Beginner Acoustic Guitars: Best Guitar To Get??????!!!! 10 Points?

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So I was supposed to get a fender acoustic but then this person i was supposed to get it from gave it away!! I was just wondering what is the best acoustic to get under £100? As im a beginner and dont have alot of money i dont really see the point in going over 100. so what’s the best type and where can i get it (uk)?

Beginner Acoustic Guitars: Easy Songs For A New Band?

We have only just started our band. We have:
Drummer (beginner, self-taught and been playing about two months, can also play guitar)
Bassist (been playing a while, but not an expert, can also play guitar)
Lead Guitarist (been playing a while, pretty good but still not professional, if you get my gist)
Rhythm Guitarist (also been playing a while, often can’t make it to band practices though. Plays on an electro-acoustic but can potentially borrow the drummer’s electric guitar)
And we take turns at singing depending on what the song is, whose voice it suits blah blah blah…
On the whole, we’re into punk, rock, alternative stuff… We’re thinking of doing ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ and ‘Sheena is punk rocker’
The drum part in particular needs to be easy!

Any suggestions welcome, thanks!

Beginner Acoustic Guitars: Squier Bullet With Accessories Or Squier SE 100 Starter Pack?


I am beginner but have been learning on acoustic for 2 months now and intend on building up my skill. i want to play Rock/Pop Rock, Pop Punk sort of music

Beginner Acoustic Guitars: What Are Easy Songs For Beginners To Play On Guitar?

acoustic or electric, doesnt matter

Beginner Acoustic Guitars: What Instrument Should I Play?

Im a beginner at playing instruments but I have always wanted to play an instrument since I was little but I want to pick the right one that will last me the rest of my life.

I have narrowed it down to a guitar (I would like an acoustic) or a piano.

Everyone says that I should play piano because it is small to bring around places (if its a key bored) and also I have kind of long fingers which would help (so ive hered??)

And also what would be better for a beginner because ive hered that you should start piano before guitar so that you can tune the guitar correctly, is this right??

Thanks a lot and advise would be greatly appreciated :)

Where to get info’s about playing guitar for beginners?

This is a clip from the Acoustic Guitar instructional DVD.

I got an acoustic one, just bought it and now i don’t know what to do with it. Help me out! wake up y’all”!”! X

I’m starting guitar soon?

Free chord Ebook here easy songs beginner guitar lesson how to play simple songs

This Saturday I’m starting my first guitar lesson, I have a normal acoustic as I’m just a beginner, but my dads agreed to buy me a better guitar when im more of an advanced player.

Anyway, I was really inspired by my sister’s boyfriend when I saw him play guitar, I just thought it would be amazing to be able to play like him, and so I booked appointments every saturday for one hour.
Do you think 1 hour a week is enough?
I want to become a BRILLIANT guitarist,so how long will it take me to become amazing and be able to play nearly every song if im willing to practice 1 – 2 hours a day ? ( is this enough )

I’d be grateful if someone can leave advice on the following things :
How long to practice for.
How to become amazing at guitar.
Good websites for guitar.
And once I learn guitar basics , will I be able to teach myself songs if I get the music?
Will my guitar teacher only do one song a week?

Thanks, much appreciated.

Beginner Acoustic Guitars: I Want To Self Teach Myself Guitar. Can You Help Me With Some Things?

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i want to self teach myself guitar and im need some help with these things:
1. whats easier to learn with acoustic or electric?
2. how and what is a good website to teach an absolute beginner?
3. how long does it take until you can start just getting a sheet of music and learning it?

ok so thats what i would like to know. i already own an electric guitar and an acoustic and i dont mind spending money on an amp or anything else i might need to do this
when i say website i mean like with videos not just a bunch of writing, thanks!

Beginner Acoustic Guitars: Learning The Guitar (How!)?

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Hello I want to learn the guitar I am thinking acoustic or electric.
I have never leaned how to play a musical instrument before I wondered if anyone could offer me advice that a beginner could benefit from.

Beginner Acoustic Guitars: Learning Songs For Beginners?

I’m saving up for an acoustic guitar this Christmas. I’ve never played before and I’m kinda unsure as to if I would stick to it or not.. I’m liable to get bored if I can’t play anything. I like bands such as:

All Time Low
You Me At Six
The Blackout
30 Seconds To Mars
Twenty Twenty
Stereo Skyline

But I also like some different styles such as:

Ke$ ha
Chris Brown
Miley Cyrus
Katy Perry

So yeah. What do you recommend, for starter songs? Of course.. once I learn the basics.
Any guides on learning acoustic guitar would be helpful aswell. ♥

Beginner Acoustic Guitars: Is Learning How To Play The Guitar Really Difficult? Speak Truthfully Here Guys?

So I am 16 years old ( I know abit too old for a beginner) but I really want to learn how to play and now i finally have time to do it. I’ve got the whole summer holidays to learn and then the rest of my life to get good.

So I was wondering how hard it is and also if I should get an acoustic (steel-stringer) guitar or a classical one. It’s just that-this might sound like im a cheapskate (which I am right now lool) but the classical guitar is much cheaper and right now I just want to know if I can actually succeed in learning how to play any guitar . So does it really make a difference if I learn to play with the classical but then later on by a acoustic steel stringed one. Will I still be able to play? Im mean are like there any differences in strings, chords…..etc?

I might sound really dumb to anyone who knows about music, so sorry. But i am really interested.


Beginner Acoustic Guitars: Is This A Good Guitar? (pic Issued)?

Beginner Acoustic Guitars: Acoustic Or Electric?

i want to start playing guitar, but i don’t know which type.
which is easier for beginners?
i can play piano, will that make guitar easier?
i like older music, eg. whitesnake, guns ‘n’ roses etc etc
but i also like newer bands, eg, the kooks, etc etc

Beginner Acoustic Guitars: Ive Been Playin The Guitar For About A Year With A Junior Guitar What Kind Of Guitar Should I Pick And Why?

i play slow melodic sounds like jack johnson, john mayer, jason mraz and that kind of stuff, what kind of guitar should i pick? a full classical guitar with nylon or acoustic with steel, because they say classical is for beginners and im a beginner cos im self taught. what do u think? classical or acoustic and why?

Beginner Acoustic Guitars: Can Anyone Think Of Any Easy Ish Rock Songs To Learn On Guitar?

im not amazing at guitar but im not beginner either……im a quick learner and ide like to learn summit new but isnt too complex, it can be either acoustic or electric as i have both any ideas then?
thanks 😀

Beginner Acoustic Guitars: Good Classic Rock Tab For A Absolute Tabs Beginner?

Solo Acoustic Version Rhett Butler plays Cliffs of Dover (Eric Johnson) live in concert at Crossroads.

Got a mate who’s basically just started learning guitar properly and he’s well eager. Been teaching him chords and strumming etc, all the basics really, but seeing as I’m 80% acoustic guitarist, 20% electric guitarist it’s kinda hard to think of a tab that would suit.
I was thinking a really basic Hendrix riff but lookin at it… that’s not working out.
He likes classic rock so…. Hendrix, Led Zep, AC/DC, etc.
Suggestions people? :)
Lead would be prefered, I think he’d get a real kick out of learning a solo!

Beginner Acoustic Guitars: Tabs And Tips For A Beginner Guitarist?

Great DVDs for guitar


I’ve recently switched from having played bass guitar (self-taught for a month) to learning guitar for my newly formed band. My music teacher is gonna teach me after school and that’s when my band will rehearse. He said I showed “good potential” but I feel pretty intimidated from what I’ve heard about learning guitar.

I feel like I’ll never be good enough at it, that it will take years and years but I still won’t have confidence in my skills. This is why I’ve generally stayed away from lead guitar.

However, I do want to learn it. I’m trying to learn “Carpal Tunnel of Love” by Fall Out Boy on my acoustic (we’re sorting my electric this weekend) and then “Misery Business” by Paramore. These are put under “novice” on ultimateguitartab. I am just wondering what tips you guys have for me because it seems like I have a massive mountain to climb even before I get out of “novice territory” nevermind wanting to be able to solo in the future!

I’d like lots of details about what it’s like to be a guitarist, any recommend tabs to try out if I’m having trouble (preferrably similar genres Punk Rock/Rock but doesn’t have to be) and tips on technique.
I’m feeling quite low about it at the moment. I don’t doubt I’ll be able to do it in time but I’m concerned how long it might take before I get “good”. I know guitar always seems easy to learn because lots of people play it but there are good guitarists and then there are “good” guitarists if you get my drift lol. I seem to have a mental block towards becoming ambitious on guitar, or lacking in confidence.

Cheers guys. XD

Beginner Acoustic Guitars: Which Songs Should I Learn?

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i’ve got my guitar, (quite a nice fender acoustic at that)

And i’m currently learning the house of the rising sun by the animals and knockin’ on heavens door by bob dylan. are these songs a wise choice for a beginner? Are the any others you would recommend i try?
someone asked wether i was learning by myself and the answer is yes i am.

also, please do not suggest i learn greenday songs.

Beginner Acoustic Guitars: Could Anybody Help Me To Find A Good Teacher In Bromley In Uk?

Hi, I am 15 and want to learn to play guitar. I bought an acoustic guitar and books to teach myself but it is very difficult to learn without a good teacher. I am a total beginner. Also because I never learnt an instrument in English it is stressful trying to understand all the terms and chords. I believe that I can play it once I work hard and have fun with this. I will be so happy if someone could help me and make it understandable for me. If I can find a teacher I am looking forward to start playing it in 2011. Thank you :)

Beginner Acoustic Guitars: HELP I Cannot Tune My Guitar =( Ive Tried For Hours Now!!!!?

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Okay i have books and books and i cannot tune it i cannot afford lessons my guitar is acoustic do you kn ow of any good videos? im a beginner ive only been playing 3-4 weeks so im not to good i can play a few songs and know cords but now it all sounds wrong because its not tuned . . . help please x x x xx

Beginner Acoustic Guitars: Learning The Guitar!?

Meh…not much to say tbh! Oh yeh, just that the tutorial for how to play the piano part on guitar will be coming soon…watch this space!!! PLEASE COMMENT!

I’ve recently (within the week) picked up my old acoustic guitar again, after 7 years of it sitting in the loft! I’ve decided to go for a self taught approach, and remember VERY few things from my previous attempted learning. Over the past few days, I’ve sussed a few typical beginner songs, including Wonderwall, by oasis. Of course, not down to perfection, but passable enough that other people can understand what I’m trying to play! So my question is, how should i go about learning? Is it easier/recommended to practice chord changes endlessly, or start learning songs, picking up the chords i dont know along the way? Also, is it too soon for me to try to learn to arpeggio? I’ve been trying, and failing, but i have no fingernails at the moment so wonder if that may be why i’m getting stressed, or if its simply that I’m trying to do too much at once? Any help or advice would be great 😀

Beginner Acoustic Guitars: Guitars? Which One Should I Buy?

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I want to begin to learn the guitar. I would prefer to learn the bass or electric, but acoustic would be OK. I have a budget of around £200, but I want something that is quality and good for beginners. Do you have any suggestions on what to buy?

Beginner Acoustic Guitars: What Song Should I Cover On Electric Guitar?

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I want to make a youtube video, and i’ve already done a couple of acoustic songs. I’m not like pro but im not beginner, i’m kind of in the middle. Some bands I like are Paramore, Blink182, Tegan and Sara, Silverstein, New Found Glory, Kings Of Leon, Boys Like Girls, etc. Any suggestions?

Beginner Acoustic Guitars: Why My Finger Will Stop Strings When I Play Guitar? check Igor’s new site : Billie Jean . Arranged and performed by Igor Presnyakov . * 2009 The Netherlands

For example, I try to play A string on 3rd fret, and if I then play D string on 2nd fret with my middle finger, the sound come out wrong cuz my 2nd finger at A string stopped D string!
Why, is anyway I could improve on it? Is it because Im a guitar beginner?( btw, I have a electronic-acoustic) can someone show me something like a diagram or video to tell me how to put the fingers correctly plz!! Or is it cuz the guitar’s neck is too thick?( I bought it online) HELP! this problem has stopped me playing guitar for over a month now…

Beginner Acoustic Guitars: Which Guitar Should I Choose From These?

Im beginner, which one should be my first guitar…


or any suggestions for any other guitar