What’s the best response to “hip hop isn’t real music”?

More info on Reason: www.propellerheads.se Reason 6 introduces three new creative effect devices: Pulveriser, Alligator, and The Echo. In this micro tutorial we’ll take a look at The Echo. The Echo brings together the best features of crisp digital delay, warm crunchy analog delay, space echoing tape delays, and even loop-based effects. We’ll take a look at the major functions of The Echo and explore a few ways you can use its powerful delay settings in your music. For more information about The Echo and Reason 6, head over to www.propellerheads.se This tutorial features a remix of “Everything” by Little Jinder, remixed by Mattias Häggström Gerdt

I’m a bit sick of these ignorant people who don’t think hip hop is real music because there’s no guitars in it (even thought there is alot of the time). That think just because the only “rap music” they’ve heard is 50 Cent rapping about his bling etc. that’s all there is to it. They also tend to think that hip hop has no relevance at all to them, they might say “what does a gangsta from da ghetto got to do with me?” (thinking they’re funny), and even if they know there’s more to it than that, they don’t see what a black american man could possibly have in common with them!? As if they’re lives really correlate with their favourite bands’ lives. These people don’t even put forward reasonable arguments, just ridiculous uneducated statements.
What’s the ultimate response to these frustrating people? If someone said “hip hop isn’t real music” what would you say? I don’t know where to start. “Shut up you ignorant sh*t. Yes it is real music learn some tolerance you dumb c*nt” Bit harsh since i feel the need to say it to some family members, and still doesn’t really get the point across.

Note: The people i mean are (but not limited to) indie-emo-pop-punk kids, and guys that think all music should be like The Rolling Stones, any alternative is sh*t. tbh I think most are just immature and haven’t learnt that there are cultures different to their own, culturally ignorant people. Also there’s the racists that don’t like a group of people, so they think they’re music must be bollocks. Don’t mean to generalise.
But if you stay silent they think they’re right.
Loco i agree with that – read the whole question – no need to get personal lol
haha Roger i’d only say that if you came across as one. I understand that all music can’t suit everyone’s tastes – it just annoys me when people think their taste in music is superior to others, and mistake their opinion for fact.

Guitar Notes: Hi Fellow Seniors,on A Lighter Note Today, Do You Have A Favourite Musical Instrument?

50 Cent When It Rains It Pours Like what you see here? Check my channel for more videos. › DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE :) Check this out › www.youtube.com

that you either like to listen to or possibly have the ability to play?

Me I love the piano (just wish I’d kept up with my lessons) and the guitar which youngest son is very adept at playing.

Do you wish you had taken up an instrument and/or are you content to sit back and listen?
Just to thank each of you who have supplied links, they are lovely.
So many great answers here again, so if you don’t mind I’ll once again wimp out and put this to the public vote.

Thank you all very much for sharing your musical tastes.

I don’t want people to make fun of her but I think they will?

Val Doonican sang this in 1967 … a singer from Eire that took TV by storm in 1964 for twenty years … dressed in his cardigan and sitting in his rocking chair. Rock on Val… An Irish tale written by William Hargreaves about a donkey that refuses to budge in a race, but through a lot of persuading finally wins … Whilst looking up on William Hargreaves I sourced that he had written a song called Burlington Bertie from Bow In 1915 … which was popularly performed in the music halls of that time and later. I wonder if Delaney’s Donkey was written back then? Look out for Paddy McGinty’s Goat by Val Doonican … I have included the lyrics for the song out of interest DELANEY’S DONKEY (William Hargreaves) Val Doonican – 1967 Now Delaney had a donkey that everyone admired, Tempo’rily lazy and permanently tired A leg at ev’ry corner balancing his head, And a tail to let you know which end he wanted to be fed Riley slyly said “We’ve underrated it, why not train it?” Then he took a rag They rubbed it, scrubbed it, They oiled and embrocated it, Got it to the post And when the starter dropped his flag There was Riley pushing it, shoving it, shushing it Hogan, Logan and ev’ryone in town lined up Attacking it and shoving it and smacking it They might as well have tried to push the Town Hall down The donkey was eyeing them, Openly defying them Winking, blinking and twisting out of place Riley reversing it, Ev’rybody cursing it The day Delaney’s donkey ran the half mile race. The

My cousin is 12 and loves to sing, problem she can’t even carry a note and after 7 Years of intense choir and singing tuition she still can’t.
My problem is she recently went on Britains got talent in a group. I’ve seen them they are not bad one of her little friends has THE most amazing unique voice I’ve ever heard. But my cousin is so weak. They have YouTube videos up but people always comment how cute but talentless she is, id love for that to stop but nmy cousinfamily tells her she is really good and amazing. So she really thinks she is the best I see people making fun of her daily and it upsets and annoys me and they tell her she is good so she makes no effort to get better.

I told her she should know an instrument anyway so i tried to teach her keyboard and guitar she said she won’t need it she’ll just sing >.< then told me my style of singing is crappy because im classically trained. She keeps applying for tv shows and stuff. Is there anything I can do to make her sound or make an attempt to sound better? I have a really good friend who is a pro-singing teacher do you that would help her? :/

Guitar Notes: How Can I Perfect My Confidence With Girls?

Part two of two: Rooftop Rumble Finally after much delay, (and despite my crappy health) it is finished! And for those wondering about my condition, i still have a more treatment to go but overall it’s currently looking good! Eddsworld shirts, hoodies & posters available! www.sharkrobot.com

Hey, I’m 18 and a senior in High School. My whole life, I haven’t really been so confident when it came to girls, and it makes me sick. I’m a pretty shy guy, but I tend to think that might make a girl fall for me, but for some reason it never turns out that way. Every girl I’ve had a crush on has never liked me back, and girls who ask me out end up throwing themselves at me, which makes me so sick, even when guys try to set me up with random girls or girls I don’t see them as my girlfriend because of their attitude and personality; note that the girls who have thrown themselves at me are black. It’s not that I have no confidence at all, I can only use it to a certain extent. I can’t usually go as far as saying sexually suggestive comments or even tell a girl how beautiful I think she is. I feel like saying things like that but it never comes out. The girl I most recently crushed on for most of this year is a sophomore and even though I made more of an effort with her, in that I could talk to her with no fear, and actually ask her if she wants to hang out, but she would be busy because she’s an AP student, I still couldn’t do anything to get with her. I’ve only played guitar for her once this year, and I really wanted to get to know her better, but after telling her how I feel last week, she said she was interested in someone who goes to a different school. I wish I was the type of guy who was a real sweetheart, but could still be smooth and cool and tougher. Sometimes I think girls find me ugly. And finally, I know this is a bit off topic, but I’ve only had one girlfriend in my life, so if I told a girl that she was only my second girlfriend, would it make her feel special, shocked, or surprised? Leave thoughts, and opinions below. PS: I think girls don’t like me because I’m too nice, or just doubtful of myself. But what do you guys think?

Guitar Notes: What Is The Title Of This Song?

comment and fav

It sounds quite 70’s bit rocky, was on a movie i saw a while back. It has an electric guitar at the start that plays a little lead riff . I think there is piano in it but the chorus goes something like

Are you gathering up the leaves,
sowing away the time…
are you doobie-doobe-dooo,
have had enough of mine….

( note the dooobie bit, is because i cant guess the words, so ive filled the gap so hopefully you can work out what the song is)

I dont think the lyrics i put are correct , so good luck :)
full points to the first person to get the right answer :)

Guitar Notes: Guitarist Questionnaire. Please Complete?

Note: For every question, please mark or tick
the appropiate answer.

1. What age group are you in?

Guitar Notes: Looking For Musicians, Scottish Based Rock Band!?

LYRICS AND CHORDS F Gm F/A Jesus at the center of it all Bb F/AC Jesus at the center of it all Bb Dm From beginning to the end Gm It will always be F/A It’s always been You Bb Bb/C Jesus, Jesus Jesus be the center of my life Jesus be the center of my life From beginning to the end It will always be It’s always been You Jesus, Jesus Bb Nothing else matters Dm F Nothing in this world will do F Gm7 F/A Bb Jesus you’re the center Gm7 Dm7 Everything revolves around You C Jesus You Bridge: C From my heart to the heavens Dm F Jesus be the center Bb It’s all about You C It’s all about You Jesus be the center of my church Jesus be the center of my church From beginning to the end It will always be It’s always been You Jesus, Jesus

I am trying to put together a rock band.
I am looking for:
1 Guitarist
1 Bassist
1 Keyboard player (If Possible)
1 Drummer.
PLEASE NOTE- All musicians must have their own instrument.
I am 17 and i have had loads of live experience, I play guitar and i sing, although if there is a singer interested please apply.
I don’t mind what influences members bring to the band as i like to create.
ALL APPLICANTS MUST!!! Live in the Edinburgh/Glasgow area of Scotland(UK)
Preferably aged 17-18 not higher.
If anyone is interested please leave an answer containing-

An E-mail Adress (E-mail it to my account if confidential)
A link to either Facebook/Bebo/myspace whatever,
I’d like to hear what can be done.

I would only like males, and i am looking for 100% dedication as i am looking to go far and i have contacts in the music bisuness.

So if anyone is interested please get in contact,
Thank You.

Guitar Notes: Why Does My Webcam Take Up So Much Memory?

Download available at Poets of the Fall digistore: www.poetsofthefall.com New Alan Wake game confirmed! www.youtube.com Alan Wake Soundtrack that comes with the Limited Collector’s Edition. Note: This song is actually performed by Poets of the Fall Lyrics: There’s an old tale wrought with mystery, of Tom the Poet and his muse And a magic lake which gave a life to the words the poet used Now, the muse she was his happiness, and he rhymed about her grace And told her stories of treasures deep beneath the blackened waves Till’ in the stillness of one dawn, still in its misty crown The muse she went down to the lake, and in the waves she drowned And now to see your love set free You will need the witch’s cabin key Find the lady of the light, gone mad with the night That’s how you reshape destiny The poet came down to the lake to call out to his dear When there was no answer he was overcome with fear He searched in vain for his treasure lost and too soon the night would fall Only his own echo would wail back at his call And when he swore to bring back his love by stories he’d create Nightmares shifted in their sleep in the darkness of the lake And now to see your love set free You will need the witch’s cabin key Find the lady of the light, still raving in the night That’s how you reshape destiny In the dead of night she came to him with darkness in her eyes Wearing a mourning gown, sweet words as her disguise He took her in without a word for he saw his grave mistake And vowed

my laptop’s integrated webcam is taking up faaar too much memory for what its worth, a simple video of me playing guitar for 40 seconds is taking up 100mb on a 320×240 size video and an insane 355mb on a 640×480 size video…
the laptop is a Packard bell – Easy note LJ61
i cant find how many megga pixels it has but it cant be over 2-3 with the quallity its showing me, even if it were a 10mpx camera it wouldnt take up 30mb in 10 seconds of me staring at the camera…

the settings are export image as JPEG, image size 320×240 = 10 seconds of nothing = 30mb… why??

I’m genuinely not good at anything, what should I do?

Arvo Part – Fratres For Cello And Piano. This is the version used in the brilliant film ‘There Will Be Blood’ *Note, I made this video, but I have nothing to do with the production of the song, or the film. All rights of the song go to Arvo Part, and all rights of ‘There Will Be Blood’ go to the film-makers.*

I’ve been so depressed for several weeks now, I used to go to a private school full of rich boffins, I was always bottom of the class etc, i’ve never been good at anything. I can’t do maths, i’m terrible at English, I don’t understand science. I love acting but failed my drama GCSE, I would love to be able to draw but I got so much grief from my art teacher about how bad my drawing was I gave up. I tried dancing, ballet, as my whole female family are ballet dancers. Every single one, except me. However my unbelievably awful balance and lack of multitasking ability disrupted the class so much I left out of sheer embarrassment.

And music, music is the one thing I would give anything to be good at, I had piano lessons for 2 years and went to ‘keyboard club’ (piano classes for little people) for about 3 years before that. After all that and all I can do is find any note on the piano. I don’t even know the circle of fifths.

Enough about school, I have an absolutely awful memory, any of my friends can vouch that, I’ll be told to do something and forget within 5 minutes, then get scolded for ‘avoiding chores’. A lot of my friends from that school (I left, thank god) can do really cool quirky things like being able to solve a Rubik’s cube, knowing the periodic table off by heart and writing their own songs. I tried learning the Rubik’s cube, I tried and I tried and I tried and I managed to get a combination of colours on the cube that wasn’t even ON any of the algorithm websites, I mean for heavens sake it was a new cube how did I manage that?!?!?!?!

So I gave up on that after completely messing up my cube, and thought I’ll have a stab at writing a song, I have always loved guitar, so I thought i’ll try learning that, turns out (I have abnormally tiny hands) that my hands aren’t even big enough to reach the frets. After crying and punching a wall about how bloody useless I was I sat and thought about something else I could do.

I decided, I have a lot of love for nature and animals, so I thought I would raise a pet, I purchased a hamster and everything he would need, splashing out on extra spacious beds and toys and fresh food, even building him a run which spanned half my bedroom floor, I took such good care of him for a week. Before my useless memory kicked in and I forgot to close my door on my way out. After pulling up my whole room looking for him, I found my mother’s cat with his mutilated body in the garden some time later.

My mother has since bought two female rabbits, and they and the cat are fine, I try and stay away from them from fear of stepping on them by accident or something. Anyway, my mother and step-father were talking about possibly getting a buck rabbit and having some babies, I immediately said that sounded wonderful, and that i’d look after the babies, my step dad wasted no time in bursting out in laughter and scoffing ‘pssh, you bloody wouldn’t’ which had my mother also in laughter. I have been crying in my bed for the last few hours. I few completely useless. My life is a waste. I’m going to college in september to have another stab at A-levels, until then i’m trying to find a job, so far people have been quick to turn me away. I currently do voluntary work in two charity shops, sometimes I feel as old as the elderly ladies who work there.

My mother is worried about me because i’ve been down for so long but won’t tell her why, I’m afraid she’ll just scoff and tell me to get on with life and stop being so stupid, but I genuinely feel like crap.

So if you’ve bothered to read all of the above…what should I do now?
I’m not religious. I’m sorry but these answers really aren’t helpful… I need advice, not religious hope :(

My video on Youtube doesn’t match with the sound?

I uploaded a few videos today of me doing guitar covers. I recorded them off my webcam from my laptop. I played them on my laptop and they were both fine however when I uploaded them on Youtube the video is a good few seconds behind the sound if this makes sense. It is really annoying as it looks like I am playing every chord/note wrong etc. Why doesn’t the whole video match with the sound for? is there any way for me to sort this out?
The video format is wma SO could that be a reason why?

Guitar Notes: Light Hearted Music Suggestions?

Hi Fi Sound,,with Lyrics

In my music collection, every other track is blues – the rest is classical/reggae/jazz/spanish/greek/rock/rock n roll.

It’s not that I’m going off it – blues guitar completes me, it’s just when I hear blues, my ears prick up and I listen to every note.
I want some music that my ears don’t prick up to, but I enjoy – I can’t describe it. Easy listening???

Here’s some examples of (easy listening) tracks I already have: The Jackson 5, Blockbuster by Sweet, Born to be wild by Steppenwolf, weird al yankovich, Gary Numan, Does Your Mother Know by Abba and Madness.

Guitar Notes: Qustion Regarding Rockband 2?

PLEASEVisit my new channel: www.youtube.com

Hi there.

Ive got a Drum kit and guitar for Rockband 2, and i must say its brilliant fun.

I was just wondering, Can 2 people play online in Xbox live world tour on the same console/profile ?

So say if i was on drums, and i went into xbox live world tour, could my brother play as guitarist and then we could get a bassist and a singer from xbox live? Please note we play on my profile because we cant afford another one.

Thanks, rob

What skills and programs would I need to create a member’s video tutorial website?

2CELLOS (Luka Šulić & Stjepan Hauser) exclusively play live their acoustic arrangement of U2’s classic “With or Without You” at C Music TV’s studios in London. This unplugged, one-take video features the world premiere performance of the track which features on their debut album 2CELLOS released on Sony Music Entertainment Ltd. The music-video can be seen exclusively on C Music TV, the award winning classical, film soundtrack & chillout music television channel that doesn’t carry any commercials. www.cmusic.tv © SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT / C MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT LTD 2011 Credits: Producer, Director & Editor – Julian Rigamonti. DOP, Lighting & Cameras – Benedict Johnson. Sound & Cameras – Stephen Gower. Production Assistant – Josey Maguire.

Hi, I intend to try and create a video tutorial website. The idea is that paying members will have access to educational tutorial videos and in time I would like to give the site a forum functionality too. This website that I use to learn guitar is similar in principal I suppose ( http://www.guitartricks.com/ ). Please check it out so you know what kind of setup I am talking about.

It is something I would like to setup over the next year and since I have the time I think it would be beneficial to attempt to create it myself. I suppose the first step of doing something is isolating exactly what must be done so that is what I am asking you lot. What programs will I have to use to create something like this and what considerations will I need to take note of?

I have the advantage of being a former graphic designer and pro photographer so I can create all the visual assets in Photoshop and Illustrator without any issues. I have also had limited experience in Dreamweaver but I am essentially a total novice when it comes to something non visual and creation for the web.

Off the top of my head I am thinking at I could use CSS to create the visual site structure and then I will have to do something to do with CMS? Something with databases?

I appreciate all answers and thanks for your time.

Thanks for all the answers up to now. Just ‘JR’ I especially take on board what you said. OK, say I do all the visuals and storyboard out the entire site in Photoshop with exact visual criteria but then I get a developer to do the technicals. How much do you think it will save me on the cost of the site, if all the developer has to do is the technical implimentaion of my design? Anyone got any input on that front?

Thanks again all.

Guitar Notes: Ok What Do I Do Next? Advice On My Mission :D?

This is an easy way to play Somebody that I Used to Know on the piano. Thanks for watching! You Rock!!!!!!

Ok I like one of my teachers at Uni. I am 29 he is 28. I was sort of amused by him at the begginning but then I found out he´s got 2 degrees and a doctorate, teaches children with speech problems,and has got a heavy metal band (plays the guitar).Now, the trouble is……….
We met one day on the bus and started talking we kissed on the cheeks (well we´re Spanish haha). I went to his office to ask questions before the exam once. He said: “I dont see you on the bus anymore, maybe we´ll meet there again”. But he´s just nice like that to everyone.
So I found out his next concert and went to see him. He asked how had “we” (the class) found out and was sort of was smiley but after the concert my friend insisted we should go then to raise interest and let him do something next. So I left and we kissed on the cheeks again (well we´re both Spanish lol).
Ok, since we dont have each others numbers, there is no more class but the exam, I dont have his email (just the teacher one) and I dont want to mix the 2 worlds – work and personal – cos I have the feeling he doesnt like that (he is completely different when in teacher mode)…
What do I do that doesnt look like a 15 yr old thing and will get me a date?
My friend says leave him a note when you give him the exam on a separate sheet (believe or not we are 29 and 30 hehehe) but I say No, No, Nooooo….
He doesn´t have a work cubby hole just an office (shared I think) but thanks :)

Guitar Notes: Help Needed To Become A Rock God!?

Ben Powell Drum Covers DVD – web.me.com FACEBOOK – www.facebook.com MYSPACE – www.myspace.com TWITTER – twitter.com NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED!! My twelfth MUSE drum cover. Quite an easy song to play, good catchy chorus. Dom plays the Hi-hats on 8th notes, I’m feel more comfortable playing it as 4th. I think whilst doing drum covers it’s good to be accurate, but you should have your own style. At around 1.33 the Muse track slightly dips in sound, I tried several times to fix this, but I can’t resolve it. Anyway thanks for watching, Ben

My son and I are complete beginners on the guitar but are keen to sound like rock gods.

We have nailed Wild Thing and the riff that goes….

Da Da Dahhhh, Da Da Dah Dahhh, Da Dah Dahhhh, Dah Dahhhhhhh!

(you know the one?!*!)

We can also manage basic tabs….one note at a time.

Any guidance greatfully recieved.
Just checked it out and, yes the mystery riff is “Smoke on the Water”

Guitar Notes: What Do Indie/Skater Boys Like In A Girl? X?

Okay, I’m going to describe the boy I like.

~ He skateboards & rollerblades.
~ He likes The Beatles & The Arctic Monkeys alot. ( I also like them )
~ Plays the guitar, music is important to him.
~ He smokes & does weed. (I don’t, there is no point to smoking; but weed..?)
~ He is a year or two older than me.
~ He is good friends with my bestfriend’s older brother. (note that my best friend also fancies him.)
~ I’ve added him on facebook.

How can I get him to notice me more ? & what do you guys find attractive?

:) thanks.

What is ‘real music’ actually and why have modern day children dislike Classical music so much?

I was wondering about it actually.

My friends (since they learn music and have a passion for classical music) say that real music is Classical Music pieces by Chopin or Beethoven, etc. But they do enjoy listening to rock, etc.

Some other friends say that real music is what they enjoy listening to and therefore, they say that Classical Music isn’t ‘real music’.

Since many modern day teenagers/children have been born in the 21st century where vocals, guitars, drums, etc are played, they think that classical music is a waste of them and classify it as horrible and stupid. Why is this? Is it because they just want to go with what the everyday society wants?

For me, I think real music is the Classical genre because it expresses the composers feelings and the story of the piece in the notes instead of getting vocals to do it though with opera, I guess that is classified as real music? I think that real music is just the Classical genre I guess. Though I still don’t quite get why many modern day children dislike Classical music so much… I personally love Classical but that is number two on my list. Number one is Rock. (Just to point this out so people don’t think I’m bias or anything)
And I’m 14 years old (I just wanted to tell you this to not think I’m an adult or something… Though I’m kind of like 14 going on 20 so that’s why I cannot understand the minds of some of the modern day children)
Friends of mine listened to it (I forced them to) and they still think it’s ‘stupid’ etc.
I think it’s just because in their mind them think so and they wouldn’t accept how pure and amazing it is?

Guitar Notes: Do You Wanna Be In A Scottish Rock Band?

I am trying to put together a rock band.
I am looking for:
1 Guitarist
1 Bassist
1 Keyboard player (If Possible)
1 Drummer.
PLEASE NOTE- All musicians must have their own instrument.
I am 17 and i have had loads of live experience, I play guitar and i sing, although if there is a singer interested please apply.
I don’t mind what influences members bring to the band as i like to create.
ALL APPLICANTS MUST!!! Live in the Edinburgh/Glasgow area of Scotland(UK)
Preferably aged 17-18 not higher.
If anyone is interested please leave an answer containing-

An E-mail Adress (E-mail it to my account if confidential)
A link to either Facebook/Bebo/myspace whatever,
I’d like to hear what can be done.

I would only like males, and i am looking for 100% dedication as i am looking to go far and i have contacts in the music bisuness.

So if anyone is interested please get in contact,
Thank You.

P.S Cheers Jimi.

Is this singing ‘so so’?

I know I’m never gonna be the best singer in the world I just want to be good enough to perform in front of people. Here’s a recording of the band I was singing/playing guitar for.

In honesty the sound of my voice sounds horrible to me but some people tell me its ‘not bad’, but I get the feeling its because there too nice to tell me how bad I really am.


On another note, here’s someone else who could potentially sing for my band, I know he’s better than me but he get’s stage fright, so listen to him and tell me what you think.


I need a hobby… suggest something for me?

Intro: Bm AGD Verse 1: Bm You were near D/F# Though I was distant G Disillusioned I was D Lost and insecure Bm Still mercy fought D/F# For my attention G You were waiting at the door D Then I let you in Verse 2 Trading your life For my offenses For my redemption You carried all the blame Breaking the curse Of our condition Perfection took our place Chorus: Bm D/F# GD When only love could make a way Bm D/F# G You gave your life in a beautiful exchange Verse 3: My burden erased My life forgiven There is nothing that could take this love away And my only desire and sole ambition Is to love you just the same Chorus: (Same as previous) When only love could make a way You gave your life in a beautiful exchange When only love could break these chains You gave your life in a beautiful exchange Bridge: AG Holy are you God Bm D Holy is your name AG With everything I’ve got Bm D My heart will sing how I love you

I need to find something to do in my spare time. Preferably something done alone or as a small group (2 or 3),and something that doesn’t involve computers or videogames (my dad’s orders..).

I’m 15 and enjoy media and the like, games (videogames and other types), puzzles (not jigsaws – rubik’s cube and stuff like that), and computing (though that isn’t the sort of thing I want).

Any ideas welcome!

Another note, I’m not going to take up a musical instrument. I already play guitar and a bit of piano.


Help. I’m getting really confused about well, EVERYTHING?

I know to much. I know how to read body language and how to tell things about people by their hand writing, I notice loads of things others don’t notice, so every person I see I automatically know stuff about them, I know how to build a phone, bomb, gun, computer, chair, grenade, amp and a guitar. Plus, I’m really into neurology and how the human mind works, I’ve researched dreams and know tons about them, I know what words and actions people will take to a basic level in response to the things I do. I can make people do stuff by talking in a certain way and I can vanish (not literately, but I’m very good at distracting people and just not being seen in a crowd) really well. I’m really arrogant and I don’t really get on with others because I’m always boasting about something or saying something weird. I’ve started to suspect I might have a mental disorder, but I’m not sure what it is, I just know I have one and I really want to find out what it is. I have no idea what I want to do when I’m older and I can’t make up my mind about anything. I don’t understand why anybody wants friends and when I asked somebody, the laughed and thought I was joking. At which point they called me a nerd and walked off. I then proceeded steal their locker key and leave a note in their locker. It told them that they should go down to the pier with some friends and that somebody wanted to give them something. Of course, them being stupid, leaving out what they were going to get and who was going to give it to them made them curious about it. The note was a bit longer than that and in different words, but he still went to the pier after school anyway. Then, with both his parents at work, I got into his house using a good old lock pick. I won’t say what I did next. Later on, I wondered if it had really been worth it just because he laughed at me. Which just confused me even more. I feel like I’m going explode because everything is just so…..
I have no idea what to do about this. So four questions
a) What could be the cause of this?
b) How to get rid of it?
c) WHAT is it?
d) Has anybody had anything like this themselves?

Guitar Notes: Could You Be An IPhone Musician?

(CNN) — Often in the middle of the night, while his wife sleeps beside him, John Sheridan picks up his iPhone from the nightstand and shakes the device like it was a conductor’s wand on fire.

Sometimes he goes on like this for more than an hour at a time. There’s a point to this midnight madness, though.

By day, Sheridan is a 53-year-old real-estate agent in Florida. But by night, he’s an iPhone musician.

In the past few months, he has used his phone to record and upload at least 30 songs to the Web using an iPhone application called ZOOZbeat, which helps anyone — regardless of musical talent or lack thereof — create songs by selecting instruments from a list and then waving his or her phone around.

A quick flick of the wrist produces a high note. A gentler movement belches out a lower tone. The app loops the sounds and lets users edit their tracks on the fly or afterwards.
Sheridan said he wears headphones while he’s jamming, so as not to wake his wife.One bizarre application, called Ocarina, even lets people create flute sounds by blowing into their phone’s built-in microphone while touching the screen to select various notes.
The smartphones have their technical limits, of course, and the idea isn’t to fully replace real-world guitars and drum kits. But the phones do offer a lightweight alternative to heavy tour gear, and they have a novelty appeal for some musicians and music fans.



I’m 16 years old..
My Girlfriend was beautiful. All the boys were after her, she was such an individual and so confident.
She was literally always laughing and smiling, brightening everyones day up.
All my friends would say she was ‘hot’, but I could see so much beyond just that.
So we started going out, and even though I loved her and had a great time with her (we had stuff in common, a love of rock music and playing guitar and much more) It wasn’t long before the cracks of this ‘perfect’ girl began to show.
She had an adddiction and an obsession with her apperaence I soon found out.
She never left the house or let me saw her without make up, although I told her she’d look even more beautiful without it. When we were out she’s have to check the mirror alot, and eventually she came out to me as having a form of OCD with her apperaence, which I accepted.
The worst part was the addiction to bleaching her hair. I hated it as I could see her hair’s condition was getting wrecked. I told her not to but still she would.

It all got too much for her, she wrote in er suicide note ‘It was a vicious circle; I couldn’t not bleach my hair as I am so convinced I look horrible with any other colour than peroxide blonde, but the bleach has wrecked the condition and the more i bleach it, the worse the condition will be.’

She wrote in the note she loved me more than anyone else and I was her only love. And that she felt so guilty seeing me as she was not good enough for me.

I can’t cope with this!
Is there anything I should’ve done?! I did the usual, told anyone I could who I thought could help, but I had NO IDEA she was going to kill herself

Guitar Notes: Tips On Joining A Band?

Hi, I’ve been playing electric guitar specifically death metal and thrash metal. I can play songs like Raining Blood-slayer, master of puppets-metallica, holy wars-megadeth, war ensemble-slayer, and many more almost note for note and at the correct speed(Sorry but many of the solos are TOO HARD, so I can’t do them). My picking speed and hand/arm endurance are up to par, but I am worried that not knowing much on music theory like knowing the names of chords and stuff will hinder me getting into a band anytime soon? I must add that creatively, I have to admit I am somewhat gifted, hearing many times by fellow musicians “yo, who was that song by?” while working on my own songs/music.

Kitty Quotes & Poems……?

I wasn’t quite happy with my old cover of this song, partly due to my EQ-settings, partly due to my playing. So this time I was stubbornly determined to make it perfect, and to be honest, I had to re-play Friedman’s solos LOTS of times, across several days, and that’s why it took me five days to upload this cover. I think this should do it, it’s not like Friedman himself but I got the notes and almost the expression right. This is arguably Megadeth’s best song. This is actually the song that once got me into Megadeth, and the masterminds of Mustaine and Friedman are definitely shining in this one. Recorded from December 30 of 2009 to January 3 of 2010 using a Pentax Optio M30 regular digital camera, audio recorded with an iAudio 7. Edited using Magix Music Maker 10 Deluxe and streamed as a 640×480 resolution Windows Media Video with 25 fps. Guitar: Jackson Warrior WRMG (with EMG 81/85) Amplifier: Peavey 6505+ and an Ashdown Peacemaker 412A cabinet with Celestion G12E-50 speakers. Settings: Lead channel: Pre: 7.25 Low: 3 Mid: 3 High: 9 Post: 1 Resonance: 1.5 Presence: 8.5 Strings: GHS TNT Pick: Dunlop Jazz III If you rate it, please motivate and write a comment too. Thanks for watching! You can also see the old cover from October 2008 here: www.youtube.com The powertab I used can be found here: www.abysslord.com You can download Power Tab Editor here (freeware): download.cnet.com

What are your favourite quotes, sayings and poems about our endeared furry feline folk? It can be anything – bed time stories, quotes, poems, odes, sayings…..Mine has been the Owl and The Pussy Cat poem by Edward Lear since childhood (it’s kind of an Alice In Wonderland poem..weird but different) –

The Owl and the Pussiecat went to sea
In a beautiful pea-green boat,
They took some honey, and plenty of money,
Wrapped up in a five pound note.
The Owl looked up to the stars above,
And sang to a small guitar,
“O lovely Pussie! O Pussie, my love,
What a beautiful Pussie you are, you are, you are,
What a beautiful Pussie you are.”
Pussie said to the Owl “You elegant fowl,
How charmingly sweet you sing.
O let us be married, too long we have tarried;
But what shall we do for a ring?”
They sailed away, for a year and a day,
To the land where the Bong-tree grows,
And there in a wood a Piggy-wig stood
With a ring at the end of his nose, his nose, his nose,
With a ring at the end of his nose.
“Dear Pig, are you willing to sell for one shilling your ring?”
Said the Piggy, “I will”
So they took it away, and were married next day
By the Turkey who lives on the hill.
They dined on mince, and slices of quince,
Which they ate with a runcible spoon.
And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand.
They danced by the light of the moon, the moon, the moon,
They danced by the light of the moon.