Electric Acoustic Guitar: Do You Prefer The Sound Of A Soft Acoustic Guitar Solo Or A Ripping Electric Guitar Solo?

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Electric Acoustic Guitar: I Am Looking For An Electric Acoustic Guitar For About 300to 500 Bucks For My 11year Old Son?

I was advised a Cort guitar was good and then was told it was not any recomendations would be great he has been playing for two years and is very dedicated

Electric Acoustic Guitar: Electric Or Acoustic Guitar?

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I’m looking into learning the guitar and was wondering which would be best to learn. I’ve looked up other questions about this and everyone says acoustic but most bands have electric. Which artists use acoustic? Would it be better for my musical future to learn electric or acoustic? Can anyone advise me about this?

Electric Acoustic Guitar: Whats The Difference Between Electric Guitar And Normal Acoustic Guitar?

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i know stupid question but please include details cos im not really sure whether i should buy one or not?

also what makes would anyone recommend and types?

Electric Acoustic Guitar: If I Can Play Acoustic Guitar Can I Automatically Play Electric Guitar?

I was just wondering because im looking to learn how to play an acoustic guitar and say i succeed in that, would i be able to play an electric guitar pretty much the same?
Yea but say the electric guitar has all the right sounds and what not,
a tune i could play on acoustic would i then be able to play the same tune on electric

Electric Acoustic Guitar: Can I Plug My Electro Acoustic Guitar Into Any Ordinary Electric Guitar Amp Or Do I Need A Special One?

ive been hearing that i need a preamp to plug it into but i dunno what that is and i dont have one i dont think and im just wonderin wether my electric guitar amp will work on the electro acoustic =D

Electric Acoustic Guitar: Should I Get An Electric Or Acoustic Guitar?

Electric Acoustic Guitar: What Is The Diffrence Between An Acoustic Guitar And A Electric Guitar?

Taylor Guitars product specialist, Corey Witt, demo’s the award winning acoustic/electric hybrid T5.

Electric Acoustic Guitar: Is Electric Or Acoustic Guitar Cooler?

I play both a lot, and always thought that electric was better but am thinking now acoustic is more retro. What do you think?

Electric Acoustic Guitar: Electric Guitar And Acoustic Guitar?

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Is it better to practise them at the same time, say, play the electric guitar two hours and then the acoustic one two hours every day, or to practise them respectively, both for one or two years? Thanks for your views.

Electric Acoustic Guitar: Im Debating Whether Or Not To Get An Electric Acoustic Guitar?

The five main guitar keys.

heyy (:
Well basically, recently i broke my acoustic guitar, and i’ve been using a crappy second-hand one, and my dad says i can get a new one for christmas.
I’ve been looking on amazon, and i saw an electric acoustic one, it looks really good but im wondering what people’s opinions are?
Do you think I should stick to acoustic guitars, or get an electric acoustic one?
(I have an electric one aswell)

Roast Poe – i know! dont worry, i call mine my baby aswell haah.

Arr Me Hearties – yeah i completely get what your saying there! Yeah i do know what they are haha xD i’ve been playing for years :)

Electric Acoustic Guitar: Is It Easier To Learn Acoustic Than It Is Electric Guitar?

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i have an electric guitar at the moment but im not really enjoying it :( it just seems so hard to play ive been practasing about a year now but i find it really difficult im wondering would it be best to play acoustic is that a little easier?

Electric Acoustic Guitar: Should I Buy Just An Electric Guitar Or Electric Acoustic?

Using arpeggios in a solo. Am7, D7, Dm9 and G7 arpeggios.

i like the sound of an acoustic but also wanna start to do some rock classics

Electric Acoustic Guitar: Capos For Electric Acoustic Guitar- Very Basic Question?

My partner has an electric acoustic guitar (I don’t know the make), but I know nothing about guitars. She wants a capo for it and I have found some online. There are three different types described as “snaplock”, trigger” and “adjustable”. I’m sure this is a very basic question, but they are all the same price so I don’t know which sort would be the best. Its for a birthday present so I can’t ask!!

Can anyone help?

Electric Acoustic Guitar: Is The Acoustic Or Electric Guitar Easier To Learn?

i was considering learning and 2 of my friends can play one is really good but the other is a bit behind, people say acoustic is easier but my friend started with acoustic and gave up on it…

Electric Acoustic Guitar: If You Play Electric Guitar Can You Play Acoustic?

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i am currently playing electric guitar
but my cousin is giving me his acoustic guitar
will i be able to play that too ?
or will i have to start/ re-learn from scratch ?
Please help
all answers appreciated

Electric Acoustic Guitar: I Just Ordered An Electric Guitar And Have An Acoustic Amplifier, Will It Work On My Electric Guitar?

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Do I need to get a new amplifier that is for electric guitars or can i use the acoustic amplifier?

Electric/Acoustic Guitar – question – please help?

some amazing guy play holy damn tapping on acoustic guitar

I am going to learn guitar, I was wondering if I purchased and Electric/Acoustic Guitar, would I be able to play it without connecting it to the amp also, is it versatile in that way?

Electric Acoustic Guitar: Which Is Better Electric Guitar Or Acoustic Guitar?

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First of all what should a beginner get? Which one costs more? Thanks:)

Electric Acoustic Guitar: Best Epiphone Acoustic/electric Guitar For Beginners?

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I’ve got an Encore Blueburst Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar, it was £50, most likely cheaper, but its terrible..never stays in tune so I’ve decided to get a new guitar…Most likely an Epiphone because Noel owns one. It has to be under £150/£200…Thanks :)

Electric Acoustic Guitar: My Husband Would Like An Acoustic Electric Guitar For Christmas.?

I know very little about guitars and he is only just starting to learn to play. Any-one have any advice on what to get, where from etc thanks

Electric Acoustic Guitar: Which Is Better Acoustic Guitar Or Electric Guitar?

Thank you everyone!

I’m learning to play guitar in a months time but I don’t know what type of guitar to pick…Which is better???

Electric Acoustic Guitar: Electric Acoustic Guitar?

Been playing a year and taught myself but on a cheap nylon string acoustic. Mate offered me his Encore electric acoustic for silly money, and with the steel strings, the sound is a lot better. However, I have never used a plectrum. One came with the guitar and I have a medium one. When I play with a plectrum it sounds rubbish and sometimes I get it caught in the strings. Any suggestions?

Electric Acoustic Guitar: Can You Use Electric Guitar Strings On An Acoustic Guitar?

These full size 41inch electro acoustic guitars have a slim body making them more comfortable to play. It consists of a two way pickup system for tone and volume controls.

If not, why not?

Electric Acoustic Guitar: Do You Have To Learn Acoustic Guitar Before You Learn Electric Guitar?

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people have told me its better to learn acoustic before, is this true?
thanks :)