Guitar Hero Games: PS3 Control Pad Problem??

I thought i broke it but now i’ve tried it on another game it works perfectly fine

I was playing Killzone 2 today when it arrived & half way through the game it just gave up on me – the control pad that is

I put Prince of Persia in & everything is fine

I unplugeed my Guitar for Guitar Hero 3 & my Blu-tooth headset & still the problems persist, anyone know what could be wrong as i’m about to go buy a brand new dual shock just to get it working

There is no way the people at Killzone headquarters could disable it as i couldn’t get on there multiplayer servers yet, it justy deciede to kick me off

Cheers Again People

Guitar Hero Games: Whats The Deal With Call Of Duty Black Ops, Should I Get It?

I’m pretty much the only guy in the gaming world who’s never played a single game in the Call of Duty series. Pretty much every single person on Xbox LIVE has it, and all my mates do too, they love it. But what exactly is it, why should I get it? So basically you go through battle grounds called maps, which if you finish you can buy more maps from the Xbox Marketplace, am I right or wrong? So what about the rest of it, why do people love it, how hard is it to get all the full 1300G achievements in the game, is it easy, intermediate or way too hard to complete? And whats a clan (yep I’m seriously asking that, I honestly have no idea). I might just give it a try, but I don’t wan’t to waste money on it, because I should be saving up considering I just got Portal 2, I’m more of a Guitar Hero, Mirrors Edge all that stuff person rather than a COD fan. Also might get Forza 3 instead, since Microsoft keep releasing versions of it, it must be a good game.
Yeah think I knew it was an old game… its still trending though.

Guitar Hero Games: Can I Undo A Pre-order On

My dad says that I cannot pre-order guitar hero 4 for christmas, because I may change my mind closer to the date, but if it’s pre-ordered now, it comes with a bass guitar (which I would also like!). Can a pre-order be undone before the game comes out? Also, if the price drops before it is realesed, would this effect the price I pay, or would I have to pay the price it was when I ordered it?
Also, would the money be payed at the time it’s preorderd, or the time they send it out?
thanks again.

Guitar Hero Games: How Much Would You Sell This For ? (as Bundle)?

Guitar hero Metallica ®

Xbox 360 Console

Guitar Hero: World Tour,
Gears of War 2 (Limited Edtion)
Left 4 Dead
Need for Speed Undercover
Call of Duty world at war
Saints Row 2
Resident Evil 5
Fifa 09
Grand Theft Auto IV
Lost The Video Game
Ghost Recon 2 Advanced-Warfighter

3x Wireless Controllers
2x Xbox 360 Play and Charge Kits
1x Xbox 360 Vision Camera
1x Messenger Kit
1x Guitar for Guitar Hero World Tour
And I forgot about the Wireless mic

Guitar Hero Games: How Much Money Would I Get I I Sold My PS2?

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SpongeBob SquarePants Lights Camera Pants
Disney Pixar Cars
SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
Naked Brothers Band Video Game
SpongeBob SquarePants Battle for Bikini Bottom
Meet The Robinsons
SpyHunter Nowhere to Run
True Crime Streets of LA
Shrek the Third
SvR 2009
Crazy Taxi
Ford Racing 3
Guitar Hero World Tour
GTA Vice City
Nicktoons Unite
Guitar Hero II
Disney Sing It
Fantastic 4
Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? Make The Grade
1 PS2
1 8MB Sony MagicGate Memory Card
1 GH World Tour Mic
1 Logitech Mic
1 GH World Tour Drum Plugin
2 Controllers
1 GT World Tour Guitar
1 GT World Tour Drum Set
1 GT II Guitar

Would you go out with this guy … ? :D?

*******!!!PLEASE READ!!!********** A quick tutorial on how to repair your ps2 power ribbon if you’ve detached it by accident. – If you don’t know what version your ps2 is, you might want to check here: – If you know exactly what youre doing and just want to see the part where the ribbon actually goes in, its at 4:15 into the video -How to attach the ribbon to the buttons (to the lid itself) – – If you ripped your pwr. ribbon, you can buy a brand new one cheap from here – I have a Version 4 PS2 so I’m not sure if yours would have the same set up on the inside. If you have a different version of a PS2, and it worked, please let me know in a comment. – Here is a very helpful tip explaining an easy wat to support the ribbion while putting it back int othe port if your little blue tab has ripped off… “Using a small, cut up piece of plastic (I used one of the plastic things that Imodium AD pills come in with the paper torn off) you can help guide the ribbon in, and the plastic will actually secure it in place just as good as it had when in came off the factory. I gave it a few good tugs and it’s not coming out.” – Yaburu i noticed my skin looks really white, its the sun and the shitty HP camera haha

This is a little joke peoples, enjoy it 😀

I’m Greg “Ory”, I’m 18, and i live in the UK. I’m straight (sorry guys) and I’m 5 foot.. something.

I do an Interactive Media course at College, and i have no job, but i am looking for one (Lots of free time, yaaaaay)

I’m a geek/gamer (if there’s any difference to anyone), and i spend a lot of my time doing the load of coursework the course give us (fun times!) or gaming, if it matters, my favourites being the Timesplitters, Mario Kart, and ofc, Guitar Hero.

I like a lot of music styles (excluding Rap), Bloc Party is my favourite band, but some good runners up are Disturbed, Funeral For A Friend, interesting combination, i know.

TV favourites of mine are Scrubs, Family Guy and the IT Crowd. Fav films would be any of the Star Wars films and Hot Rod.. its amazing, you should watch it.

Here’s a pic of me, Yaaaaaay (not my best one ever) :

Soooooo, what you think? 😀 (Please?)

Guitar Hero Games: How Much Would I Get For This Xbox 360 Bundle?

Cops, Russians, cars, and a SHITSTORM of bullets! In my own view, I think this one tops Hard Charger in terms of action and content. This took considerably longer to put together, mainly due to the fact that I had trouble finding sound effects. I hope you guys enjoy this one! Oh, and WMG can still smoke my pole. DO THE IGNORING NAO. gta iv 4 mods mod pc wheelie modded mod race Call of Duty 4 3 2 1 cod3 cod2 cod h2 h3 halo 3 CE Gears of War Infinity ward xbox360 xbox 360 ps3 gta iv san andreas 4 race car mods race modification hp fast mclaren pc audi honda porshce PC wii doggietreats machinima digitalpheer melee marytdom steady aim mp5 desert eagle 50 cal m40a3 r700 m21 dragunov outstanding superb awesome the shit lol lmao rofle no scope head shot gears of war 2 rainbow six vegas ACOG m4 skorpion g3 g36c m14 ak47 mini uzi shotgun sniper rifle zzirGrizz iceman IGNORE THE FOLLOWING— xfycnx dizastor xfycnx iceman snowman gdawgum shadowpunish3r xfycnx iceman xbox angel of evil 360 rape ownage boom headshot pure pwnage ps3 elite halo 3 best sniper ever insane amazing blindfire no scope off host scope shot longshot rifle gears gridlock general ramm tutorial glithes ultimate funny chronicles marcus feenix multi kills clan mlg skill sex GOW gow nizmojoe nismojoe redux XxgdawgumxX headshot montage gears of war 2 gears of war film gears of war sniper montagexbox live amazing no-scope blindfire awesome nismojoe angelofevil69 angel of evil SHADOWPUNISH3R shadowpunish3r austin123cav

I am currently selling my premium xbox 360 as I am upgrading to PC gaming.
The bundle consists of the normal white xbox 360 console.
120gb elite hardrive
1 white wireless controller
1 plug and charge kit (madcats brand)
1 plug and play kit (official xbox)
1 Wireless mic
CoD: WaW
CoD 4: Modern Warfare
Battlefield Bad Company 2
Left 4 Dead 2
Assassins Creed
Guitar Hero World Tour
Guitar Hero 5 (with Drumkit, wireless guitar, wired vocals mic all compatible with the Guitar Hero series)
All set up for xbox Live (not banned)
I also have a turtle beach x11 avaliable.

Any ideas on how much I would get?

Guitar Hero Games: What Amazing Game Should I Get For My Ps3 ? (not Pre-order)?

1.Pocket Piano- 2.Touch Guitar- 3.Myphone- 4.ASquadron- 5.Candle- 6.Wave Blazer- 7.R Thunder- 8.Blackboard- 9.Cracked Screen Trick- 10.Spin The Bottle- 11. Pico Lighter Pro- 12.Anglemeter- 13.Shot gun- 14.Cracked Screen Trick 2 (NEW) –

i have: cod 4, cod 5 , cod 6 , mgs 4 and guitar hero

Guitar Hero Games: How Much Can I Get For My Wii?

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Hey there, i want to sell my Wii as i want a PS3 or the new Final Fantasy game, and all my friends have a PS3 and i want to play with them too. (a bit sad but oh well xD) ive been thinking about selling it for a while now, and want to know how much i may be able to get for it.

Nintendo Wii console (all leads and scart block)
Wii Sports
Guitar Hero Greatest Hits
Guitar Hero World Tour
Guitar Hero 5 ( Iilike guitar hero as you can tell d=)
Wii Play
One Wii remote
One Nunchuk
Rock Band
Guitar Hero World Tour controller
Rock Band Guitar Controller

Thanks For your help! ^.^
english money btw

Guitar Hero Games: What Is The Best Computer Game U Have Ever Played?

LYRICS: So this aint the end – I saw you again today I had to turn my heart away Smiled like the sun – Kisses for real And tales – it never fails! You lying so low in the weeds I bet you gonna ambush me Youd have me down down down down on my knees Now wouldnt you, barracuda? Back over time we were all Trying for free You met the porpoise and me No right no wrong, selling a song- A name, whisper game. If the real thing dont do the trick You better make up something quick You gonna burn burn burn burn it to the wick Ooooooh, barracuda? Sell me sell you the porpoise said Dive down deep down to save my head You…i think you got the blues too. All that night and all the next Swam without looking back Made for the western pools – silly fools! If the real thing dont do the trick No, you better make up something quick You gonna burn burn burn burn it to the wick Ooooooohhhh, barra barracuda. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.

i love guitar hero

Guitar Hero Games: Which Game? Choice Of 2. Not Sure Which One To Get. Opinions And Why?

My almost exact take version of the Mega Man 3 intro on Guitar with added ornaments. Official Dario Montanino Page WWW.SOUNDCLICK.COM/DARIOMONTANINO

Choice between – Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix DS or Guitar hero on tour DS ??
And Why. Thanks!
That’s nothing to do with my question!!!
I meant the first person who just sent me an essay of irrelevant stuff. lol
i already joined points2shop ages ago and it is rubbish. so no thanks

Guitar Hero Games: Where Can I Get An X-BOX 360 + Game?

Where can I get an X-BOX 360 console with either Rock Band or Guitar Hero (like as a bundle)?
Cheapest possible please? And not 2nd hand.

Thank you kindly
Can you be more specific please? Not just say to try my local games shop XD
Links would be nice :)

Guitar Hero Games: Can You Recommend An XBox 360 Game?

OST Name: No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Sound Tracks Composed & Arranged by: THE RIOT -Teens of Anger- Performed by: THE RIOT -Teens of Anger- (Masatomo Komakine (VARI), KIYO-SICK [guitar], KATAKAMIX [bass], and YUKING [drums]) Ripped by: L4zK0 and ZekeLonewalker / PsychoZeke Following our last soundtrack previews–for Pokémon HeartGold / SoulSilver and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, respectively–we’ve decided to bring you another one, although this time around the driving force behind it is mostly L4zK0, the same guy that usually harasses me into uploading certain OSTs. Long story short, he got a hold of No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle and was blown away, not only by the game itself, but mostly by the music, which obviously meant he would inevitably rip it. With that in mind, TheOSTation proudly presents to you a humble sample of what the game has to offer as far as the music goes, which you will certainly like if you liked the first game. So far there’s no official word for a proper soundtrack release, but taking to consideration Suda51’s past statement on how the music of NMH is a big part of what makes the game so appealing, chances are we’ll be seeing a release sometime in the future (and I certainly hope we do). Lastly, be aware that the names for most tracks are unofficial, although in essence they could be taken as “semi-official” taking to consideration I used the game itself as reference for that alone: tracks #02 and 10 are official, though. Naming

I bought an xbox 360 last weekend and so far haven’t put the thing down. I’ve already completed both Quantum of Solace and Project Gotham Racing 4, and I’m pretty heavily into Guitar Hero: World Tour too.

I’m loving Quantum of Solace’s live multiplay action, which is keeping me amused this week, but I’m considering buying another new game tomorrow. Can anyone recommend something new that is going to blow my mind? I want good single player action and ALSO good online multiplayer options for longevity. Other than that I’m totally open to suggestions.

Guitar Hero Games: Will An American Xbox 360 Game Work On A British Xbox 360?

Hi i really want to buy guitar hero 3 but I cant wait until the 30th of november which is when it is out in the uk so I was wondering if i purchased it from a USA website could the game playon my british xbox

I have completed all songs on expert on gh2 and my bro stood on it so i cant play it and I cant be bothered wasting more money on another one as that will probably break too

Guitar Hero Games: How Much Will I Get If I Sell All Of This To Game-station?

Ok im getting bored of my xbox and im going to sell it and loads other things i just want to know approx how much money i would get for all of my stuff.

Xbox 360 (arcade)
120gb hard drive
Wireless controller
Wired Headset
Guitar hero world tour & the guitar
Halo ODST (with halo 3)
Xbox live arcade unplugged
Viva pinata (party animals) *don’t ask*
Sega superstar tennis
Fable 2 (game of the year edition)
Gears of war 2
Forza motorsport 2
Halo 3 limited Edition disk (which i got from a previous halo 3 game but then the disk broke so i got ODST)
Modern warfare 2(cod6)
Banjo-kazooie nuts and bolts

Would i get at least £300 for it or lower :S cause im saving up for a laptop

new game my brother got won’t work?

ok so my brother got guitar hero 3 for his xbox 360 about a week ago & for some reason its not working now. everytime he trys to get on it it just comes up with a message saying unreadable disk. i’ve tried cleaning the disk for him & cleaning the disk drive for him (gently of course 😛 ) & i’ve just had no luck. does anyone know what the problem could be? :)

Guitar Hero Games: Which Game Should I Buy?

Right I am well aware people have been asking Guitar Hero 3 or Rock band but heres a choise I havnt seen yet
I have decided after exams I gonna get a good meaty XBOX360 game to destroy my life with so which do we think I should get
Rock Band (which I have just recently sen and read reviews on that make me think) or Burnout 3 (which I have really wanted for months)
Oh thank you mister I not gonna answetr your question Man that reminds me to add this lil section onto my question
I dont like Ghost Recon/Call of Duety/ Medal of Honour
i have already plays half the title on offer at my mtes so I am well aware of some other good titles thats why I gave you a choise of two numb nuts
*sigh* I have completed Oblivion 3 times i have all the points everything Caput as well as Halo and Assassins creed *through sobs* please answer MY question
Oh yeah good point am not being a bastard but this question i asked as if money was no problem

Guitar Hero Games: Is There A Game Available For Nintendo Ds That Is..?

like guitar hero?
Please don’t say Jam sessions ’cause it’s nothing like it ^^

Guitar Hero Games: A Wii Poll?

which is your favourite game out of these:

super mario galaxy
the legend of zelda twillight princess
guitar hero 3

just name the game that is your favourite on the list, i don’t need a desciption why


How much will i get if i trade in my 360 with 20 gig hardrive wireless adaptor guitar hero 2 guitar rock-band premium mike call of duty 4 call of duty 5 gh2 gh world tour need for speed under cover simpsons game halo 3 tom clancys rainbow six vegas 2 fifa 09? thanx

Guitar Hero Games: Best DS Game?

I want another Nintendo DS Game.
I Already Have A Few But Can’t Decided Between These;

-Guitar Hero
-My Health Coach
-More Brain Traning
-Baby Pals
-Cooking Mama

Which One Do You Recommend?

Guitar Hero Games: Use PS3 Controller On PS2 Game Playing On PS3?

The title sounds confusing..
Using a PS3 Guitar Hero 5 controller to play Guitar Hero 2 for PS2 on a 60GB PS3 Fat (PS2 Backwards Compatible). Would it work?

Guitar Hero Games: How Much Would These Wii Things Sell For At Game Or Ebay?

Nintendo wii
4 wii remotes
2 motion sensors
3 nunchucks
3 racing wheels
1 gun for wii remote and nunchuck
guitar hero world tour set
1 guitar hero guitar
4 wii remote grips
Rayman raving rabbids
Mario strikers charged football
wii fit and wii fit balance board
007 quantum of solace
the Simpson game
legend of zelda: twilight princess
wii sports
wii sports resort
guitar hero 3: legends of rock
f1 2009
family ski and snowboard
super smash bros brawl
Mario kart
harry potter and the half-blood prince
tom Clancy’s splinter cell double agent
need for speed pro-street
pirates at the Caribbean at worlds end

Guitar Hero Games: What Do You Think Of My Ps3 Game List?

The Blackening is the sixth album by American heavy metal band Machine Head. Released on March 27, 2007 in the US, The Blackening sold 16000 units in its first week, and became Machine Head’s second highest charting release at number 54 on the Billboard 200, and charted in the Top 20 throughout many countries in the rest of the world. The album has been certified silver by the BPI for sales in the UK in excess of 60000 copies. The album’s first single, “Aesthetics of Hate”, is a retaliation to an article written by William Grim for the website Iconoclast. Titled “Aesthetics Of Hate: RIP Dimebag Abbott, & Good Riddance”, the article praised the murder of musician Dimebag Darrell, while he was performing with the band Damageplan on December 8, 2004. Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn said the song was written as a “fuck you” to Grim and tribute to Dimebag. The song received a Grammy Award nomination for “Best Metal Performance” at the 50th Grammy Awards. The text in the mirror of the album’s cover reads “the mirror which flatters not.” The song “Beautiful Mourning” has also been featured in the video game Guitar Hero: Metallica as a playable song. 1. “Clenching the Fists of Dissent” 0:00 2. “Beautiful Mourning” 10:37 3. “Aesthetics of Hate” 15:22 4. “Now I Lay Thee Down” 21:52 5. “Slanderous” 27:27 6. “Halo” 32:43 7. “Wolves” 41:46 8. “A Farewell to Arms” 50:47

marks out of 10

1. bolt
2. condemned 2
3.guitar hero aerosmith
4. guitar hero 3 legends of rock
5. grand theft auto 4
6. madagascar 2
7. stranglehold
8. surfs up
9. harry potter and the order of the phoenix
10. pirates of the caribbean at worlds end
11. uncharted: drakes fortune
12. lost
13. tomb raider underworld
14. the bourne conspiracy
15. wheelman

what’s wrong with my game?

Russian Dancing Men review.Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Russian Dancing Men from SmashMouth Games for the iPhone. Russian Dancing Men is a fantastic rhythm game featuring the work of Jonathan Picking, better known on the Internet as Weebl. You might know Weebl from his flash animation and ridiculous songs concerning hedgehogs, mustaches and most notably badgers, and Russian Dancing Men is a rhythm game based on that very work. It’s like Rock Band: Weebl, only funnier and with less plastic. You play as a group of Russian Dancing Men who are on their way to go do something. They have to jump over dangerous obstacles and run through loops along the way, all the while scrolling automatically from left to right. The catch is that everything happens to the beat of Weebl’s incessant chanting about mammals and the seeds of leguminous plants. This video review features video gameplay footage of Russian Dancing Men for the iPhone and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Derek. Check out more reviews from Classic Game Room at and For the latest trailers, visit Get more Classic Game Room on Facebook at and at

I recently downloaded Guitar Hero Mobile Backstage Pass and as soon as I practise singing it comes up with ‘Error: 510:0 java.lang.NullPointerException’
I’ve tried resetting the game file, turning my phone off then on, restarting the game. None of it works. I haven’t enough credit to buy it again yet.
What does this mean and what should I do?