Acoustic Guitar Tuner: I Need Help Buying A Guitar!?

So I just started learning guitar and I want to finally get one of my own. I’m willing to spend $ 300 max, I would like it to be black, and I want it to be acoustic-electric I also don’t want it to have a tuner. Help me please!

Acoustic Guitar Tuner: Want To Get A New Guitar(acoustic Full Size), Mines Only 3/4 Size Atm, But Scared I Wont Be Able To Tune It?

basically someone used to tune my guitar for me, but now theyve moved away. I want to save for a new full size acoustic but basically i cannot tune guitars to save my life. I’m 14 and been playing for 8 years, and just cant tune them, ive tried with 4 different types of tuners, tryed the thing where you hold down the 5th fret and the string below should sound the same when plucked, tryed doing it from sound, but i can just never tune it right. I soo want to get this guitar and i’d love it if i could tune it, i want a new one because mines only 3/4 size and all plastic strings, i want a new full size with completely metal strings, so any ideas on tuning, im so scared ill waste money. Also anyone know how much an average price acoustic full size will cost me?

Acoustic Guitar Tuner: Guitarists Help Needed.? A free online guide to finding acoustic guitar information. Here’s TOP rated acoustic guitar tips and more! To learn more about Acoustic Guitar, please visit:

hi, starting up a help website for beginner-intermediate levels of guitarists. i’m doing threads on the following at the moment
– essential accessories
– choosing a beginner guitar
– choosing the right strings
– the a-z of chords
– prolonging the life of your instrument
– how to hold a guitar
– reading tablature

and plan on doing some more along the lines of
– how to tune with an electronic tuner
– different tuning formations (e.g. drop D etc.)
– what style of guitar to choosing first (acoustic, electric, classical)
– how to change guitar strings
– guitar techniques for both hands (e.g. hammer ons, pull offs, alternative picking)
– choosing the right amp

have you got any other ideas? any input would be helpful as im completely out of ideas. anything that you would research or even find mildly helpful.
sorry i meant *tuning a guitar WITHOUT an electronic tuner

Acoustic Guitar Tuner: Guitarists? Easy 10 Points.?

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posting this again for a few more ideas. need some ideas for threads about what guitarists would like to know (ie. searching the internet) so far i’ve got essential accessories, a-z of chords, choosing a beginner guitar, choosing strings, prolonging the life of your instrument, how to hold a guitar, and intend on writing about how to tune a guitar without a tuner, how to read tablature, what style of guitar to choose first (e.g. electric/acoustic/classical) and different tuning methods.
what other things would you find helpful?

Acoustic Guitar Tuner: I Have A Question About Tuning A Guitar?

so i was just wondering if i can tune my acoustic to the sound of my piano? does it work or does it make it go more out of tune? I have already looked at a couple of youtube tutorials and they didn’t really help so i thought i would just try myself even though i have no clue on how to tune it as i am a beginner, lost my tuner btw.
What do you suggest i should do?


Acoustic Guitar Tuner: Why Does My A Chord Sound So Off? (guitar)?

This is happening with both of my guitars, one is electric* and the other is a shoddy old acoustic that ive had for quite some years now.

The electric was also recently restringed however I recall the A chord always having sounded abit dodgy.

They are both in tune according to my tuner and the other chords played on them sound fine.

Is there something up here? Or just my ears…

*epiphone les paul

Acoustic Guitar Tuner: Problems Tuning An Electric Guitar ?


I have played acoustic for many years so I do know how to tune a guitar, generally I use an eletric tuner.

Someone know got a Fender Sqire Strat for Christmas and literally played it twice. Anyway ther’ve let me have it and I can’t for the love of god tune the thing. I’ll tune the top E and by them time I get to the bottom E the top 3 strings have detuned, and not just a little.

I used to have a Epiphone SG and basically I sold it after a couple of months becuase it did the same thing.

Is it me or just low cost guitars ? Surely they should tune atleast?


Acoustic Guitar Tuner: My Guitar Sounds Out Of Tune?

How to tune a electric guitar or acoustic guitar by ear, without a tuner. How to tune a guitar by ear video lesson. Learn how to tune a guitar by ear easily. This beginner guitar lesson helps you learn how to tune an acoustic guitar by ear or how to tune an electric guitar by ear. This will…

even though the tuner says its in tune it just doesn’t sound right. My guitar is a Stagg western acoustic one model SW206CE-TR and my tuner is the first act auto tuner. Please help me I’ve had for nearly two years but I haven’tplayed it in a while and it’s always sounded out of tune, but I need it for my theatre finals tomorrow
I’m a beginner so noob terms please?

Acoustic Guitar Tuner: Sx Posion Electro-Acoustic?

Does anybody know if the electro-acoustic sx poison guitars have an inbuilt tuner?

Acoustic Guitar Tuner: Columbus Les Paul Copy Tuner Help!!!!?

After learning the bare basics of guitar on a new acoustic I purchased at xmas I’ve now pulled my Columbus Les Paul replica out of the loft and cleaned a good 8 years of dust of it. I was given this guitar around 9 years ago from a family member and I’ve never used it as it was missing a machine head for the bottom E string. I never got round to getting a new machine head as this was before the internet as we know it.

Please can anyone help me find a replacement as I’m really into learning guitar now and want to expand from just acoustic? Keeping in mind I’m only a few months into learning I’m not up to date with the jargon and best sites to buy parts from.

I only need one machine head in the same or similar style as the 5 I have currently. I just need something that’s going to fit without hassle so I can get going asap. I’d like to pay as little as possible, though if I have to pay I will.

Here is a picture I found on the web of the same guitar and tuners.
I’m in the UK. Thanks

Acoustic Guitar Tuner: Which Guitar Tuners Are Good For A Beginner?

I’m now learning to play the guitar and the guitar I have is electric, not acoustic. I’m not able to tune the guitar by ear and I was recommended to buy a tuner to help me out. I saw there was one (also mentioned by the recommendation) called the Korg GA-30. I am completely clueless with tuners and wondered if anyone could help me by recommending a good, reasonably priced tuner to help me out. Is the Korg GA-30 any good as I also noticed there was a Korg GA-40. Should I look at something completely different?

Thanks for your help in advance, everyone!

Acoustic Guitar Tuner: How Do I Use My Tuner For Acoustic? – Sick of those guitar tuning videos with distorted sound and only play the note 2 or 3 times which doesn’t give you enough time to properly tune each note? Those types of guitar tuning videos are really frustrating and you end up having to stop, start and repeat the video in order to hear each note enough times. Our guitar tuning guide plays each string 8 times over a period of 16 seconds, which should give you plenty of time to correctly tune your guitar. The tuning follows the standard tuning for 6 string guitar and can be used for either acoustic or electric guitar. Goes from Bottom E A D G B Top E if you liked this guitar tuning aid, then make sure you check out our free online guitar tuner for 6 string guitar and bass guitars.

i need to know what all the numbers mean on my automatic chromatic tuner there are numbers at the bottom right of the screen a letter(note) at the bottom left of the screen which can be changed by pressing one of two buttons(the other button changes the numbers on the right and also switches off the tuner) and a scale at the top.when i pluck my strings a letter(note) appears in the middle of the screen and lights flash at the top.the tuner is called TU-C automatic chromatic tuner made by stagg any help or online instructions on how to use this tuner is very much appreciated.and my guitar is new and i believe i tuned 3 strings which were right at the time i tuned them(although it could be wrong as i don’t really know what i’m doing)and then i checked them 5 minutes later and they had changed is this normal?as i wrote before any help will be very much appreciated and thank you.

Acoustic Guitar Tuner: I CANNOT TUNE MY GUITAR!!!!!!!!!!!? The 5 Band EQ Acoustic Guitar Equalizer Pickup Tuner is easy to use. And It has full tone color with 5 Band, and stable sustain effect. It can keep sound clear, match with most bridge pickup.

Hi i have been playing guitar a while and im sick of playing my electric guitar so im trying to tune my acoustic guitar. i know how to tune it by ear just play the 5th fret and play the lower string. yeah

But no matter what i do it does not sound right. ive even tryed using my guitar tuner and that still doesnt work. I have brand new strings and i have streched them out and everything. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG???

Acoustic Guitar Tuner: Encore Guitar? Or Stagg Guitar?

i am looking to get a fairly cheap electro-acoustic guitar and have found two that look quite good. A Stagg SW203CETU-N Electro-Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar w/ Integrated Tuner, and a ENCORE Electro-Acoustic Guitar Outfit EA255OFT – (Natural). As i already have a stagg guitar, i know they are a good make, but i wanted to know whether encore is better or not. Any opinions would be helpful. Ta, Cookie Monster xxx

Acoustic Guitar Tuner: I Need Help With My Acoustic Guitar!!?

A 10mm socket to remove factory Seagull tuners. A 12mm socket to tighten up Planet Wave locking tuners. If interested double check your guitar for any fit issues. Luckily the diameter of the tuning holes are 13/32″ on the Seagull and the Planet Wave Auto-Trim Tuning Machines fit perfectly. All that is needed is the little screw which is tedious, but not only will it hold the tuner better, since it is deeper, it might even transfer more tone of strings and neck wood. I used a straightedge to line up the sides of the tuning machines to be parallel with the edge of the headstock so the post and peg are perpendicular to the edge. I strung the guitar up for the Gambale Tuning which is standard tuning except up a 4th combined with the two highest strings are lowered down an octave, and actually D and G strings up a whole step. I think Frank Gambale’s string gauge choice for the Gambale Tuning is .036 for the 6th string which is A, .026 for the 5th string which is D, .017 for the 4th string which is G, .013 for 3rd string which is C, then a .024 for the second string the E, and .016 for the 1st string the A. I used .042, .032, .024, .016, .024, .019, respectively. The acoustic guitar track in the song is Seagull acoustic guitar using Gambale Tuning. I added some iZotope Stutter for techno type chopping delay effect. The solo is a Warmoth strat with Lollar Specials into a Paul Trombetta Design Color-Bone with both the Colorsound overdriver and Mini Bone on, into Strymon El

for christmas I got myself an acoustic guitar, It’s not very in tune at the minute, im hoping to buy an electric tuner from somewhere like Argos. I’m a beginner at guitaring, so i wouldn’t have much knowledge, but my guitar sounds really rubbish! it’s a make that hardly anybodys heard of, ‘PARROT’, and it was made in china. It doesn’t say the name on the head or anything, theres just a sticker actually inside the guitar. Even though it’s out of tune, when i play chords, they all sound exactly the same! and when I strum, it sounds really loud and very weird, asif you can hear each individual string, not so it flows into one (which I want). Can you suggest what to do? Shall I just wait and tune it, and see how that sounds? or do you think theres something wrong with the strings? bearing in mind, the strings look quite thin to me. Thanks,

Acoustic Guitar Tuner: How Can I Tune My Acoustic Guitar To A At 432 Hz?

i heard it sounds better at that pitch but where do i begin.?? my only tuner is set at 440hz.

Acoustic Guitar Tuner: Question For Guitar Players?

Tuning my 12 string was a little bit of a pain, plus I like to record with it once in a while. Using the Dean Markley soundhole pick was also a pain. So I decided to upgrade my guitar with a built in tuner and pickup. Did it all in one afternoon, made a world of difference. The music was recorded and played by me my on this guitar (as well as other guitars).

I just got an acoustic guitar( celebrity cc11 by ovation). I was told to get a guitar tuner. Do you know how much they cost? also how often do you change your strings?

Guitar acoustic won’t tune?

Little confusing, but check out the tab! PLease comment, rate, subscribe and request!! Half a step down guitar tuner: Tab:

I’m trying to tune a easy acoustic guitar not a big one.
I’m trying to play Oasis Wonderwall but it all sounds wrong
Also I don’t have a tuner
Any help?
I tried to match strings with the ones I hear on youtube strings but still not working
Any problems with guitar??
Thanks allot

Acoustic Guitar Tuner: Having Trouble Tuning My Guitar Please Help?

I just find it hard so if I get them electric guitar tuners how do the work and do they work on Acoustic guitars Thanks for your help

Acoustic Guitar Tuner: Acoustic Guitar Problem With String?

Guthrie Thomas, The American Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist, Discusses and Demonstrates the Recording Program “Studio One Pro” This segment is on: “Setting a marker. Making a Cut, Erasing a partial track. And, the Guitar Tuner.”

HI, i got my first acoustic guitar like yesterday and I got an electric tuner. So i tuned all the strings and they are all in tune. All sound good except the B ? they all sound full and nice but when i strum across the b string it like vibrates and sounds well awful? its in tune but I just don’t know what it is? Anyone got any ideas and how to fiz this vibrating noise coming from my guitar string 😛 ahah x thanks !!

Acoustic Guitar Tuner: 6th String On Acoustic Guitar Sounds Higher Than 5th String!!?!?!?

Recently installed an N-Tune on a semi-hollow. Full pictorial available here: – Visit us at!

I went out and bought a new acoustic guitar last week, and I have tuned it correctly with an electric tuner, but the 6th string sounds higher than the 5th string. help please!!!

Acoustic Guitar Tuner: What Is The Second Lowest String In An Acoustic Guitar Called?

The Original iPhone Guitar Tuner for Electric Guitar, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Brazilian Cavaquinho and Ukulele! Brought to you by

I’m learning to play guitar and every time i try to tune the second lowest string on my guitar it always snaps I have an electric tuner but it only tells me the chord and doesn’t tell me what it should be. Please I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me on what the second lowest string should be.

Acoustic Guitar Tuner: Digital Guitar Tuner?

Blazt Page = GUITAR TUNING Half Step Down = Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb Guitar Tuner for Half Step Down by Win Blazt =

I this ( Ok to use with an acoustic guitar?

It doesn’t say, and I got the guitar yesterday, but I can’t tune it to save my life 😛

Acoustic Guitar Tuner: I Need A Guitar Tuner?

Jeff Moenich of SixStringObsession thoroughly explains the basics of how to tune your guitar with the Q12E chromatic tuner. Out of all the tuners I’ve used, this one is the easiest and most accurate.

Auto tune, that is. British one, cheap-ish but effective for eletrco acoustic guitar.

Acoustic Guitar Tuner: What Are Some Good Guitar Tuners? – Guitar tuner for Drop D Tuning (DADGBE). Each note will sound 8 times. Remember to tune up to pitch for best results. Go to http for more.

i really need a guitar tuner because my guitar exam is very soon and my teachers been ill and hes the only guy who i know can tune my guitar right. but i needed one anyway

just any cheap(ish) guitar tuners that can do multipule tunings (i.e. drop D, flat tuning) and work on acoustic guitars and electric guitars. . also a clip on one would be preferable Thanks.