Buy Acoustic Guitars: My Guitar Dont Sound Very Well?

Hey ho :) Late-night cover 😉 Hope you like this version of the amazing Jessie J’s “Price Tag” :) If so – maybe send it to @jessiejofficial on twitter please?! :) THANK YOU! Love, Nicki :)

i just bought a les paul type guitar

and i played it with the amp but it sounds very acoustic like is there a way i can make it sound more metal and rock type
i do have like a dirty distortion kinda button but when i do it it sounds alright but not like other guitars

Buy Acoustic Guitars: Opinions On This Bass Guitar?

I would like to know from any people with a good idea how much this guitar is worth:

I have also recieved the following information from the seller:

Just had a good look over it again, very minimal marks really, no paint missing, just 2 or 3 small dints, your gonna add them yourself. if I am honest, and I am, i have tried to stop the auction, second thoughts, was going to replace with acoustic, i will go through with this sale if i have to, cos i can’t stop it, i won’t be crying if it does not sell, i have tried to stop auction on the 40 watt amp i am selling too. its yours if you want it though, man of my words and all that, someone else might buy it if you don’t anyway

So if you have any idea what its worth let me know. Cheers.
the bass is a fender squire

ac. guitar repairs- fret buzz- the fingerboard has come away from the guitar,is this what’s causing it?

i bought a cheap electric acoustic for 15 quid at a car boot and I thought I’d try and fix it up. I glued the fingerboard back down and clamped it while it went dry, but now it’s only a tiny bit away at the high end of the guitar and the frets still buzz from the 10th fret.
Is this a fret issue or does the fingerboard have to be exactly stuck to the neck with not even a tiny gap?

Buy Acoustic Guitars: Guitar Recommendations?

For Sale £80 OVNO Harmony Acoustic Guitar Gumtree Reference Number: 46535818 Link: Thanks to “Fretkillr” For the song at the beginning its called, “Deep River Blues” and can be found here:

i’m buying my boyfriend a guitar for his birthday, he said he wants a white acoustic, he hasn’t chosen a specific one so can anyone recommend a good one? not too expensive, but of good quality?
thanks in advance

Buy Acoustic Guitars: Is This Electric Guitar Worth Buying?

In this video I demonstrate my Maton Messiah acoustic guitar. I perform a few bits of my own tracks to give you anidea of the sounds, but I guess that most of you have probably heard this guitar before in other lessons…. Hope you enjoy it. J .Full support at the web site where you will find hundreds of lessons on a wide range of subjects, and all the scales and chords that you will ever need! There is a great forum too to get help, no matter what the problem. And it is all totally free, no bull. No sample lessons, no memberships. Just tons of great lessons :) To get help with your lesson or song look up the number at the start of the video title (like ST-123 or whatever) on the Lesson Index page. .

I already own an acoustic and an electric but i want to get another electric.

This is the link of the guitar

i am just wondering if it is worth buying or not, it seems quite cheap so im just curious as to whether it is bad or not.

DO you think it will be heavy, unreliable or what?

thanks for your input

Buy Acoustic Guitars: The Name Of This Sweet R&B Song?

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A while ago I bought a 2nd hand external HD, and on it was a great untitled song, but I don’t know its name or the artist who sings it.
It is a mellow soul/R&B song, with an acoustic guitar, brushed drum sound, and the sweet-voiced female singer sounds very like Aaliyah, I thought I had everything she ever did, had never heard this before and I still wouldn’t entirely rule out it being her.
I have had this song for about three years, so the song will be older than that.
At a guess I would say it could be called “Sweet caress” or maybe “In Your Arms” as the chorus goes,
“If you ask me where I want to be, it’s in your arms”

Tried googling lyrics, with no joy.

More lyrics:

“Candlelight dinner, romantic mu-u-sic, and a carriage ride to sunri-i-ise,
a dozen roses, and a cruise along the sea, while the fireworks light the sky,
Sure, these things can often win the heart, of the one you lo-o-ove,
But I don’t need nothing fancy, no, Cos being with you would be enough.

If you ask me where I want to be, it’s in your arms,
Baby when you’re holding me, I know I’ll be free from harm,
My love don’t cost a thing, you’re my happiness,
Tell me this is what you’ll bring, I love your sweet caress

Let’s take a little stroll boy, along the beach at night,
With our toes in the sand, walking hand in hand,
Under the stars and the moonli-i-ight,
Can you feel the breezes, and the water whispers as it gently comes to the shore,
What more could I ask for?

I can’t help but smile, Because I know that you are with me,
I guess what they say is true, the best things in life are free
Baby, can’t you see

If you ask…”

Any know it please?
Thanks for the answer of “Two of a kind”
Unfortunately, that isn’t it, Although, the lyrics may be similar, that is a rock song, the one I mean is soft soul/R&B.
In the style of Aaliyah/Alicia Keys.

Buy Acoustic Guitars: Help In Choosing A Microphone Needed Please?

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I sing and play acoustic guitar, and am just reaching the stage where I’m starting to play a little bit for people (instead of just by myself!). The thing is, I have a fairly quiet voice and it often gets drowned out a bit by the guitar (I know I am singing correctly from the diaphragm etc, it’s just the way my voice is). So I’m thinking of buying a mic, stand and amp that I can practise with at home, and so that if I decide to practise in front of anyone they will be able to hear me properly.
I don’t need anything particularly huge or expensive, it’s really just for practising with.
Can anyone recommend any particular types please? If you can include a link to it that would be really helpful, thank you.

Buy Acoustic Guitars: What To Do With These Musical Finds?

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So, my brother recently bought a house and the previous occupant left loads of items lying around.

These included (pardon me for my lack of music lingo):

-Two Gemini TT 01 Turntables with instructions, and cables
-Stanton SA.3 Professional mixer, two adapttors, instruction manuals
-A Hi Spot acoustic guitar
-And vinyls – lots of them from Alan Parsons(?), Mr Fisher, 32 Greatest Hits which include Michael Jackson.

Browsing on ebay, they don’t seem to be selling like hotcakes.

Should I sell the turntables and mixer together or can I sell the turntables and mixer seperately?

Will the vinyls sell on ebay and if not, how much could I get for them from record shops?

And, how much should I sell the acoustic guitar for? Might put it on ebay also.



Buy Acoustic Guitars: I Never Know If I Actually Like Something, Or Whether I Like It Because Someone I Am Obsessed With Likes It?

I don’t really know how to explain it.
I am always obsessed with someone.
This time last year I was obsessed with Johnny Depp.
Last winter I was obsessed with Noel Fielding.
In Spring I was obsessed with David Bowie.
I am currently obsessed with David Bowie and Slash and Matt Smith.
by obsessed I mean I know everything about them :)
but, anyway, I can never tell whether I genuinely like something, or just like it because the person I am obsessed with likes it.
For example, when I was really obsessed with David Bowie, I was watching an interview or something, and I found out that he had a blue acoustic guitar.
I had already been planning on getting an acoustic (I already have an electric).
I went to a guitar shop and I saw a blue acoustic, and I immediatley liked it.
The thing is, I don’t know if I ACTUALLY like it, like, when I get over my obsession, I don’t know if I will still like it, because I will no longer care if David Bowie had a blue guitar.
Do you see what I mean?
another example is when I was obsessed with Noel Fielding. Noel Fielding is known for wearing very pointy shoes. So I went out and bought pointy shoes. I wore them all the time. I am no longer obsessed with Mr Fielding, and I have sort of gone off the shoes.

In the future, how can I tell if I really do like something, or whether I am kinda accidentally pretending to like it?

Buy Acoustic Guitars: Setting Up Microphone For Recording With Computer?

Hello, I want a mic for recording amateur vocals and acoustic guitar at home, I’ve decided on buying this one…

I believe it comes with a XLR > Jack cable, but I think that’s it… So I assume I will need an adapter to plug it into a computer, but is there anything else I need? I’m thinking of the boxes that it would be plugged into in professional recording studios but I’m not sure what they do?

Any help appreciated, thanks.

How to stop that ‘plastic-y flicking’ sound of the pick when strumming guitar? Mp3 Download High Quality and Stereo Sound Vimeo Link: Morning people, A new song from the new album “A Sense Of Purpose”. I think it is great. Go buy the album. Apologies for the very unclean Verse riff. Too fast for me, not my style. I learned this song by ear and recorded it. Came out very good, I think. I programmed the drums myself. Tried to get it as near as possible to the original. Intro: A Part “Sleepless Again” from In Flames which I recorded with my acoustic guitar. Description: I first record the audio of the song, then film me playing both guitars and edit them together. Gear: Guitar: Epiphone Les Paul Special Strings: Elixir 12-68, but I will change them, not good for me Tuning: Dropped A# Bass: Keiper 5 string Amp: Line6 Toneport UX2 with PowerPack AddOn. Recording device: same as above Recording Software: Steinberg Cubase. Drums: Toontrack EZDrummer with dfh AddOn Camcorder: Panasonic NV-GS 11 Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro See Ya. Da Schehf !!!

I don’t know if its just me but when I play my electric guitar, I get that ‘flicking plastic’ sound from the pick. Normally this wouldn’t bother me as I’d have the amp fairly loud or whatever but when I turn the amp onto the ‘acoustic’ setting to play acoustic songs (I can’t afford an acoustic guitar) the actual guitar sounds fine and about as acoustic as an electric one is gunna get, but the flicking plastic sound of the pick is just as loud, if not louder than the actual guitar sound which really bugs me! Is it just me playing wrong or does this generally happen with electrics? I heard somewhere that it might be because my pick is too thin so I bought a thicker one but it seems to still do pretty much the same thing plus I prefer playing with a thinner pick since it feels more ‘flexible’. Can someone please help me out to stop this annoying noise? Thanks

Buy Acoustic Guitars: Whats The Best Hollowbody Electric Guitar For A Budget Of £250?

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im playing rythmn guitar for my band, however my acoustic/electric isnt quite cutting it for me, so im thinking of buying a hollowbody electric guitar, but i dont know what make to get, bearing in mind i have a budget

Buy Acoustic Guitars: How To Make A Solar Guitar Amp?

Hey, at christmas I’m getting a new electric with an amp (atm I play acoustic) and I was wondering if there was any way to make it solar powered (along with normal powered) without having to rip it apart and know a bunch about electronics. I wouldn’t want to just buy a solar amp cause I’m guessinbg theyre expensive if they even exist. Please don’t just google the answer. Thanks :)

Buy Acoustic Guitars: Can Anyone Help Me Chose A Mandolin For My Boyfriend?

Hi I want to buy my boyfriend a mandolin, he plays the acoustic and electric guitar…
I’m looking on ebay and wondering whether to get him a new or second hand one? Normally I would go for 2nd hand because I can get him a better one…
Can anyone recommend any makes to look out for?

Buy Acoustic Guitars: Which Instrument Should I Choose To Play?

Hey this is our new song ‘Break The Sky’ by Buy Me A T-Shirt I’m recording this for Joe McCabe who exclusively handmade me this guitar so i wanted to show him how brilliant it sounds :) Thanks If you like this please check out the band- xx © Copyright Buy Me A T-Shirt 2010

I’ve been playing acoustic guitar for 3 years and finally I entered a rock music school, but I’m not sure which instrument to pick up. I’d like to become a bassist, but I could also become a potential electric guitarist, since I already can play some acoustic guitar. I’d be sorry not to attend guitar lessons since I’d basically throw away what I already, and it would be a pity since it’s been my instrument for 3 years. Now I’d like to attend both guitar and bass lessons, but my parents don’t agree. Lessons and instruments cost: I tried to come to a deal by telling them I wouldn’t buy the instruments if I attended both courses but they declined. They want me to do one. Also, a bassist to be good shouldn’t be only a bassist, but should know how to play another similar instrument from which he then switched to bass, such as guitar or upright bass, so guitar lessons next to bass lessons are very useful. What should I do? Also, I’m gonna be 18 in four days, my parents will buy me an instrument as a gift what should I tell them to buy?

Buy Acoustic Guitars: Buying A Guitar?

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I’m going to start playing the guitar soon and I’m looking for a good acoustic to start off with.
I’ve asked my friends for advice, but none of them play it, so I’m a bit stuck.

Because I haven’t even started playing yet, I don’t really know much about it or what to look for – and also, I won’t be able to try a guitar very well if I can’t play one!
I know it’s more sensible to have the lessons first, and THEN buy the guitar, but I have absolutely nothing to learn on…

Has anyone got any advice for me?
And I’m not planning to change to electric at any time. I’ll keep to an acoustic.

A question about buying a Guitar….!?

I need to buy a new guitar, that plugs into an amp, am I right in thinking that this is called an electro acoustic? or can you convert a normal acoustic?
I need to get value for money as my budget is only about £100. I already have a normal acoustic.

Buy Acoustic Guitars: Best Guitar To Start On?

Unless you’re James Hetfield, downstrokes are going to slow you down. Power up with Mark Morton’s alternate picking practice routine.Pick up Total Guitar issue 214 (on sale 15 April – 12 May 2011) for the accompanying tab and explanation. In addition to at least three full tabs of classic and contemporary songs from your favourite artists, every issue of TG features three full-song Video Lessons and a Riff Of The Month for the more visually orientated learners among you. The Video Lessons are hosted online through but you’ll need to buy the mag to get the most out of them. Each issue includes the story behind the songs, clearly explained amp and effects settings and backing tracks for all of our Video Lessons and tabs. Tutor: Mark Morton Videographer: James Cumpsty, Martin Holmes

im looking to start playing guitar, ive been playing bass for about three years so know enough on basic theory etc to give it a proper go at teaching myself to play

the problem is i dont know what type of guitar to buy, i really like the acoustic sound but also love to experiment with the effects when writing music.

so im gusessing an electro acoustic would be best.

what do you think? also can you recommend me a decent starter guitar, nothing to expensive and i dont mind buying 2nd hand to get a better quality instrument.

Buy Acoustic Guitars: Which Guitar To Get? :S?

Zee Avi performs Honey Bee, Bitter Heart, Kantoi, and Monte from her self titled debut album on Brushfire Records. Exclusive to Youtube! Zee Avi – Vocals and Guitar Mitch Townsend – Bass and Lap Steel guitar James Fletcher – Drums Buy this album at Amazon Itunes or at your local record store on May 19th.

Hey I’m looking for a fairly cheap, yet good quality electric guitar to buy.
I can play the acoustic and was just wondering which ones you would

Buy Acoustic Guitars: Samick Formula Guitars?

Copyright 1987 Geffen Taken from Wikipedia “Paradise City” is a song written by the hard rock band Guns N’ Roses. It is included on the 1987 album Appetite for Destruction and was released as a single in 1988. It is also the only song on the album to use a synthesizer. The song peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100, the third single of the band’s to go Top 10. Slash states that the song was written in the back of a rental van as they were on their way back from playing a gig in San Francisco with the band Rock N Riders . He states that the band was in the back of the van, drinking and playing acoustic guitars when he came up with the intro. Duff McKagan and Izzy Stradlin started playing along. Slash started humming a melody when Axl Rose sang, “Take me down to the Paradise City.” Slash chimed in with “Where the girls are fat and they’ve got big titties.” but the rest of the band wanted to make the song more ‘radio-friendly’, so Axl sang the first line again, where Slash chimed in with “Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.” Axl finished with “Take . . . me . . . home!” The band then expanded upon the rest of the lyrics in rounds. Finally Slash wrapped up by coming up with the heavy riff that drives the song. “Paradise City” is thought by some to be about Los Angeles and its corruption at the time. Some believe the song to be written about Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin’s hometown of Lafayette, Indiana and the nearby Purdue University campus. During a

Anyone got any idea who imports Samick into the UK or a dealer who might keep a good stock of them? I am an experienced musician who’s downsizing due to financial restraints and having had a Samick acoustic that was pretty good I thought the Formula FA1 might be a good buy. Trouble is I can’t find one on the net in the UK. Have sent E-mail to Samick but had no reply. Cheers, John.

Buy Acoustic Guitars: Help Choosing An Electric Guitar?

Aleah is a singer/song writer from Örebro, Sweden. Her music has an atmospheric stripped down dark-ambient/gothic sound with acoustic guitars. All Songs, Melodies and Lyrics are by Aleah. No album has been released yet but there are demo songs on her Myspace. Myspace: Buy Aleah’s 7 song demo:

Hey, I’ve been playing guitar since christmas but I only have an acoustic, I’ve been meaning to get an electric but I’m not sure. I’m on a tight budget and I’ve managed to find two guitars I’m considering getting but I’m not sure which one. One of them is a fender squier. I’ve heard that fender’s are supposed to be great but that squiers are not as good as normal, Is it that much worse or does it still sound good?
The other is just a guitar I like the look of, I dont know what its like.
These are the links.

Also would I be just as well of buying this guitar: As I would be buying the fender?

P.S I dont want info on other guitars I could buy, I just want to know which one of these is better

Buy Acoustic Guitars: Buying A Guitar Any Help?

FENDER J5 TRIPLE TELECASTER This guitar is available from Craigs Music – Bodmin – Cornwall – 01208 77744

id like to buy a guitar but i dont know if i should buy an electric one or acoustic, i dont mind which one really and dont want to play any specific type of music just want to play the guitar lol, i would also like to know if anyone knows where i can get a really cheap one online thankyou very much for reading this :)

Do you know where i can find the guitar tab for “Medication” by Garbage?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL !!! We love you ! Anastasia Kochorva / 15 years old / sings THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD by Paul McCartney / John Lennon. Guitars – Sergey Dudin & Vitaly Kochorva. LET”S MAKE A SURPRISE FOR SIR PAUL !!!

Hi :)

I would like to know where i could find/buy an accurate guitar tab for “Medication” by Garbage. The acoustic version. Thanks :)

Buy Acoustic Guitars: Walk The Line Johnny Cash?

This is a video comparison of the Blackbird Rider Nylon versus the Rider steel string guitar.

in the film, when johnny cash walks into the guitar store, he buys his first guitar, the sunburst one with two ‘f’ holes in it. it is an acoustic. what type of acoustic guitar is it?? is there a specific name for the style of guitar.

i really don’t know what to do?

When you were here before, couldn’t look you in the eye You’re just like an angel, your skin makes me cry You float like a feather In a beautiful world I wish I was special You’re so very special But I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo What the hell am I doin here? I don’t belong here I don’t care if it hurts, I wanna have control I want a perfect body I want a perfect soul I want you to notice when I’m not around You’re so very special I wish I was special But I’m a creep I’m a weirdo What the hell am I doin here? I don’t belong here, ohhhh, ohhhh She’s running out the door… She’s running out she runs, runs, runs, runs… runs… Whatever makes you happy Whatever you want You’re so very special I wish I was special But I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo What the hell am I doin here? I don’t belong here I don’t belong here…

hey. i just bought a classical guitar (i couldn’t get acoustic guitar because it’s really uncomfortable) and i don’t think that i can play pop or rock music on this classical guitar. so what should i do now?