Cheap Acoustic Guitar: I Want To Learn Guitar Should I Start With Acoustic Or Electric?

Interesting interpretation of the song by Dylan. I don’t actually know this song too well (hence why I didn’t attempt Dylan’s vocals *exactly* as they are on his record) and I recorded the finger picking in a few minutes with little rehersal or re-trying. Hopefully this gets across a little “roughness” which the songs deserves though. It’s the usual Dylan nonsense with his wide ranging vocals, which plays havoc with me when I sing :) ! Also I’m sorry for the poor guitar quality at some points. I use a relatively cheap microphone (actually it’s on a webcam) which doesn’t pick up some of the hammer-ons/pull-offs on the guitar too well. Thanks Chris

i want something to do over the summer and ive wanted to learn how to play the guitar for a long time and also could you recommend me a guitar something pretty cheap

Cheap Acoustic Guitar: Is Playing The Electric Guitar A Lot Easier Than Acoustic?

This one is a little adaption of the theme of 5 centimeter per second by tenmon. I played it on a cheap acoustic guitar and used 2-3 tracks. Since I have no cam I decided to play a slide-show of some nice pix from Anyone who has seen the movie will understand why I chose the pix of the sakura-trees. plz tell me, how you like it UPDATE: after some requests I wrote a tab and finally finished it. You can download it at For playing the tab you’ll need a powertabviewer. It’s free, so it should be no problem 😉 After such a long time I couldn’t remember every single note, for a big part of this song was improvised. So I revesited the actual recording-tracks and wrote down everything as good as possible. Have fun playing 😉

I bought a cheap acoustic over a year ago. I’ve never tried another guitar so does a more expensive one make all the difference and is it true that electrics are easier?

Cheap Acoustic Guitar: What Is A Cheap Decent Electric Guitar For Beginners?

Just messing around with a song, we make all of our music with many acoustic influences and death metal influences, sorry for the extremely bad audio and video, cheap 10$ cam/mic

i already have an eltrectic squire stratcaster sunburst one
but it do-sent sound electric guitary and it needs allot of maintenance in the mechanics so i want to get a new one that sounds like an electric guitar on my amp not just like an acoustic amplified,any suggestions?

Cheap Acoustic Guitar: What Acoustic Guitar Would Give Me A Good Country Sound Like Taylor Swift?

Nathan Otwell of Worship Guitar Resources ( shows a few simple and cheap ways to improve your acoustic tone.

I can’t afford a taylor, anything cheaper with good sound?

Cheap Acoustic Guitar: Where Can I Get A Good Acoustic Guitar On The Net Or Else In London?

I’m not a beginner and I’m getting better and quite serious and need a good quality acoustic guitar. Any suggestions. Ebay? Any recommended brands to go ofr cause I have no idea and would probably end up with a cheap crappy make if no-one helped me.
Steel strings – full sized

Cheap Acoustic Guitar: Help With Guitar? 10 Easy Points!?

I want to start playing the guitar, rock and pop type stuff. However, I can only get an acoustic guitar (a CHEAP acoustic guitar), and electric is absolutely not an option. Can I still play rock and pop on an acoustic? Also, would nylon or steel strings make a difference?

Cheap Acoustic Guitar: What Is The Best Colour For An Acoustic Guitar?

From their classic 1971 album Aqualung Ian Anderson – Vocals and acoustic guitar Martin Barre – Acoustic guitar Lyrics: On Preston platform do your soft shoe shuffle dance. Brush away the cigarette ash that’s falling down your pants. And you sadly wonder does the nurse treat your old man the way she should. She made you tea, asked for your autograph — what a laugh.

wanna buy a guitar online because I’ve heard so much about it and love the sound but I don’t know which colour to buy.. I am a fourteen-year-old boy and I can’t decide between natural, sunburst or black?

The natural version is like £40 cheaper than the others.

Thanks in advance. :)

Cheap Acoustic Guitar: What Is The Best Color For An Acoustic Guitar?

JETHRO TULL Aqualung, 1971 “Cheap Day Return” (1:21) & “Mother Goose” (3:51) Recorded: Dec 1970 – Feb 1971 Released: March 1971 UK Genre: Progressive Rock, Folk Rock, Hard Rock —– (from On ‘Mother Goose’, “The lyrics are a pastiche of surreal figures based on images that Ian Anderson saw while wandering around Hampstead Heath. The song is mostly acoustic much like “Cheap Day Return” or “Slipstream”, from the same album.” —– (on album) Ian Anderson: Vocals, acoustic guitar, flute Martin Barre: electric guitar, descant recorder Jeffrey Hammond (as “Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond”): bass guitar, alto recorder and odd voices Clive Bunker: drums and percussion —- —- I mainly uploaded this one as i couldn’t find a ‘proper’ Aqualung’ version here, so i thought i’d share. Trying not to duplicate, but it happens.

I’m going to buy a guitar online because I’ve heard so much about it and love the sound but I don’t know which colour to buy.. I’m a boy and I can’t decide between natural, sunburst or black?

The natural version is £40 cheaper than the others.


Cheap Acoustic Guitar: What Is The Cheapest Electro Acoustic Guitar On Amazon Uk? Please!?

Messed up on the second part.. its really hard to play on a cheap acoustic guitar.. I shoulda played it on electric :[ anyways I figured they must have played it once and repeated it thru a music program :]

A small size preferably
it doesn’t have to be particularly good.
it just needs to work!

Cheap Acoustic Guitar: How Good Is The Sound Of A Lindo Electro-acoustic Guitar?

Natasha Borzilova performs “Cheap Escape” live on the stage of The Rutledge for the MEAC fundraiser July 9th.

I am an intermediate guitarist but I do not have too much money to spend. I found a ‘Lindo’ guitar on ebay for a good price and I must say it does appeal to me aesthetically. I just want to be sure that it will produce a good sound and if it doesn’t what other electro-acoustics that are fairly cheap are good? Thanks.

Cheap Acoustic Guitar: Electro-Acoustic Guitar Recommendations?

Me covering Blink-182’s What Went Wrong on a very cheap acoustic guitar. I am using a Rogue Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Hey, I’m looking to replace my cheap acoustic which I bought a year ago to learn on, it’s poor quality and doesn’t sound very good. So I’m thinking of buying an electro-acoustic but I don’t want to buy another poor guitar so could anybody help me out with some recommendations. My price range is roughly £200-250, obviously I know this won’t buy me a top quality guitar but ideally I want one which produces a nice sound and is durable. I would also consider buying a second hand guitar if it meant I was getting a more credible one. Could anyone with guitar experience help me out, can’t stress enough I want it to be electro-acoustic and not just acoustic? Thanks a lot!

Cheap Acoustic Guitar: Buying An Acoustic Guitar For My Boyfriend?

Me singin’ and playing Face from the BECK Mongolian Chop Squad OST. Usually I don’t like acoustic ballads, but in this case I liked the anime and this simple theme so … I decided to upload something like that. I’ve made tabs of what exactly I’ve done in this video (pdf): GEAR – Starsun cheap acoustic guitar – 2 unknown borrowed condenser mics (guitar) – Shure SM57 dynamic mic (vocals) – Protools multitrack – Digidesign soundcard

I’m wanting to buy my boyfriend an Acoustic Guitar for Christmas. Unfortunately my budget is £100-£150. I was wondering if anyone could help me find a decent one within that price range, as cheap as possible! I know when we went to JG Windows they had decent ones quite cheap, I was just wondering if I could shop around first. Thanks for your help!
Note: He’s normally a Electric Guitar player, I think he only wants one to play now and again. Nothing serious.

Cheap Acoustic Guitar: Can Anyone Recommend A Decent Beginners Acoustic Guitar?

This is an arrangement of the Beatles/ “Penny Lane” that I came up with on a cheap Rogue acoustic guitar that I bought for experiments with alternate stringings and tunings. I’ve pretty much left it with lighter gauge strings and tuned it up a minor third as I have written quite a few tunes that were done capoed at the third fret. This tuning is the equivalent of DADGAD up a minor third (FCFBbCF)

Looking to start learning to play. Don’t want to spend too much money but don’t want a cheap one which will sound rubbish. Is it true its also harder to learn on a cheap guitar as the sound quality isn’t so good?!

Cheap Acoustic Guitar: Please Recommend Me Some Good Acoustic Guitar & Electric Ones! And Shops Too If Possible! IN SINGAPORE (:?

*I don’t actually do any hair and makeup lol… just a little joke because I just woke up and hadn’t showered as of yet lol. The cheap Microphone Package MXL’s 990/991.

I really want to learn acoustic and electric guitar. (: Actually, my school has this “Higher Music” course and i really want to get in but i have absolutely no idea on how to pick out a guitar. :O so bunch of questions! Please answer (: Oh and my budget is around $ 200.

1. Is the guitar Squier Stratocaster guitar good and cheap? 😀
2. Can you recommend some guitar for Acoustic & Electric?
3. How should i go about selecting a good guitar?
4. Where can i buy good, cheap guitars in Singapore?
5. What guitar can be used for learning for beginners and good for playing in front of teachers for an interview? (:
6. What music guitar books would be of use to learn guitar?

Thanks! 😀 Please do reply!

Cheap Acoustic Guitar: What Size Guitar Is Most Appropriate For A 14 Year Old Girl?

Just messin around with my old cheap Suzuki. Sorry for the crappy playing.

I want to get an acoustic guitar but i am confused about the sizing, and if anyone could recommend/give links to places which have cheap guitars that would also be helpful.

Cheap Acoustic Guitar: I Have An Acoustic Amp But Have Just Bought An Electric Guitar Any Cheap Kit I Can Use To Link Them?

A great tune by AC/DC and one of the first songs I ever learned on the guitar. Can’t believe I haven’t done any AC DC until today. The dirty deed done here is me butchering this song, but it’s done dirt cheap. So step right in, forget him, we’ll have ourselves a ball. Chords: Intro and ending: E – G – E – A – E – D – E Verse: D- E Chorus: A – E – A – E

It is a firebird guitar but i generally play acoustic and don’t really want another amp

Cheap Acoustic Guitar: Can Anyone Help Me Figure Out What Acoustic Guitar I Should Get?

I am planning on getting an acoustic guitar for Christmas, but I know nothing about guitars. Does anyone have any suggestions on what kind I’m supposed to get or where I can get one for cheap? I’m 16 if that has anything to do with the size I need to get???

Also just wondering, is it easy or possible to learn how to play online or better to take lessons with someone? And if it is better to take lessons with someone, is that expensive?


What Guitar Would Have Been Cheap In the 1950’s?

Bockenplautz perform Surrender for the first time EVER. Just remember, your momma’s alright, your daddy’s alright, they just seem a little weird. Performed 8/13/2010 at the Sugar Maple in Milwaukee, WI. Bockenplautz are bringing acoustic power pop to the masses, one song at a time. They have been playing together since 1992, but their time is NOW. Bockenplautz are: Jonnie Bock – “JB” – Acoustic Guitar, Vocals Christopher Plautz – “Lumpy” – Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Banjo, Bass Jeff Bock – “Snoobs” – Vocals, Djembe, Auxiliary Percussion


I’m doing a creative piece for my English AS, where i’m describing the room of Perry Smith (In Cold Blood – Truman Capote) and there is a cheap acoustic guitar in the corner.
I was wondering if anyone knew what sort of brand would have been very cheap in the 1950’s, especially in the US.
It would be really great if you could give me the names of cheap 1950s ACOUSTIC guitars so i can use them! :)

The extract would go something like
‘In the corner, propped up against the wall was a __________ acoustic guitar. It was dinted and dented, and covered in a thin layer of dust.’

Thank You! :)

Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar…?

Looking to buy a cheap acoustic guitar, is this one any good?

Cheap Acoustic Guitar: I Have Small Hands, Can I Stil Play The Acoustic Guitar ?

Acoustic Instrumental Cover of Europe’s The Final Countdown. Gave the solo a go (2:25) but not sure how good it sounds on a cheap acoustic guitar. This song is kind of a dedication. You know who you are so hope you enjoyed it and good luck.

i would really like to learn to play the guitar, im 14 is it too late?
i have small hands though, if its stil possible
where can i find a cheap acoustic guitar to get me started ?

Cheap Acoustic Guitar: Which Site Has The Cheapest Guitar Strings Acoustic And Electric?

Learn the Blues scale in E minor here, the absolute foundation of most rock guitar riffs and solos are found in this simple, yet effective, string of notes.

Sorry I meant a good make that is cheap in price

Cheap Acoustic Guitar: Is This Cheap Guitar Okay For Me?

This is my cover of Ellie Goulding’s song Guns And Horses. I covered this on a cheap acoustic that was bought a while ago and thought i’d try something different. I normally cover/play stuff on bass and this is the first song i’ve learned for guitar so don’t judge my inability to play guitar or songs on guitar good or not just yet lol. Hope you liked it and again thought i’d try something different for shits and giggles =]. Comment, Like and Subscribe. Tuning : EADGBE

I am going to buy a cheap guitar on eBay, just to strum a little, I don’t actually know how to play a guitar so I just want one I can mess around with. Doesn’t need to be professional or anything! I’m about 5 ft 7, 15 years old, female – do you think a 38″ wooden six string acoustic guitar would be suitable? It’s about £30 which is ideal. Thanks.

Cheap Acoustic Guitar: What Type Of Electro Acoustic Guitar Should I Buy? Here is a demo of my Clarity Preamp that I designed and built last week. I am playing through an old Montaya MAP-100 acoustic guitar (made in Korea) that I paid about for at a garage sale 15 years ago. I wish I had a Gibson J-200 to test with oh well. The guitar is miked and with NO EQ WHATSOEVER just an acoustic guitar with a mike in front of it with- and without the Clarity Preamp. The Clarity Preamp uses active filters. The Clarity Preamp sure gives a beautiful clear tone even with a cheap acoustic guitar. It cleans up the tone a lot. Check out my other demos of the Clarity Preamp with electric guitars. Fast forward guide Straight guitar 1 Contour 11 Presence 2 1:39 Contour 12 Presence 12 2:50 Contour Max Presence 9 4:01 Contour 9 Presence Max 4:52 Contour 3 Presence Max 6:07 I HOPE YOU LIKE IT Bill

I’m not a beginner, but recently got back into to playing after a year of hardly touching my standard acoustic guitar. I have a budget of around £150 (but would obviously prefer to spend less) so i’m guessing I could only afford a cheap guitar. Advice is much needed, i don’t want to end up buying some overpriced ebay guitar! Someone help me get my value for money please!

Cheap Acoustic Guitar: Can Someone Recommend A Cheap And Very Good Electro Acoustic Guitar?

Learn to play If You Want My Love Guitar lesson – Cheap Trick sample guitar lesson. Full lesson found at Visit the site for free guitar lessons, TARGET program, forum, community, and contests.

Cheap Acoustic Guitar: Good & Cheap Acoustic Guitar For A Beginner?

Cheap Alvarez Acoustic Guitar Reviews brought to you by “Quality Goods. Cheap Prices”

I literally don’t know ANYTHING about guitars and I was wondering which guitar would be best for me…
Please don’t just say the brand name …and links to websites would also be appreciated!!! :)
price range: under 150pounds
thanks in advance
btw, what is electric-acoustic????
sorry 😛