Guitar Lessons: Do I Qualify For A Performing Arts School?

I’m not really a stranger to Ballet. I did Jazz, Tap and Latin American for 3 years and I stopped for a while and am just starting to pick things up again. I have attened a few Ballet classes but I want to start properly. I have some intentions of maybe trying for a Performing Arts school when I’m 16, maybe doing Musical Theatre. I am a musical person : I love to sing (I have private lessons) and I play the Viola and the Keyboard and also the Guitar. Performing Arts and Drama and Music are three of my GCSE options for key stage four. I started Tap last week (I am able to skip grades) and I’m starting Jazz and Ballet soon. I am also very dedicated to all I do. Ooh, and, I am good at writing poems so I’m an okay-ish/good song writer.

(I am English, by the way!)

Guitar Lessons: Should I Learn To Play The Cello??

I’m a 15 year old girl and I’m interested in playing the cello. I currently play the bass guitar because its one of the less acclaimed rock instruments. I just moved to a new town, and in my old town I did take lessons for my bass. But i took them for about a year now, and i know everything i need to know, as i am a pretty good bassist. I want to take up a new challenge as i want to be a well rounded musician. I want to play a “rock” instrument as well as a classical instrument. I’ve always found cellos more interesting because of its low tone. I personally dont find guitars or pianos that exiting because everyone plays them! They’re so overused. I would like to know if this is a good choice for me, and how much would it cost a month to rent them. Im not going to ask how long it will take me to learn it because thats for you to know and for me to find out!:) Dont suggest the violin because i dont want to play it. Also, (i probably will) should i get lessons? i work horribly out of books, because i have always worked through another person. How long would i practice a day? thanks! P.S. can you cellists tell me anything else i need to know? Arigato!:D
Thanks for all the answers! I find cello is something I really want to do and I’m really up for it! 45 dollars doesn’t sound as much as my bass was (about 80 a month) hopefully the cost of lessons isn’t that much.
Thanks for all the answers! I find cello is something I really want to do and I’m really up for it! 45 dollars doesn’t sound as much as my bass was (about 80 a month) hopefully the cost of lessons isn’t that much.

Guitar Lessons: Too Late To Start Playing New Instruments?

I’m 14, and recently I’ve been more into music, and made a list of instruments I want to learn to play by college. I plan to learn to play piano, guitar, violin, and ukulele. The thing is, there is no way I can pay for lessons; let alone make time for them. I was going to teach myself online but many people advise to get lessons or I’d never be as good as people who do. Also, even if I do spend 2 or 3 hours everyday on practicing, I could never catch up with people who started when they were age 3 or 4. Not only that, I heard that teaching yourself to play violin is pretty much impossible, since you need someone to point out what you’re doing wrong and to get the right techniques. Although the same could be said for every instrument. So I don’t really know if I should pick up that many instruments at once. Or maybe get lessons when I’m in college. But I might not be as good if I had started now.

Guitar Lessons: Should I Take Up Another Instrument? If Yes, What Would You Recommend?

I’m 14 and about a year ago I listened to a recording of James Galway playing the flute. I nagged and nagged at my parents to let me try having lessons.

Six months ago I succeeded and they booked them. So I’ve been having lessons since then, once a fortnight. A couple of weeks ago I took my grade 3 exam and got 91% and distinction :)

I heard a friend playing piano, and as it was my birthday a week or two ago, asked for lessons from my parents as my main present. I’ve had two and now I’m playing grade 1 and working towards taking grade 2 in spring.

I absolutely LOVE playing both instruments immensely. I’ve had singing lessons for two years but never enjoyed it as much.

I’ve just given up singing lessons. I’ve learnt how to sing and am not progressing. Now I’m wondering if in about a year or less, I could take up a different instrument. My parents said it should be ok, I’ve offered to do lots of chores around the house to earn it. Flute and piano are both very common instruments, and I wanted to try my hand at a couple of others.

Although it’s another common one, I love the sound of lots of strings playing together, and wondered about that.

Any ideas for any other instruments? Preferably an orchestra instrument. I’m not a big fan of saxophone, guitar or drums.
Oh, my tone on the flute is pretty good. I once played to my music teacher and she thought I was grade 5 or 6 and had been playing for 5 years. I’ve mastered vibrato too.

Guitar Lessons: Do You Think There Is A Chance Of Him Liking Me?

Basically, we are both 14. I have a few lessons with him. He is always staring at me in lessons, and whenever I catch him staring at me he does this really cute smile :) lol and I talk to him quite a lot, and he is always really nice. Also in lessons, he always makes sure I know what to do (he is a bit cleverer than me :S), and it is so cute 😛 also, he has permanently lent me stuff like pens, guitar picks etc :S and also he has offered to teach me to play the bass guitar :) lol do you think he could like me? or is he just a nice person? thanks x

Guitar Lessons: Could He Possibly Like Me?

Eric Legaud, Easy facile guitar lesson : Bd of broken dreams (Greenday), difficulté : 3/10 Récapitulatif des accords : Em – G – D – A (x4 couplets / verses) C – G – D – Em (x3 refrain / choruses) C – G – B5 (fin refrain / end chorus) Enjoy ! :-) Plus d’infos (more infos) :

Basically, we are both 14. I have a few lessons with him. He is always staring at me in lessons, and whenever I catch him staring at me he does this really cute smile :) lol and I talk to him quite a lot, and he is always really nice. Also in lessons, he always makes sure I know what to do (he is a bit cleverer than me :S), and it is so cute 😛 also, he has permanently lent me stuff like pens, guitar picks etc :S and also he has offered to teach me to play the bass guitar :) lol do you think he could like me? or is he just a nice person? thanks x

I’m 12 years old and 5ft 9” is this tall?

The doctor said i was this tall a few days ago and he also said i JUST started my “growth-spurt” so i still have a lot of growing left to do :)
another problem, i love being tall ( or at least i love thinking im tall) ut it makes nmy body look weird.
for insantces, when i have a shirt on and i’m standing, i look slim as an athletic kid but when i take my shirt off….. yikes im very um blubbery. Yes thats the word blubbery. The truth of the matter though is i don’t really like sports but give me a Cello or a Paino and i can knock your socks off. If i went up to ANYBODY in my school and asked where is the g key on the paino they would look at me as if i asked if they ever went to the planet mars and had tea with a martian! (lol)
in fact one time i was in a store and they had a guitar for kids to try and I have NO experince with the guitar what so ever. I played at this shop before but a long time ago. Well anyway while i was expermening some elder wowman came up to me and said ” aren’t you glad those lessons paid off” and winked. I loked at her and she said “well you must take lessons if you play THAT good” i told her i dont play and she looked really confuzed and walked of saying ‘you should take lessons”
The question is WITHOUT saying to take a sport how can i get slim? Should I not worry about this because of my height? lol im ramblng now aren’t i? LOL
Just some info about me i guess lol

Guitar Lessons: Do You Think I Should Become A Drummer?

This is a video lesson for Skinny Love by Bon Iver. Tuning is standard and a capo on the 5th fret. I hope this video is clear and easy to understand. Feel free to leave any comments or song suggestions.

I started playing guitar hero and thats how I started listening to that type of music. I don’t want to be known as the wannabe drummer. Out of boredom as a preteen, I mastered the guitar and drums on expert levels. (And please don’t say I don’t have a life, because I have a job in the library and many talents but not a very close family. Not to brag, obviously.) I really feel I want to become a drummer..but I don’t fit in to the main group at all. The type of people don’t accept me and then there’s another option to become an artist or some type of formal musician. I already took my first lesson and I was complimented by the instructor that I am a natural and not many of his students did everything perfect on the first day. (Please don’t think I’m bragging because I’m really not trying to, I’m just giving details to influence your opinion. I dislike the idea of bragging..) I can play the guitar as well but I don’t want to become as good as Slash. I want to become as good as like Dave Grohl or Taylor Hawkins or something.. Lol and ya I know I already started lessons but do you think I should take this path totally seriously or just get a stinking day job (that’s figurative language, btw). A girl like I seriously don’t fit in but that’s what I truly want to do. So I guess please give me your honest opinion. So do you think I should be a drummer that bizarrely stands out, a manga artist that comfortingly fits in, a random C.S.I. detective for some bucks and adventure, or useless hobo with no life and eats salted cashews as a main course?

What’s the best way to start learning to play the oboe? click this link for 5 FREE video lessons and FREE Ebook all from Next Level

I’m really passionate about learning to play, as I think that the oboe is such a beautiful instrument that I would really love to be able to play. I can read music and can play bass guitar, ukulele, clarinet and of course recorder (descant and treble). I have had music lessons in the past when starting to play instruments, however I now do not have any contacts regarding lessons. I am also aware that oboes are rather expensive. Should I buy one and have lessons or hire one somehow? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Guitar Lessons: Name Of Band And Song?

Lyrics went like this: “Born to be down, I learned all my lessons before now, born to be down”. And the main hook:” Well you just don’t get it keep it copacetic………….and you’re so pathetic”. Thats all I can remember. It had a cool Guitar riff through-out the song.

Guitar Lessons: How Many After School Activities Is Too Much For A 6 Year Old? Lead guitar lessons online. Here I show you a riff pattern called the hammer on pull off and roll combo. The guitar solo pattern is played at full speed and slow speed in addition to visual guitar tabs showing you the exact lead guitar solo pattern visually. I learn all my lead guitar solos using RiffMaster program which slows down guitar solos all the way down to 1/4 speed without changing pitch. The link to the program is above and below. Any questions can be left in the comments and I will answer all.

I want to enrol my daughter into some other after school activities. She currently does an hours of drawing and playing the guitar with her father but it sometimes goes on longer, she has an hour long piano lesson twice a week, she has half an hour of french three times a week with her tutor (just a local young adult who earns money by tutoring and it was my daughter’s idea to learn french) and swimming lessons once a week for 50 minutes.
She came back from her grandparents today and she had been at her cousin’s stables and wanted to learn to ride a horse. She had all the information with her, the lessons are an hour and a half twice a week. She also had information about the local drama group which she wanted to join and they have acting lessons which last for just under two hours on a friday.
I’m just worried this might be too much for her even though she was the one who wanted to start these things.
My daughter isn’t really social with other kids her age, especially at school.

Guitar Lessons: My Singing What Do You Think? Hi everyone. I have always wanted to make this lesson. A few months ago I recorded this, and it’s been sitting in my computer for awhile. So here it is Bill Haley’s Rock Around The Clock guitar solo lesson. I hope this lesson is useful and you can get alot out of it. This one is dedicated to all the great people who have supported me this last year and all my rockabilly guitar friends I have met through Youtube. Feel free ad me as a friend on Facebook, and again to everyone Thank You…enjoy the lesson

I sing, play piano,guitar (badly),compose,and song write and I’m 15 (even though I probably look about 12) xD
I wanted to see what you think of my singing, I’ve loved singing since forever but I only took it up as a hobby a few years ago and posted some videos on youtube, after that my piano got better and I learnt to play guitar etc so yeah I really love music I’m getting singing lessons soon and doing more piano grades and my music gcse. I just wanna know how much you think i’d benefit from lessons?:)

Ps it’s not my best vocal cos I’d only just learnt the piano (I learn by ear) so I had to concentrate more on that
Thankyou everyone :) It’s really nice to be able to ask a question and get all decent answers with no trols :’)

Guitar Lessons: Musicians Help Please :)?

Watch the Fretkillr version

Hi I was wondering if anyone could give me tips on how to play an instrument and sing at the same time. (not like a recorder or a wind instrument although If that was possible would be frickin awesome! I would so start a band with a trumpet) haha :P. But I mean piano and guitar mostly. Mostly I am a guitarist and a singer but I play a little piano. Although I have never had singing lessons I been singing for most of my life and played some form of instrument since I could walk. I have played guitar for like 6 years and piano for like 7? (but I’m a real beginer on piano as I only had lessons for a year and only on writing a few songs, I really haven’t advanced much past grade 1) haha 😛 but when I sing along with guitar I either don’t put enough effort into singing because im concentrating on guitar so my singing is out of tune. Or I miss a chord or something on guitar. Is there any techniques to teach your mind to work to sing and play an instrument at the same time? Because all I got right now is doing each one individually. I’m mostly a guitarist so its really more advice when playing guitar I’m after :). Any advice would be appriciated :)
P.S I play electric mostly on guitar but I’m looking at acoustic and electric and staying away from powerchords. Is it just a matter of learning it all really well?

Guitar Lessons: Learning Bass?

Musician Dave Carroll tells the story of how his customer complaint video “United Breaks Guitars” became on online sensation, at the BRITE ’10 conference. Carroll shares his music and discusses how United changed its ways, and the lessons for customer service in an age of social media. The BRITE ’10 conference on brands, innovation and technology is hosted by the Center on Global Brand Leadership at Columbia Business School. Learn more at or http

Hey i wanna learn bass guitar, i played my uncles one a couple weeks back and loved it. How should I start, should i have lessons and borrow one of theres or buy a cheap one and learn at home/take it to the lessons???

Thxs :)

also if i buy a guitar which make is good as i dont wanna spend too much cos i gotta buy an amp too…

I’m sad, and embarressed :(?

Jorgensen – Telecaster guitar lesson

Hey! Well I love music, and I play guitar, piano and violin. But see, I was never sent to lessons when I was little because maybe my parents thought it was something I would quit after a week… So I thought myself when I was little, like I play by ear, and I CAN read music but I can’t read music and play at the same time…
But the point is, that other people my age, that took lessons, are now doing their grade 8s and stuff, while I’m still probably around 6 or 5.

So I auditioned for the school talent show, and was the only one in my music class that didn’t get in, its all everyone is going to be talking about for the next few days.

I’m not jealous or anything, I’m happy for everyone that got in, its just that I wish I got in too.. And this was like the 5th thing I auditioned for this year and didn’t get into, so doesn’t that mean i suck?

I mean, people say I’m good, but like, then how can I get to the standard everyone else is in, and be able to get into concerts and stuff……

I tried taking lessons, but they were now good, at this point I’m better off learning myself (since Ive came this far without them).. And I don’t really have the money for lessons at the moment.
sorry I meant to say, no* good

Guitar Lessons: Singing Help?

I’m due to record a demo next month. I’ve got a few songs written, and want to sing them myself. Unfortunately i’m not the most confident singer and haven’t done much of it either, meaning my voice can be hit or miss day to day.

Can anybody give me some advice as to how I can best prepare for the recording. Bearing in mind that I can’t really afford singing lessons. Is it really just best to practice much as you would practice pinao or a guitar?

i’m really paranoid about this guy i (wish i didn’t) know…. O_O?

(all the things im going to say about this guy have nothing to do with his race – hes bulgarian – or anything else like that. he also had a complete mono-brow)
i hate even thinking about this.
me and my best mate used to be taught guitar by this guy.
the first thing that hit me when we first started the lessons, was the creepiness that the lessons were literally in his bedroom. he said it was because all the equipment was in there. that’s no excuse to take two 13 year old girls into your bedroom…
(also, his entire flat stank. a mixture of granny perfume, molten-metal and something else. really hard to explain. it made me gag every time i smelt it. this will become relevant later.)
he has really weird. when he started doing crazy chords on the guitar, he’d do this really creepy face and that me want to tear his eyes out. he always found it necessary to move our fingers onto the strings HIMSELF, even though I’d rather have died that touch him. we always stank of his flat afterwards.
he said he wanted our emails to send us our chords etc… mum stupidly gave it to him. he sent us everything, but every email started with “hello ladies…” which was f*cking pervy.
he also knows what schools we go to, since we had to go there in our uniforms.
he looked like a has a boner every time he sat down.
me and my friend are very chatty together, so we hardly got any work done. he never seemed to get annoyed, just SMILED. the creepy smile. it was horrible. i tried to distract myself with my mate every lesson.
all we wanted was to STOP THE LESSONS.
but my mum just didn’t get it. and what could i say?
“Mum hes a filthy creepy pedo”
“oh yh? whats he actually done to you?”
and i didn’t want any proof either…
finally after about 3 months, and after a 4 week skl holiday, he texted my mum and sed he was on tour, that he had to quit being our teacher.
me & my m8 CELEBRATED.
but then the paranoia started.
my mum printed out an email from him and left it on my bed. i sat as far from it as possible, then screamed and threw at far from me as possible. i washed my hands. i haven’t touched my guitar. it had been in his house. he still has my email. what if he spams me. i cant change my email. im subscribed to over 3000 websites and have about 100 contacts.
im paranoid he’s coming to rape me or something i wake up silently screaming sometimes. it may seem like an overreaction but if u knew him you’d understand. i want this to end. i cant tell my muim. don t want pills… help?

Guitar Lessons: Do You Think I Could Get A Job At A Pet Shop?

Hi everyone, I am a 13 year old girl in year 9/ grade 8. I want to get a job and I really love animals and I know my stuff, but am I too young? Also shop I apply at a pet chain or local pet shop? My cv might not look too amazing either. I have played keyboard for 7 1/2 years but I taught myself so no grade. I got to grade 1 on my ukulele, and I have just started the guitar, so no grades so far, but I am having lessons. I have just started a afterschool textiles club as well. I also only have a dog but this week I am getting 2 guinea pigs. So what do you think? Oh yeah and I did dancing for a couple of years as well, but not anymore x

Guitar Lessons: Is It Too Late For Me To Become Famous? PLEASE HELP!?

Hello! My names Charlie (Girl), I’m 13 years old.
I have a passion for music,
My grandma is a singing and piano teacher, but i used to be extremely shy,
i never have done singing lessons, but I’ve had on and off piano lessons and i am taking my piano grade this march.
i started guitar last year, around November. my guitar teacher was impressed with how quickly i was learning and said that i was ”musically gifted”. when he asked me to sing along with the music, he said (after my face was beetroot with embaressment!) that i was in tune and had a natural voice.
ever since i stopped from my awful teenage mood swings and tantrums, i love music.
i know, your going to say ”teenage girl written all over” when i say this, but today, i went to see the Never Say Never – Justin Bieber film. (i used to hate him, and only went there because my friends wanted to) and i realized, that HE was living my dream. I wanted to be doing, what he is doing.
But i realized, how he started from such an early age, learning instruments etc. and through out the film, i thought. thats what i want to do, thinking, am i good enough?
i came home, and picked up my guitar and started singing along to Elton johns – your song,
still wondering if i could be what Justin Bieber is. (this isn’t the first time i have felt this way, my dad takes me to concerts such as Lady GaGa, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Black Eyed Peas, Pixie Lott, Katy Perry etc, and Ive always thought… thats it!
At school, in Spanish, when we are told to describe what we want to be when we are older. i think, i cant write it down! because, there are many bullies at school. and when the teacher picks on me to read it out, I’m not going to hear the last of it!
i went to mum when i came back – I’m awful at guitar, trying to hold back the tears because i really know its too late.
and she goes no your not, don’t be stupid!
then i say, mum – what can i be when I’m older? and she goes, well that is up to you. whatever you want to be. i say, what like though? ideas like entrepreneurs, teachers, bankers, nurses, come out of her mouth. i have no interest in that!
so i say, what about the music business? like, composing music, or something?
and she laughs, and says if you started earlier maybe.
i am trying to hold back the tears now, i didn’t realize how bad i wanted this dream.
please, pretty please. can someone tell me what to do? because my brain isn’t functioning properly at the minute, and I’m stuck :'(
thanks for your guys help, i really appreciate it!

Guitar Lessons: Is It Really Hard To Play Piano? Showing you basic bass guitar techniques and how to use them. Find out more about bass guitar techniques and get free beginner bass lesson here

i would love to play piano/keyboard, i cant get lessons but my mum use to play and said she’d teach me, but said she doesnt think she can remember how to read music whatever that means. i play guitar and find it easy enough as i taught myself then got lessons which complicated me so i just went back to teaching my self, my old guitar teacher told me that the keys on a piano are the same as a guitar ” E B G D A E ” ?

any tips on how i could learn to play, and if my mum cant read music would that effect her teaching me?

I’ve wasted my summer? ?

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Im 13 and currently trying to recover from anorexia. I signed up for the basketball camp that i go to every year and its starting tommorow. Change of plans, the doctor said im too weak to go. To do any sports actually! I can’t go to cross country meets, camp, nothing! This is the summer where im going into highschool! Im not gonna be prepared at all :/ What can I do? I feel like such a failure because I let my stupid mental problem get in the way of my goals and dreams. I have literally nothing. I take hindi lessons online. But that gets boring :/ I have a guitar, so im gonna try to learn it! But what else can i do? I don’t want to feel like a failure by the time summer ends.

Guitar Lessons: How Old Would You Say I Am?

This is my recording of ‘Both Sides Now’ … I have been playing the guitar for about 7 months, and have just started singing lessons (I have had only 4 lessons so far!) so I know it’s not brilliant…
But I am interested to know, based on my voice, how old do you think I am?
R@m R@ide – where does it say 7 years ago?? I recorded it earlier this week…

No-one is right yet, though Shasha is close…

Guitar Lessons: A Level Music Help?????? Level 7, Upper-Advanced License Information: Arrangement Copyright © 2012 Emre Sabuncuoglu. All rights reserved. International copyright secured. Lesson Program: LAGA Classical* *LA Guitar Academy’s comprehensive online classical guitar program, LAGA Classical, can gradually take you to a level at which you will be able to play this piece and other advanced-level repertoire. Access over 800, systematically designed, instructional close-up clips and sheet music for specific levels. Get started right now by enrolling in a full subscription or signing up for a free, no-obligation, three-day trial here: –NEW — Advanced players may purchase the sheet music alone at LAGA Publishing ———— The third movement in Debussy’s Suite Bergamasque, Clair de Lune has taken on a life of its own as one of the most popular and well-known pieces in classical music. Even those unfamiliar with classical music are moved by this meditative, evocative piece, a tribute to the universal experience of wonder as one beholds the moon’s light. The mysterious power of this heavenly body which shadows Earth’s every move, yet affects the very tides in the Earth’s oceans, and for some, the tide of human emotion, has been the subject of speculation ever since humankind acquired the ability to reason. In this piece, Debussy demonstrates the emotional power of moonlight: for some, to create a space to dream; for others, to

I am 13 and have been playing the Viola at school for a year now and I have just started recently teaching myself the Guitar. A few years ago, I had a term of Keyboard lessons. I looked on my local Sixth Form’s web page and they said that Music A Level required that you were grade V (5) on any instrument and I am not even grade one yet. I start Music GCSE next year. What should I do? How many grades could you cover on a Keyboard in two years?

Guitar Lessons: A Level Music Complexity? guitar lessons Уроки гитары от Алены Кравченко. Игра боем.

I’m currently am month away from a levels, and I am slightly worried about a couple of my choices. I wanted to find a backup subject in case one of the subjects i had chosen was more boring, difficult, or unfulfilling as I had expected it would be. I looked for a long time, and decided that the only other subject which could fit the criteria of being enjoyable, challenging, and relatively useful to me (considering the degree i want to take) would be music, which im sure would help with a possible english-theatre dual honours.

However, whereas I am quite good at music, and have an ear for what sounds ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, my level of theory is slightly appalling. I know a few pieces of terminology are, e.g. diminuendo, crescendo, allegro, forte etc. And i just looked up what a cadence is. I immediately figured out what kind of sound it would produce, and i understand what they are used for quite easily, its just that some pretty integral stuff, like minors, majors and progressions etc im not so sure of. The fact that I am a drummer hasnt really sparked any interest in these more tuneful things, because up until possibly now, i havent needed to know anything about them. I am a drummer who never used theory, and all that I know comes from my guitar-playing brother, and year 7, and 8 music lessons.

I suppose what the main problem is, is that I:
1. May not fill the standard after a month’s worth of theory absorbing
2. Do not technically meet the requirements, as i have never done a grade exam and cant read drumming charts.(although im not sure that i would need them)

I have done musical theatre before too, so im not completely lost on sheet music(at least basic stuff for vocals) and I can make a tune, I’m just worried about exactly how much my lack of theory will affect me if i choose to swap subjects for Music.
What do you think? Thanks in advance for anyone who replies.

Guitar Lessons: Why Is It So Expensive To Be Creative?

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Art supplies / Art studio rental
Guitars / Pianos / Microphones / Amps / Drums
Recording studios