Ted asked why Freddie appeared and all those other musicians, Rufus tells them that in their own time they had began to unite the world but their work had been incomplete, it was merely stages to what was to come, without The Beatles, Hendirx and Queen, Bill and Ted would never have been able to have united the world. In Heaven the rock stars learned that their death was for the greater good and because they did what they did, the world would become one.

They came back through th
They came back through the divide to make sure that evil would never win and undo all their magical work.

The explanation goes on to say that the energies being released by the bad guys from their songs was travelling through time to the past and corrupting their work, they wanted to put that right and this was the only way they could do it.

Bill and Ted finish off the show by playing guitar for another star Paul McCartney, as he sings Hey Jude, the film ending as the crowd sing na na na na na

Afterwards Bill and Ted
Interchange who comes on stage then with the real rockers but the finale is Queen.

Rock Guitar Songs: Whats The Song???

grr i was watching tv, and there was this song and i know it but i cant think what it was. ok, its rock, sounds kinda foo-fighters-ish, and i think the lyrics go something like “everythng i ever do something something something something [[possiby “now or ever….. she said” or something possibly similar here]] and theres a small guitar riff part.

its annoying me now. does anyone have any ideas about it? it was on BBC1 just now on that surrealism program.


Rock Guitar Songs: Does Anyone Know This Song?

It was a song i had on a rock various artists cd maybe 7 or 8 years ago .. and it sounded kinda alternative rock and in the song the guy sings ” I dont care apparently,i dont even need you clearly i don’t need anyone and thats for sure cuz you mess my mind all the time”..

Then it gets abit louder with the guitars and he sings something like.. “will i grow old and never know your name..” and i cannot remember the rest. please can anyone help i am dying to know what band/artist it is and what the title is ! thanks :)

Rock Guitar Songs: Is This Song I Wrote Any Good?

I have started off trying to write a song as it is my dream to become a rock star. but, as I started to try and write my own song, I realised that my dream was going to be very very difficult, as the song I wrote was crap. Here is the song I started to write. please, it’s not very good. And I was very upset at the time.

She walks through the door
and everyone looks
at the beautiful barbie princess
her skin is flawless
her clothes are new and they all believe her
when she says that she’s gunna be famous

She’s been playing a guitar for a week
and rumour has it that she can play like Taylor Swift
and sing like Cheryl Cole

She is perfect.
Compared to me,
She is perfect
and to her,
I don’t exist cause
I ain’t cool.

And that’s as far as I got because I was upset and it was like 3 am.
Just so you know, I was taking the piss.
Yeah. does it have.. potential?
I am expecting the answer no.
cheers for answering, though, anyway.
I’d rather hear the truth of the matter.

But erm, It’s not really supposed to rhyme or have a definitive chorus.

I posted this exact same thing earlier in ‘Lyrics’ but I only got like 2 responses.
Well I play electric and acoustic guitar, bass guitar, flute, piano, a bit of recorder, and I can manage my way through a couple of songs on the drums.
I would love to be a solo artist, but I am too shy 😉 and my voice is too girly! I am already in a band, on bass, but we just do covers.
the cheryl cole/ taylor swift bit, it’s supposed to be saying that she thinks she can play and sing as well as them, where as it is my goal to… I dunno, play guitar like Slash and sing like Debbie Harry, for example. It’s supposed to be saying that she sets herself relatively low standards, if you see what I mean. I have nothing against Cheryl Cole and Taylor Swift, but that’s the idea.