Best Acoustic Guitar: How To Make An Electric Guitar Sound Like An Acoustic?

i hope to get a sound as close as possible to Harvest Moon
ok i need it to be loud so unplugged is not an option, amp settings anyone?
its Harvest Moon by Niel Young, and thanks 2 the guy who mentioned the pedal, i actually never knew u got those :3
thankyou mr gtarczar guy, ur advice helped alot, 5 points to you

Best Acoustic Guitar: How Much Does A Guitar Cost?

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For a while now, I’ve been longing to play the guitar (acoustic). I was doing a little research, and seeing that the Dreadnought Style Acoustic Guitar seems to suit beginners better, maybe I should look for this one. To anybody who knows how much that particular guitar costs, please let me know. I’m willing to put hours into it, and it will definitely be used.

Best Acoustic Guitar: Is The Freshman FA1DCEWR Acoustic Guitar Any Good? If Not Which Would You Recommend?

also, could you recommend a good guitar shop in London.

Best Acoustic Guitar: Good Acoustic Guitar? Click on the link above to go to the page on the main site that includes all the free video lessons for “Dust In The Wind” as well as a performance video to follow along with, all within one page without having to search through Youtube for the videos. These free video guitar lessons will teach you how to play “Dust In the Wind” in it’s entirety note-for-note. If you enjoy these free lessons or any of the 100’s of other free video guitar lessons you will find at the main site, please consider supporting the site with an inexpensive Premium Subscription or a small donation. The Premium subscribers get a lot of perks on the main site as well. Your support at the main site is what will enable me to continue these free guitar lesson video updates. Thanks! Lesson Taught by: Carl Brown

been playing eletric for 6 months and want to get an acoustic to also play. i have about £250-300 to buy one. any suggestions on a good one to get? thanks

Best Acoustic Guitar: Does Anyone Know How Much The Acoustic Guitar Costs From Home Bargains/tj Morris? (uk)?

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title :)

Best Acoustic Guitar: Guitar Strings Broke, What Kind Should I Buy?

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I just got an inexpensive average-quality acoustic guitar to start practicing on and 3 strings have broken already! What brand/kind should I buy to replace them?

Best Acoustic Guitar: My Guitar Makes A Horrible Buzzing Sound When I Play?

Amy Winehouse performing a Live acoustic version of Back To Black

It’s an acoustic guitar and I’ve been playing the guitar for about two months, so I’m still a beginner. When I move my fingers along the fretboard to play different notes/strings etc. it makes a horrible buzzing noise between each note. Am I not holding the strings down hard enough or what? How am I playing it wrong?

Best Acoustic Guitar: A Good Acoustic Guitar?

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OK so i’ve been playing for about a year on a hand-me-down shit guitar. And that thing is killing me so i want to get a new one. Any suggestions? Anything – €400 range.

Best Acoustic Guitar: What Acoustic Guitar Does Ed Sheeran Use?

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Best Acoustic Guitar: Does Tanglewood Guitar Company Produce Guitar Outside Of The UK?

I have a Tanglewood acoustic guitar that was made in China and I just want to know if its legit.

Best Acoustic Guitar: How To Self Teach Yourself Guitar?

a short lesson excerpt from the DVD: William Kanengiser: Classical Guitar Mastery. Good instructional DVD in my opinion.

I have recently purchased an acoustic guitar and was wondering if there was any good and easy websites or videos etc to help me? So far i haven’t found anything so far, its all been a bit hard to do. Please give me suggestions on basics etc.


Best Acoustic Guitar: Do Guitar Necks Warp If All Strings Are Removed?

I’ve restrung my acoustic guitar many times over the years. Whenever I’ve done it though I’ve always removed one string at a time- cleaned the frets, restrung, moved on to the next etc

I know some people prefer to remove all the strings at once though and then clean the neck. Does doing this really warp the neck or damage or guitar?

Best Acoustic Guitar: Girls, Are You Attracted To Guys Who Can Play The Guitar And Can Sing?

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I love a guy who can play the acoustic guitar.

I’m learning guitar in sm tym. Should i start on an electric or acoustic? Or should i go for electro-acoustic?

Tommy and Stephen – special jam

Electro-acoustic is a combination of both….. I dont know the details..

Best Acoustic Guitar: Can I Paint On My Acoustic Guitar?

Class performance

I have a Hohner acoustic six string and would like to paint a union jack on the bodywork but it seems to be lacquered,I was wondering if this was at all possible and what kind of paints to use if so?
thank you
hmmm that’s true,however it isn’t a great sounding guitar hence wanting to deface it in this way and was fairly cheap….

Best Acoustic Guitar: Anyone Suggest A Good, Reasonably Priced Steel Stringed Acoustic Guitar?

Best Acoustic Guitar: Easiest Way To Learn To Play The Guitar?


I’ve just received an acoustic guitar! and I have no idea how to play it! is there a simple way of learning?

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Best Acoustic Guitar: Is A Charsley Cutaway Acoustic Guitar Any Good ?

Best Acoustic Guitar: Why Does My Pickup Sound Distorted On My Acoustic?

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My Acoustic guitar’s been working fine, then all of a sudden the pickup starts distorting and whenever i give it a slightly hard strum it distorts. its not the amp, its not the pickup settings because i tried all that! would it be the wiring or something?

I have recently started to teach myself to play the acoustic guitar…?

All is going well apart from the fact that i seem to have gone backwards for some reason . I was playing better before than i am now !!!! Is this normall or is it me being a wierdo ?? Last week my chord changes were nice and quick . This week they seem to be slow and awkward. its driving me insane !!!

Best Acoustic Guitar: Is It Possible To Get An Electric Shock While Playing The Electric Guitar ?

Chris Rene – Trouble “Trouble” is a new single of Chris Rene (June 2012) Official Studio + lyrics Credits goes to Chris Rene & Epic Records! I’am just a fan, LOVE LIFE!

i’ve been playing acoustic guitar for some time and i don’t know much about electric guitars or how they work. i read somewhere that keith relf who was the lead singer of a band called the yardbirds died from an electric shock he received while playing an electric guitar.

Best Acoustic Guitar: What Kind Of Guitar Should I Buy First? Electric Or Acoustic?

Смотрите на – ВСЕМ смотреть

i want the electric more, because of the silent practise..but what dou you think?

Best Acoustic Guitar: What Guitar Strings Are Sounding For Me?

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What are the best sounding acoustic guitar strings mainly for indie music?
And how much are they?

What’s a reasonable value of a Takamine F307S acoustic guitar in good condition about 20 years old?

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