Learn Acoustic Guitar: What Is Easierr? PLEASE HELP URGENT!

DIRECT LINK TO CHORDS: www.ukulele-tabs.com – Excellent thing these guys have done to get around the idiotic copyright laws. Well the Copyright Claim against this video has been dropped due to inaction by Range Road Music Inc. Maybe they’re just waiting to sue me, who knows. In my interactions with them (through email), I was very surprised and disturbed by their supposed attitude toward music and copyrights. I explained quite clearly to them that I do not ever intend to profit from this video. It is but my service to people who wish to learn these two wonderful songs. I think they think this is still all about money for me. Frankly, I think it’s all about just money to them, rather than this wonderful legacy that their song (What a Wonderful World) has left. And for the thousands of people who are now able to share in this piece of music as a result of this video. I’m not going to take down this video, but to all my viewers, please remember that as a person going in to Christian Ministry, I will have no means at all to defend myself should a law suit be brought up against me. Please keep in mind how you have been helped by this video, and maybe if I need it some day, you would be able to help me too. Thank you all, once again for watching my video!

im new to guitar. and ive started to play Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana songs such as Make Some Noise And I Learned From You.

does anyone know any other acoustic songs which are easier?
From hannah montana/miley cyrus or the Jonas Brotherss

and im going to do there artistt, so there isnt much point in advising anything else, well you can iff you want but yar..



Helen xoox

Learn Acoustic Guitar: Songs To Do A Mash-up With Wonderwall?

TheGuitarLesson.com Changing between chords is one of the biggest challenges a beginner guitarist faces. You need to know, that with practice, holding down a chord and changing to another one will be second nature. Learn your chord fingerings well, practice changing in between them, and you’ll see that it’ll get easier every day. Learning to change between chords is a fundamental part of playing the guitar, so practice it a lot. By watching this guitar lesson, you’ll – know the correct technique of changing chords – be able to change between several guitar chords – develop your hand strength and muscle memory The best way to practice guitar chord changes is by learning songs, since practicing by playing a song is much more motivating, than practicing chord changes in their purity. Check out the rest of our lessons!

so, for a school comp, I have been talked into joining a band…

theres a few months untill the final comp

We have already learnt Wonderwall by Oasis and we are thinking of doing a mash-up because Wonderwall is a bit depressing?

anyway, please DO NOT suggest ‘Boulevard Of Broken Dreams’ as we have already decided this is a no-no

the instruments we have are: – acoustic/electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums and voice.

so yeah, I have no idea if that makes sense but feel free to ask questions, thanks in advance!(‘:

What are some 60’s/70’s songs worth learning to play?

Want to learn this song? Watch the full Uke Lesson: ukuleleunderground.com Another translation of a Parokya ni Edgar song! (same guys who originally sang “Harana/Serenade” I translated the tagalog song called “Gitara” (Guitar in english) to english but with a twist. Since I play an ukulele for this song, I changed the word “guitar” to “Ukulele” instead. As I said in the video, it’s the first draft that I have. It might change. I just wnana know what you guys think so far. Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving! -Aldrine Download the mp3! www.myspace.com Lyrics! and Chords! Verse 1: G, Bm, C, D Why in the world would I dress up? I would just be wasting my style Cause someone’s always trying to come up So why would I even bother? Verse 2: (Same chords as verse 1) Why would I need to give roses When everyone else is trying to give one to you I guess I’ll just sit down and start singing Waiting for my turn to come up to you Chorus: C, D, G, Bm, Em I’ll just watch them as they try to impress so they can be with you Through the crowd you’ll hear this song Something that I wrote for you I’ll just get you through… ukulele I’ll just get you through… ukulele Verse 3: (same chords as verse 1 and 2) I would just get tired of trying to look with people always in the way I’ll just sing loud so that you can hear all the words I’m trying to say

I have an acoustic guitar (my first instrument), and I’m really into old school rock & roll, with some exceptions to folk, metal, and blues.
Can anyone recommend some songs similar to:
– Dire Straights (Sultans of Swing)
– Ten Years After (I’d Love to Change the World)
– The Animals (The House of the Rising Sun)
– The Cascades (Rhythm of the Rain)
– Led Zeppelin

P.S. Also some artists similar to R.H.C.P., Tool, Queens of the Stoneage, Oasis, and Nirvana would be appreciated. Th-th-thhanks.

Learn Acoustic Guitar: Can You Suggest Any Good Guitars?

more blues lessons www.guitarjamz.com

I’m thinking about learning the guitar, but my knowledge of instruments doesn’t strtch beyond flutes. Can anyone suggest a good acoustic. The factors i consider to be important are sound quality, availabity (and where), price (under £100) and design (different colours would be gr8).
Actually, anything at all about guitars would be fantastic.

Can’t wait to hear from you.

Learn Acoustic Guitar: Base Or Normal?

Great way to learn/practice your “7” chords. Chord progression is as follows |Am|-|Am7|-|G|-|G7|-|F|-|F7|-|C|-|C7| for the verse. Chorus is |E|-|E7|-|E|-|E7|-|Am|-|Am7|-|Am|-|Am7|. These E7th chords are called Dominant 7 chords and Am7 is just called a Minor 7 chord. The Bridge in the song goes |C|-|E|-|F|-|G,F|-|C|-|E|-|F|-|G| How to Formulate These Chords: Dominant 7 chord: Play your major scale and take the 1st, 3rd, 5th notes to make the Major chord but then take the 7th note and move it down one fret to make it a flat 7. So the Formula is 1 3 5 b7. Minor 7 chord: flat the 3 in the Dominant 7! Maybe you know this already, but the only difference between a major and minor chord is the 3 or b3 respectively. -Good luck with your playing! -Micah Beverly

what type of guitar should i learn base or normal
answer the below in detail for best answer
which one is the cheapest base or normal.
which is the easiest to learn
which sounds better

*(optional to answer this seperate question)
is it easy to go from acoustic to electric

Learn Acoustic Guitar: Which Instrument Is Best For Me?

In this guitar lesson you will learn to play a solo acoustic arrangement of the Beatles classic Yesterday. Taught by Justin Sandercoe. Full support at the web site where you will find hundreds of lessons on a wide range of subjects, and all the scales and chords that you will ever need! There is a great forum too to get help, no matter what the problem. And it is all totally free, no bull. No sample lessons, no memberships. Just tons of great lessons :) To get help with your lesson or song look up the number at the start of the video title (like ST-123 or whatever) on the Lesson Index page. www.justinguitar.com Good luck and take care, J .

I’ve got £120 for my 15th birthday to spend. Yesterday, I got out my old guitar that I used to play when I was 8 at school. I stopped playing when I was 10 because I moved schools. I can’t play very well anymore but I enjoyed it and it make me really want to play an instrument again. But, I would really like to teach myself instead of lessons, and I’d rather learn my own music. I would really like to play popular chart songs, especially Lady GaGa, Rihanna and similar artists. I’m not that good at reading music but I know the mere basics. I would really like one that’s modern and fun, so the guitar (acoustic or electric) is not what I’m looking for to be honest. Overall can someone suggest which instrument is best for me and an instrument which you play that you enjoy?

Learn Acoustic Guitar: How To Be Amazing At Guitar?

i wanna be amazing at guitar so badly!! like matt bellamy from muse! i practise everyday on a rubbish encore acoustic ¬¬ i cant get an electric till christmas. I’m capable of learning a new song every day. How long do you think it’ll be until i can be really good and maybe start my own band ?( i know it sounds ambitous) I am teaching myself and i’ve been playing for about 2 months now…. I’m not too bad… i just wanna be amazing! XD
oh yeah i forgot… if it helps? i play piano and learn some songs by ear

thankingyou :)

Learn Acoustic Guitar: Im Struggling With Guitar, Playing For About 3 Months, Im Grade 6 Accordion Which Is A V Hard Instrument.?

Hey. Ive been playing guitar for about 3 months now and I haven’t improved very much. I dont really practice as much as I should, but I always fit in at least 10 minutes a day.

I started playing with an acoustic, and bought an electric a few weeks after.

Im just wondering if it should take this long to improve lol.
its not that I’m lacking musical talent because im a grade 6 accordionist, I passed my grade 6 exam a few weeks ago with a distinction and it took very little effort. and playing accordion would seem alot harder than guitar seeing as there are alot more things to have to do.

Is guitar just alot harder than most instruments? and if I up my practice time to 30 mins a day how long will it be before I can actually play something, rofl ^^
at the moment the most i can do is play a few chords. I’ve learnt the intro to back in black by AC/DC and I can almost play it flawlessly. still it seems im taking over 15 times longer to improve guitar than it took me with accordion

Learn Acoustic Guitar: I Cant Sing And Play Guitar At The Same Time!?

So, basically i got a guitar about a year ago, and i love it (acoustic). i would prefer to get an electric, but thats another story. the point is that i’m quite good at learning how to play on songsterr and stuff, but when it comes to singing and playing at the same time, i either mix up the lyrics or the chords… how to be more concentrated on.. both?! i really try hard…. i.e. songs that have their chords matching the voices tune are a lot easier than songs like Fat lip, when the guitars play another tune than the singer… please HELP!

Can people be born with “musician” traits?

ive been a guitarist for a few years, my grandad on my mum’s side plays acoustic guitar and is very skilled cause he’s played a long time and my nan on my dad’s side was a good pianist who taught me some things before she started getting ill

my question is is can people inherit traits from their relatives that would give them an advantage if they became a musician? (for example sense of rhythm/timing, improvising, creativity, long and strong fingers) or are some of these things that you learn/adapt to?
thank you for the replies but i havent said my grandparents “learned” their traits im not that dumb to think you can pass on learned traits cause i know that things you learn arent added to your DNA…you only have what your parents/grandparents give you from their relatives’ genes

Learn Acoustic Guitar: Song To Sing And Play?

Hi been playing guitar for a few months and enjoy singing and playing… can’t find a new song to play and sing.. I like the vocals to be a little challenging but everything I try and learn seems a little bland.

some songs I enjoy to play/sing:
Kubb – somebody else: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-J2chHiaMG8

Rhett Miller – come arround : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EOqxYzuHdk

Don’t stop me know by queen.

Anyone know anything with a good vocal range that would sound good on acoustic guitar?

Learn Acoustic Guitar: No Musical Abilities But Want To Be In A Band?

Hi, I have no musical abilities (I can play a bit of keyboard) but I am passionate about music, I really want to make a band and make music, any easy instruments to learn? And I have a medium-ish budget, I was thinking maybe bass, acoustic guitar or keyboard? Help…Also I have a few names floating around, pick one please?
– Pears are Pathetic
– Pins in Ballons
– This Smile Can’t Be Wiped Off
– Opposites Are Complimentary
– Try To Speak
– Laugh And Cry
– Potions And Pixies
– Dude Doesn’t Care
– Kindness Is Your Downfall

Learn Acoustic Guitar: Songs To Sing To My Girlfriend?

Right, ive been with my girlfriend for a while now, and I really wanna tell her that I love her.
I want to do this romantically and not just “i love you”.
shes coming over next weekend to stay, I have a free house and well this is what i got so far:
.Free house
.Roses (not yet but orderd)
.Chinese Food XD
.Acoustic Guitar………… this is were I become stuck.
I have aload of time to learn, but I really cant think of anything to play to her,
ive thought about some, like;
Stevie Wonder – I just called to say I love you
Extreme – More than Words
Red Jumpsuit apperatous – Face Down (acoustic)
Red Jumpsuit Apperatous – Your guardian angel
The Perfect Measure – Take my hand
The Perfect Measure – A voice of an angel

so basically I need songs, but if you can give me pointers on how to be more romantic that would
be much appreciated, thank you x

Learn Acoustic Guitar: Are There Any Open Auditions In London Late 2009/ 2010?

Heya, I’m a 14 year old girl who loves to sing, dance and act. It has always, and will always, be my dream to be an actress/ singer/ dancer, so I was wondering if anyone could help me out.

My abilities
– Grade 3 Ballet
– Grade 3 Modern
– Grade 3 Tap
– Self taught hip hop
– Self taught (kind of) latin and ballroom
– Good hip action- belly dancing, contemporary etc
– Good voice, can do many different styles
– Good acting, drama club at school (currently in the middle of auditions for our next play)
– In my own band (play bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, singing, clarinet, recorder)
– Committed, and very eager to learn.

However, my parents dont have enough money to send me to a stage school so I haven’t been able to go to an agency or anything like that. :(((

So, I am reistered with quite a few websites but I was wondering if anyone knew any more, or mabbe just places to look for auditions. Please help!!!!

Thanks, Clarkie xxxxxxxx

Learn Acoustic Guitar: What Should I Ask For Christmas?

I am turning 12, 8 days before Christmas. I want to learn how to skateboard. I am getting an acoustic guitar for my brithday,I don;t know how to play it but want to learn.I love music.My fav bands are The Beatles,and Nevershoutnever. I already have laptop,camera and stuff.I would LOVE to have a cellphone. I am a vegetarian or three years so far. Iove animals witha huge passion.I have a puppy c:
I get like 10 things for christmas…. LOL A FLAT SCREEN T.V THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

Learn Acoustic Guitar: I Would Like To Begin Playing Electric Guitar?

www.mlr-guitar.com 100%Free Guitar Lessons. Here is the 1st lesson, watch how to play the next parts on MLR-Guitar ! MLR-Guitar is a free website I created to share the techniques I use to play the Guitar. I teach you how to play a lot of great songs & how to improve your technique with note for note video lessons & theory. From Beginners to advanced players. Have fun & enjoy, it’s completely free :-) Go to the lessons page www.mlr-guitar.com Enter the Beginners Section – learn the basics ! www.mlr-guitar.com Visit my blog & be inform about the website malero-guitar.blogspot.com

I love music and I’ve been thinking about it alot lately so I’ve decided I want to give myself a goal of learning myself on an electric guitar. A guy I work with has set himself a 2 year plan, learning on his own and he’s 9 months in and sounds good from what I’ve heard already. Fair play to him. However, he plays acoustic and although I heard that gives you a bit of a better feel for the electric I’m more inspired into electric.

He gave me a couple of websites – gak and reidys. What is a good starter electric you recommend for me from that site? Im not for looks at the moment, I just want somebody to direct me to a GOOD STARTER GUITAR. dont care about budget.

Please dont reply with this nonsense about the guitar picking me, I need a recommendation ta.

Learn Acoustic Guitar: Guitars?????????????????????????

I got a acoustic guitar yesterday off my grandad and can play most the chords. I learnt how to play wild thing this morning. What are some easy songs to learn? im still not great obviously. Thanks :]

Learn Acoustic Guitar: Waterloo Sunset Piano Sheet?

I can’t seem to find the Sheet Music for Waterloo Sunset, the Piano and Acoustic Guitar that Ray Davies performs. I proberbly could learn it by ear but it would take 3 times longer to learn. :S

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymwq4G43b74&feature=related – This is the song

Learn Acoustic Guitar: Which Instrument Should I Play?

I’m looking to play a rock instrument because I’ve never really had any talents and I love music. I just don’t know what to play. I’ve thought about bass guitar but that only seems important in a band and idk if I will be in a band. Then I thought drums but I don’t have the space for them plus the same reason as bass guitar. I thought about acoustic guitar and that seems like a good one to choose but I would look like a total noob compared to my sisters boyfriend who is awesome at electric. Plus the chords confuse me sometimes but I’d be willing to learn.

I really want to play guitar but I’d look like a wannabe :s

Which of the three do you think I should learn to play? Which one do people like the most?

Learn Acoustic Guitar: I Would Like To Start Electric Guitar Need A Lil Advice!?

Acoustic guitar tutorial for The Kinks – Lola

hello all, i am thinking of starting the electric guitar. I have played piano for around 3 and a half years but stopped recently (just wanted to let you know i have slight musical experience and can read piano music – not sure if thats needed though). I dont have guitar YET (what type should i get?) and want to learn it. I wanted to teach myself the instrument but lessons are definatly not out of the question. i also have a few friends who have been playing guitar for a while who can get me started but i just wanted to know what equipment i need and if you know any really good dvd or books for teaching yourself guitar?

i have been researching the guitar recently and i have read that for rock/ punk/ metal music i should start on an electric. i always thought you had to start acoustic but i guess i am wrong (i have also heard that it is hard to switch from acoustic to electric in the future).

*fingers crossed i get any*

Learn Acoustic Guitar: Anyone Know Any Songs With Fingertapping In?

-Comment on this video@ my blog www.learnbass.net -Main site tons of free lessons www.Dmanlamius.com My rendition of this awesome song by wild cherry. funk it up!

I want to learn a song on guitar with finger taping in. i would like this song to sound good on acoustic too please 😀

I’m gonna play guitar but what shall I do?

OK, I need to know if there is anyone out there who has learned how to play guitar on their own?? How difficult is it?
I plan on learning it on my own as there is no lessons these days.
I did some research and discovered that Jimmy Hendrix learned it on his own so if it’s good enough for him its good enough for me!!
BTW, electric or acoustic? I was thinking first acoustic and then go on to electric.
My music taste is generally indie/rock or alternative.

Thanks x

Learn Acoustic Guitar: What Is Your Fave Musical Instrument?

Mine is the guitar and I am learning to play it and I have 2 (an acoustic and an electric). Awesome guitar solos just blow me away to heaven

Learn Acoustic Guitar: Electric Guitar Songs Anyone?

Easy version of Ziggy Stardust to learn on guitar

Im just starting out on the electric guitar and am looking for some songs to start learning, only thing is im not into that whole heavy metal side of music like metallica and stuff, im more into pink, bon jovi,bryan adams- i think i maybe should have bought an acoustic. Anyway i can play the first solo of knocking on heavens door (GNR)

I was just wondering if you know anything else i can give a bash that fits with my style of music

Thank You So Much!

Learn Acoustic Guitar: Songs Worthy Of Grade 5 Guitar?

I need to learn 3-4 grade 5 worthy pieces for A Level. Does anyone know any songs?? Electric or acoustic doesn’t matter. Also if you can get a link to tabs that would be awesome.