Guitar Video: Taylor DN4 Review

This is a great little review of the of Taylor’s DN4. It’s a nice guitar and if your looking for something new, definitely watch this short review. I really love how he goes into detail and touches on some of the finer points which are often neglected in other reviews that I’ve seen. I’ve really learnt a lot from this guy.


Guitar Video: Taylor Baritone Eight-String

This is a great review video by Doug Young. I enjoy listening to what he has to say because he really knows his stuff. In this 8 minute review video, he shows you the Taylor Baritone and provides some tips, advice and also inside knowledge. I really see value for money with this guitar and would highly recommend it.

Guitar Video: Guild F-40 Review

The Guild F-40 is an excellent guitar and well worth checking out. In this review the reviewer goes into depth on this mid-size guitar and gives you the kind of info that is critical if you are looking into buying this model. As always, these review video’s are really well worth the time and you can learn a lot from these experts.

Guitar Video: Taylor GS Mini Review

I really enjoy Scott Nygaard’s reviews and this one of no exception. He really brings into light the finer details and maks sure that he audience understands everything there is to know about the guitar. In this video the demonstrates the Taylor GS Mini guitar. I don’t actually have personal experience with this guitar but I’ve heard good things and believe it to be of high quality.

Guitar Video: Ovation IDea Review

Scott Nygaard goes into detail with the Ovation iDea guitar. If you haven’t heard of this guitar or your looking into it, you should watch this video because it’s a great demonstration and really lets you know what this guitar is about. Great review.