Acoustic Guitar Strings: Meaning Of This Dream?

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I had forgotten it until something reminded me when I was awake. In my dream, I first remember being in the living room of my house and I was showing a song to my sisters and they both liked it. This is weird because one of my sisters already knows and likes the song, and the other one hates the band that sung it. Also the end of the song that is normally really loud was quieter and more acoustic-y in the dream.

The other bit I remember might’ve been a totally different dream. I turned up to my trombone lesson (but in a different place for some reason) and as I approached the room I heard my trombone teacher practicing as usual but I heard him playing the mandolin rather than the trombone or one of the other brass instruments he plays. I went into the room and I told him I love mandolins and always wanted to play one (which is true) and he said he had a box of them I could look at. I went over to the box and the first one I picked out was just a bit of wood in the shape of a mandolin. I also picked out a few broken ones, i.e the strings were snapped or the fretboard was broken. Finally I found a good one, but it was in packaging that partially covered the fretboard so it couldn’t be played, and the bottom was also covered. Also the packaging said “Epiphone” on it which I think is a guitar company. I asked him if I could have it (not buy it, strangely) and he said I was pushing my luck. Then I left. Any significance to the dream?
Oh and if it matters, I remembered the dream when I listened to the song in the dream in real life.
@Kratos if you don’t believe in dream interpretation then kindly go away, this section is called Dream Interpretation for a reason

Acoustic Guitar Strings: Guitars, Help!?

Official website: Facebook: Warsaw Guitar Orchestra – directed by Igor Wardak – The Call of Ktulu – Metallica. June 2008

Ive just started to play my dads guitar but one of the strings had come off. The 3rd one to the left.
I know NOTHING, about guitars.

I tried to fix the string and i was pulling and pulling lol, i think i’ll just get a new acoustic.

I looked in argos and theres all these diff type of guitars.
Which i know nothing about.
Are the guitars from argos anygood?

I have about £200
Im 15 and want to play solo guitar pieces like the bands Nirvana and Holes sound.

So, my question is. What guitar should i get?

I found an alternate version to “Black Dog” by led zeppelin…?

The wonderful instrumental album title track from 1976 Thanks for your many interesting and warm comments :) Arrival ( Andersson/Ulvaeus ) Credits for the Arrival Album Benny Andersson — synthesizer, piano, accordion, chimes, keyboards, marimba, vocals Agnetha Fältskog — vocals Anni-Frid Lyngstad — vocals Björn Ulvaeus — acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals Ola Brunkert — strings, drums Lars Carlsson — saxophone Anders Dahl — strings Malando Gassama — percussion, rhythm Anders Glenmark — electric guitar Rutger Gunnarsson — bass Roger Palm — strings, drums Janne Schaffer — electric guitar Lasse Wellander — acoustic guitar, electric guitar Producers: Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus Engineer: Michael B. Tretow Arranger: Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus, Sven-Olof Walldoff String arrangements: Rutger Gunnarsson Added: June 27, 2007 Views: 89400 Comments: 130 Favorited: 313 times

It’s acoustic, and it sounds like there is a 12-string guitar and a mandolin (along with others…). The lyrics are the same and almost sound like they were just sampled out of the original song. Does anyone know where this version came from?!?!?!

Acoustic Guitar Strings: Guitar Rattle?

Download Igor’s Album on iTunes Pinocchio. Composed and performed by Igor Presnyakov. Copyright *2006. Appears on Peter Finger’s Wonderland Records (Germany) . All rights reserved .

I have a Fender Squire Stratocaster and when i pluck a few of my strings around the 6th-15th frets, i can hear a faint metallic rattle, and it’s not the sound of them rattling against the frets. It obviously doesn’t matter with distortion, but when im playing acoustic songs it notices quite a bit. I can’t pinpoint the noise anywhere but i wonder whether it might be coming from the base of the strings, they are fairly old, maybe 3 or 4 months. can anyone tell me what it might be.

Acoustic Guitar Strings: Is The Rock Band Tablature Book Correct?

TAB AVAILABLE, READ ON…This is a nice kinda classical kinda fingerstyle arrangement of a movie theme by the Italian composer Ennio Morricone (Good Bad Ugly/Fistfull of dollars/etc). A clever chap called Rene Puchinger tabbed it up in 2002, I started hacking it further in 2005 to make it a bit more playable for me. There are several people on youtube playing it all with a slightly different touch. It is rather hard to play cleanly on the acoustic steel string – too much barring – so I piked out and played it on the electric instead. Well, it is the first time I’ve used the electric on youtube, a change is as good as a holiday… I added a bit of after effect reverb and graphic to make it sound a more roomy. Yeah, there is a video cut’n’shut about halfway through; I didn’t play it cleanly enough in one take so I spliced a bit out. Sorry – there are plenty of mistakes everywhere else so it’s not too bad 😉 Give it a try; it will probably be the only 12/8th tune you will ever play! You can get the tab, mp3 and other resources at: Enjoy, JAW

i bought it today and none of them i have a steel string acoustic no amp and they don`t sound right and im playing them right and my guitar is tuned so is there something wrong with my play or the book tips hints suggestions are appreciated

Acoustic Guitar Strings: Should I Learn Electric Guitar?

click here to request your song Great Lessons at

In my family, all the guys (my dad, my uncles and my older cousin) play electric guitar and are really good. I play a bit of ukelele and I used to have violin classes, so I know i’m fine with string instruments. I really like the sound the electric guitar makes, and i’d just love to be able to play it. I kind of like acoustic, but I prefer electric. Getting a guitar won’t be a problem since my dad has five, and I can either get lessons at school or I could get my dad to teach me. But I wasn’t very committed to violin, so I don’t want to give my dads hopes up (he’d love for me to play it) and then stop. Anyway, thanks for reading! ~Meg

Acoustic Guitar Strings: I Need To Know This Song? Closer To The Heart — Rush- From the 1977 album A Farewell To Kings by Rush, Closer To The Heart opens with an arpeggio picking pattern on a 12-string guitar. It also became a staple of their live shows, appearing on Exit Stage Right, A Show Of Hands, and Different Stages.Vote to have this made into a lesson at http Visit the site for free guitar lessons, TARGET program, forum, community, and contests. If enough people vote to learn to play Closer To The Heart – Rush Guitar lesson – sample guitar lesson. We will make a complete lesson. – Complete Free Lessons – Community – Chat Room – Forum – Your Own Blog – Recommend A Lesson -Membership is free http join now!

Its a kind of urban song, sounds English

female lyrics are’ We are the unknown’ and it just keeps repeating.
Sounds like there is just a solo acoustic guitar in the background, sounds like the strings are being plucked really hard

Any ideas?

Acoustic Guitar Strings: Info Needed: Pimp My Guitar? Samba Fortuna. Composed and performed by Igor Presnyakov. All rights reserved . Copyright *2008 . Unautorised using is prohibited .

I bought this beat up guitar a while ago, and now I’m looking to pimp it up. . . truly beat up, really old strings and tuning heads missing. It’s an acoustic fender squire, it needs new tuning heads and new strings. I’ve been playing for around 5 years on and off, and I was wondering are there any special types of tuning heads you need to fit? And, if so, can you fit said tuning heads by yourself?

Acoustic Guitar Strings: Wht Guitar Is Better For Me?

Took a while to get this down, this is an acoustic guitar cover of Drifting by Andy McKee. Thanks to my friends who suggested this piece for me, please excuse any mess-ups. It was a really hard song for me to get perfect.

wel i want a guitar,im 15 and i found 2 resonably priced ones and one is pink XD!.anyways lol,one says it has nylon strings and one has steel strings,which would be better?
theyre both acoustic btw!!!

Acoustic Guitar Strings: ANSWER ME PLEASE, PLEASE :)?

I have a Guitar Tuner (Joyo JT-12C) and it indicates whether the string is too high or low, I get that. But there’s this writing underneath that that says “A4=448″ and if I press this little button the number gores up. What is that for?
Thank you.
Oh, and the guitar is acoustic with nylong strings and brand new.

Acoustic Guitar Strings: Are Bridge Pins On Guitar Universal?

So as my string broke i lost one of the pins that holds the strings, so wanted to buy news one and wanted to know if there universal if i can buy anyone from amazon or something :/

my gutair type hohner acoustic MW-400N and all the strings are metalic looking like ?

Thanks again Dx

Acoustic Guitar Strings: Thinking Of Trying To Learn How To Play Guitar, How Hard Is It?

How to properly clean, polish and restring your guitar.

Can play piano and the only thing I know about guitars are the string across are egbdf. How long if would it take appox to learn basics for example. (Acoustic)

Acoustic Guitar Strings: Getting Back Into Playing Guitar? Book & Cd Recommendations?

This is me playing the “melogitar”, an instrument i invented. It gives the musician the oportunity to play the guitar and the melodica at the same time. The instrument itself is just a melodica taped to an acoustic guitar. Additionaly i figured out a technique to strumm the strings of the guitar and to play the melodica at the same time with my right (strumming) hand. The song i play is mostly improvised stuff so please don’t judge because of the little mistakes i made. I came up with the idea all by myself, and as far as i know it has never been done before, so i might be the first one to do that! (if so i think i got the copyright on this thing but i don’t know/care much about this stuff just saying..) if you want to try it yourself go ahead! Do it! i would love a lot of people playing the “melogitar”! But if you get all famous and stuff with this thing (because its not that difficult to play the guitar or the melodica better than i do) please refer to me as the inventor of this thing … So have fun watching the video (there are some others to follow) and/or trying it on your own! And tell me if you like it or not! Music, idea and everything else by Aljoscha Müller (exept the name “melogitar”. My friend Black Foot came up with that name. Thanks man!)

Okay – so I admit I’m out of practice. I’m busy for most of the year so the music goes on the back burner. I trained on classical guitar (to grade 7) and am partial acoustic sounds and play some acoustic rhythm (steel string). I’m really bored with my sound so it’d be good to branch out a little, be it blues, folk or the like.

Can anyone recommend good, interesting book-with-cd combinations that I can buy from Amazon?

Acoustic Guitar Strings: E-bay {{ £1 Bid }}?

Buy Igor’s NEW album on MP3! Go to Viva la Vida . Arranged and performed by Igor Presnyakov .

hi guys i just saw a guitar on e-bay

no one has bidded for it and it remains at £1

so if i bid for it and the auction finishes with no-other bids dose it mean that i would have bought it for £1

here is the link to the guitar

Acoustic Guitar Strings: Song From The Film Two For The Money?

Guitar Capo

the song starts about around 1h49 (109mins) and continues until about 1h51 (111mins). It starts with piano and strings then comes in with drums and acoustic guitar.

Acoustic Guitar Strings: New Guitar Neck Pocket?

The official music video for Rubbles from the album “Floriography” by Moddi Download now (UK/US release April 18th) Directed by Ola Martin Fjeld Photography by Jørgen Werner. Produced by FilmFaktisk See more of their work at Links: ____________________________________ MODDI “I make music that’s always a step ahead of me, and always sounds larger in my head than what ends up on tape. That’s probably a good thing, but the music has also grown a little with time.” Pål Moddi Knutsen, 23, comes from the remote and blustery northern Norwegian island of Senja, in the bipolar land of the summer Midnight Sun and winters of total darkness (only lit up by the Aurora Borealis). He started writing music at age 15, and, with a borrowed accordion and a battered guitar, he began captivating listeners with music that has been described as a blend of Damien Rice and Bjork. The landscape of his youth clearly influenced his music, which he describes as “a huge band session, with noise and loudness, [while also being] so fragile and discreet that you might want to sing along in order to help it continue.” The talented and original young musician’s live performances — sometimes solo, sometimes with a band of string instruments, drums and piano — spellbind his audiences into a silent trance, as they are drawn into the almost magical atmosphere of his music. “Quietly

Hi all, I live in the UK and have just got what I have been told is a Japanese 1950s reissue Stratocaster in Daphne Blue. The Neck pocket isnt as tight as it could be – but the neck and strings are in-line and the strings move over the pole-pieces. Will the stability of the neck be OK for a few years with those big bolts in the back. Its about a 2mm gap between neck and body on the top horn. Thanks. Apart from that, the guitar is quite acoustic when not plugged in, which points towards good woods and tone I think. It sounds quite sensitive and jangly when amplified too which is nice. I might give it a set up by a pro when I get some more money
Sorry, I was a bit liberal with my measurment there- Id say it was .5mm-1mm, but there is still a noticeable gap there which you can put a piece of paper down.
I orginally bought a 50s reissue jap with TXspecials from them. Got it home bu the pickups were too middley.I then asked for them to replace it cos i didnt like it and they ordered another jap one. This took 3 months and I felt pressured in the shop to buy it. I could mention this UK Leeds shop, but I wont.
It was the TX specials pickups in the original that I disliked, i prefer weaker and cleaner pickups that have to be “worked with”. Shame, cos the build of that was superb. I feel like ive got a dud and lost a lot of money

Acoustic Guitar Strings: How To Teach Myself The Guitar?

“Wish You Were Here” is the title track on Pink Floyd’s 1975 album Wish You Were Here. The song’s lyrics encompass writer Roger Waters’ feelings of alienation from other people. Like most of the album, it refers to former Pink Floyd member Syd Barrett and his breakdown. The main riff came to David Gilmour at home, while playing on an acoustic guitar, and it became something which he continued to play in-between takes at Abbey Road Studios where it caught the attention of Roger Waters. They collaborated to complete the song, as Waters had already written some lyrics. In 2004, the song was ranked #316 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. In the original album version, the song segues from “Have a Cigar” as if a radio had been tuned away from one station, through several others (including a radio play and one playing Tchaikovsky’s Fourth Symphony), and finally to a new station where “Wish You Were Here” is beginning. The radio was recorded from Gilmour’s car radio. Gilmour performed the intro on a twelve-string guitar, processed to sound like it was playing through an old transistor radio, and then overdubbed a fuller-sounding acoustic guitar solo. This passage was mixed to sound as though the guitarist was sitting in a room, playing along with the radio; it also contains a whine that slowly changes pitch—emulating the heterodyne between two drifting AM radio signals. The intro riff is repeated several times and reprised when Gilmour plays further

Hi! I really want to learn the Guitar, there I said it. I was given an Acoustic Guitar by my uncle, who found it whilst working as a binman, (he’s now a teacher.) It’s a beautiful Guitar and in good condition but it’s been sat up in our loft for years and I have recently brought it down and it’s not in tune and has a string missing so it needs to be taken into a music shop to be re-strung and tuned. Anyway, I already play the Viola at school, and the lessons are quite expensive for one term, so lessons are out of the question but I figured that lessons aren’t that necessary. How should I go about teaching myself? I want to strum it so when I sing I have a nice acoustic cover.

Very new to guitar….need help?

For Tabs, MP3s, Backing Tracks and more visit: The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Midna’s Lament Midna’s Desperate Hour Koji Kondo Acoustic Guitar: Taylor 110 CE Lead Guitars: Cort Zenox Z44 Slide Guitar: Squier Bullet Strat Bass: Ibanez SRX 305 Percussion: GarageBand String Sounds: Garageband Mixer: Alesis MultiMix 8 FireWire Audio Interface: Line 6 TonePort UX1 Camera: Kodak Zi8

i am very new to playing guitar
someone gave me a simple acoustic guitar. please tell me some good websites to learn from
and i also tried out a couple, when i tried to play, the finger on the string touches the other string making a weird sound or no sound, is it just cuz i am new and as i practice on i might get it right???
please help me
any info is welcomed
thank you sooo much

Acoustic Guitar Strings: Is There Anyway I Can Find A Way To Play This Song?

Pete Townsend performing Won’t Get Fooled Again solo in the studio. Killer on the acoustic guitar!

I wouldent belive your radio by the stereophonics on an acoustic guitar?

Im 13 and really love the song but I need a way so I can understand it as clear as I can :)

And could someone please tell me how to pick/pluck the guitar because everytime I do it seems like my strings are buzzing :/

Thanks in advance =]

Acoustic Guitar Strings: How Long Will It Take To Play Guitar If You Constantly Practice Day-to-day?

What makes a truly exceptional hand made steel string guitar really ‘sing’ is how the sound box is worked by a master. Veteran luthier Ervin Somogyi is highlighted in this short film about his work and his new books, “The Responsive Guitar” and “Making The Responsive Guitar”, available from Luthiers Press in June of 2009. With more than 40 years experience in Berkeley, California as one of America’s finest hand made steel string guitar builders, Somogyi is at his best — in sound, finish and design. A rare musical glimpse into the workshop of one of America’s most respected hand guitar builders, Ervin Somogyi. Original music “If Dreams Could Dance” and “Under the Tuscan Sun” composed and performed on a Somogyi guitar by guitarist Steve Erquiaga, available from his album, Café Paradiso.

I’m 15 and have taken an interest in play guitar (acoustic). I have a guitar that is old but practically brand new. . . it was my grandfather’s but he took such good care of it it looks new, we have new strings and it’s tuned. So just wondering, if I were to stay on it daily could I learn it in around 3 months? How long do you think. It’s something I really want to do so I will stay on it, I have just been toying with it at the moment. Also what are some good finger exercises? Thanks

Acoustic Guitar Strings: Tuning A Nylon Stringed Guitar?

john butler playing pickapart best version there is i reckon

I’ve inherited a Spanish guitar/classical guitar with nylon strings (long story). The strings are new on it. The problem is, even though I tune them up and can play a bit, the thing goes out of tune very quickly. Now, I think the guitar in question was quite cheap – it looks like one of those starter ones they sell in music shops for 50 quid. Will its cheapness mean it’s basically a load of manure and should be chopped up for firewood?

I can play a little bit of guitar and have a steel stringed acoustic which doesn’t go out of tune so quickly. I’m aware that nylon strings do tend to be knocked out of tune quicker than the steel strings but these are pretty bad in my opinion.

Acoustic Guitar Strings: Ever Woke Up With An Original Song In Your Head, Or Dreamt Of An Original Song?

FACEBOOK BLOGSPOT EMAIL “The Rain Song” by Led Zeppelin Music by Page and Plant Thanks to Lynn in Scotland for reminding me I was supposed to re-do this at some point. It’s kind of a springtime song for me, but what the hey. It’s always springtime somewhere, right? This “arrangement” incorporates some elements from the bass and mellotron parts but there is no attempt to play the vocal line. (That I’d like to see). Therefore it’s presented to you so that you can sing along and post your version of Planto’s masterpiece. I know one or two of you who could do a killer vocal take on this. C’mon. Or you can be like me and sing to it in your apartment and frighten the neighbors. Sorry, I have no tablature available. The chords and music are readily available in decent “recorded-versions” books which should still be in print. Martin 000-17s; mahogany construction Oh, and the tuning dgcgcd (this matches the 6 string used in the recording, not the 12 string tuning. I believe it also corresponds to the tuning on the 6-string neck of the double neck used in concert. If you give a hoot about this sort of information, see the article on this song for more.)

I’ll describe a segment of my own dream, for example:

The visuals: A fashion runway scene. A model in a soft, emerald green outfit starts off the show.

The music: A string music intro, which led into a cool, down tempo trip-hop (as in Sneaker Pimps; Morcheeba etc.). I still remember the melody of the female vocal and the acoustic guitar.

Artistes do sometimes appear in my dreams with original songs (Duran Duran; Manson etc.) but space does not permit it.

By the way, I’m not a musician, so it is unlikely that I’d pick up a guitar and start bringing those songs to life – unfortunately. Do tell me of your original ‘dream music’ if you’ve experienced something similar.

I’ve heard that famous musicians such as Sting have had dreams that inspired their own music.

Acoustic Guitar Strings: Help With F Major Chord On Guitar?

Tutorial. How to play Fix you by Coldplay. CHORDS: Capo on 3rd Verses: C, Em, Am, G Chorus: F, Em, G Last verse (Outro): C, F, C, G, Am, F, C, G STRUMMING: Verses: DD DDU or D DDU If you prefer to pick the verse, then: on C and Am, pick in order A string, D string, B string and G string. On Em and on G, pick E, D, B, G strings. Chorus: (same verse struming) Outro: DUDUDUDUDUDUDUDU… I hope it helped *UPDATE*: Uhm Uhm, actualy my (veryyyyy old) cover was bad lol :)

i am self taught and teaching myself guitar. i have an acoustic with steel strings, i’ve been playing for about 6 months now and know all the basic chords. however one i am really really struggling with is the F major chord. i’ve been trying to get it right since i started but just can’t. my index finger won’t hold down two strings and sounds really horrible. everyone says practice practice, but its all i ever do. non- stop and i still can’t get it right!

what tips or tricks can you give me to make my finger hold down the strings and make the chord sound right?



Acoustic Guitar Strings: Should I Buy A Ukulele?

This song is really awesome.. Check out the YouTube Channel of these guys… Audio Source Facebook Twitter YouTube (Music Channel) (Vlog Channel) MySpace Orkut Produced by Alejandro & Daniel Manzano All parts arranged/written by Alejandro Manzano Video editing by Owen LeVelle Audio recorded & engineered by Adam Barber Lighting by Casey Brooke Lawson Mixed & Mastered by Adam Barber, Alejandro & Daniel Manzano Bruno Mars Just The Way You Are Acoustic Piano Cover bruno mars just the way you are acoustic piano cover Song Info: Guitar Tab of our arrangement: Key: C# Major (relative minor a#) Tuning: C# G# C# G# C# F Guitar 1: Taylor 614ce Guitar 2: Normandy Electric Acoustic Strings: Elixirs Medium Polyweb (.013 gauge)NOTE: THE USE OF ANY COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL IS USED UNDER THE GUIDELINES OF “FAIR USE” IN TITLE 17 & 107 OF THE UNITED STATES CODE. SUCH MATERIAL REMAINS THE COPYRIGHT OF THE ORIGINAL HOLDER AND IS USED HERE FOR THE PURPOSES OF EDUCATION, COMPARISON, AND CRITICISM ONLY. NO INFRINGEMENT OF COPYRIGHT IS INTENDED.

I’ve been playing acoustic 6-string guitar for about 3 years now (self-taught) and I’m interested in purchasing a ukulele. Is playing the uke similar to the guitar or a whole new concept? Also as a side question, if I can play 6-string guitar can I play 12-sting?

How much would a Guitar from the 60’s be worth?

Its acoustic, its my dads.

Am i right its worthless? about a tenners worth?lmao.

Its in great condition though, all the strings now are working
a Gibson, i think