Acoustic Guitar Parts: Would This Work In A Blues Band?

Lightning Jack & Mick Burley ellis acoustic stompbox and guitar jack uses sunrise pickups more info at jack is playing a Shubb Pearse GS1 Slide Ellis Guitars offer a range of acoustic guitar and stringed instrument accessories. While we primarily make custom acoustic guitars and acoustic percussion instruments, we also offer access to many parts

Me and my mate sometimes get together and play music together, he plays guitar, harmonica and mandolin and I play bass and harmonica and am currently the vocalist.

I can’t really sing and play bass at the same time though so I was wondering if what I could do was to sing a line and then play a riff or do a bit of improvising on bass or harp.

For example in Cream’s Crossroads:
Sing Along With Guitar: I went down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees.
Play Riff On Bass
Sing Along With Guitar: I went down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees.
Play Riff On Bass
Sing And Play The Third, Most Simple Part: Ask the lord above for some mercy, take poor bob if you please.
Play Riff On Bass

This has been bugging me all day and I want to try it out on Thursday when we practice.

The style of music we play is:
Delta Blues
Country Blues
Chicago Blues
Folk Rock
Blues Rock
Acoustic Rock
Acoustic Pop

If this style of playing works then we won’t get a singer however if this doesn’t work we will get a singer.

It would aslo help greatly if you could show me some other musicians who play like this.

Acoustic Guitar Parts: Need Help For My Art Project?

Blues guitar lessons review Guitar Lessons sales http Free Lesson Download Classic Blues Guitar Video Site I posted two tuition videos for Doc’s Deep River blues some time ago – this clip is re-edited and combines the two, so that all can be found in one place. The soundtrack might have suffered a little excuse me that. Squidoo article – life of a street blues man http Cheers Jim

well, we are doing a project on ‘HOME’
i got to choose a title for my project, I chose ‘MUSIC’ because i am very musical. i have plenty of things in my room that can help with my project. for example : two elec guitars and one acoustic, piano , keyboard , a harp, a flute…and so on. I also have posters over my walls of what music i like. Miss told me to base a part of my project on ‘the beatles and john lennon’ because i have allot of things on them, and aslo on a few other bands i listen to like ‘metallica’ and ‘mastodon’ etc. we are allowed to include photography aswell.
i really i have no clue how i am going to do all this. we have A2 pages, Miss wants us to enlarge the pictures, and use a few pictures to fill up the paper. I want to do well this year..
and what i really need is some ideas on how i can do my project. ive heard you get points on doing something ‘different’ or ‘unique’ aswell.

thank you for any help it means allot xx

Acoustic Guitar Parts: A Question For Guitarists Please?

Actually, it is two questions in one if you don’t mind :)

I bought a new guitar yesterday, my second one. I already have a Tanglewood acoustic which I love, and yesterday I bought a Dean electro-acoustic, which is a great looking guitar.

I think the Dean is pretty good, but a friend of mine was trying to tell me that Deans are just not very good – does anyone have an opinion on this please?

And the second part of the question, and this is going to sound really odd I suspect but I think other guitarists will understand – why do I feel guilty about playing the Dean, I feel like I’m being disloyal to the Tanglewood or something??!

Acoustic Guitar Parts: Where Can I Find A Bridge For An Acoustic With F Holes (its Pretty Old)? In this video guitar lesson I will take you through and explain all of the parts to Train’s smash hit “Hey, Soul Sister”. We will start with the ukulele parts and go through all the sections from there. Please check out the main site at http to see many many more FREE video guitar lessons and lots of other fun stuff. Your support at the main site is what will enable my to continue these FREE lesson updates!! Thanks!! Lesson Taught By: Carl Brown for

i recently got a guitar from a friend, it was in his attic for 10 years +

its missing a nut, pick guard and a part of the bridge

im looking for the bridge piece but its not the actual bridge its the piece the strings go on, its like a second nut and not where the stopper on the strings go on

u can see it on this photo (its got the white bit on

Do you know this song, i have part of the lyric…?

DOWNLOAD: Instrumental DOWNLOAD (please credit): FACEBOOK: FORUM: TWITTER This song/video is dedicated to gretelmusic (Gretel / Mei) for her upcoming birthday on Monday, March 30. =] “Thank you, Mei, for all your help and support!! I can’t thank you enough ^_^” – Alan JW N. Lyrics are from lisha87’s video, I’m pretty sure they’re not really directly but yeah~ About the song~~~~~ This is my attempt at HyunJoong’s acoustic version of “Because I’m Stupid” by his band, SS501. I never thought I’d end up doing a cover of a song from Boys Over Flowers ^_^. It was really fun learning the guitar part and do the singing in his way =] But I did fall back into other styles later on in the song~ I noticed HyunJoong’s breathing in the beginning and realized it helps with the emotions of the song =o NOTE: I learned the song by ear, so there is NO tab/music sheet I can give you. Sorry =[[ I figured/made up the very opening part of the song myself so ya.. About the recording~~~~~ This time I experienced with some freeverb and it’s way better than what I used before =o It gives it the “live concert hall” feel. hah~ The guitar parts were beautiful in the song =] I added some random stuff as improv to make it more lively =] (Yes, I was banging on my guitar as percussions. haha) The female voices are actually my voice with pitch editing (again XD)~ I think I should starting referring to my “female

Hi! The singer is male, and he plays a slow song, with piano and acoustic guitar…

he says:

Looking through the window
I could see forever
any way the wind blows
we got (…)
nothing else to do
if I can’t be with you.

i don’t know anything else… thank you for the help!


Learn about the parts of the electric guitar in this free video music lesson. Expert: Mike Lais Bio: Mike Lais is an accomplished young musician that has a deep passion for music and loves to share is passion with others. Filmmaker: Doug Craig

im taking a gap year and would like to learn and master an instrument so i could take part in young musician of the year contest. But i have never played anything in my life lol ( i know). Ive been researching on the kind of instruments that would be easy .Their all terribly hard but i have a whole YEAR off and would take lessons . Which instrument could i manage to master fully in my spare time? ( grade 1 to 8) And would not kill me ? :)
A. piano or keyboard ( i have a clue here)
B oboe or clarinet
C acoustic guitar or violin.
Any other instruments would be welcomed thanx.

music lessons – why should I receive them ?

How I play Three Pistols by the Tragically Hip. This is not a meant to be a note-for-note transcription. It’s just the way I’ve come to play it. The video has two parts. First, I play the song live against a simple backing track I made with GarageBand. I play the chords with my Washburn Woodstock acoustic and play the lead bits on my Fender Stratrocaster. Second, I do a brief tutorial where I play the various guitar parts a little bit slower in hopes you can see my fingerings. You might catch a couple of wonky edits. This is because I’m still learning the ins and outs of iMovie. Note that to highlight the guitar parts, I play a much shorter arrangement of the song. Sorry, no tabs.

At my school all of my year are being given the chance to take part in instrumental/vocal taster lessons with a choice of instrument. The choice is Piano, electronic keyboard, electric guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, drum kit, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet or trombone and voice.
I really want to do these lessons but you have to apply and give a good reason why you should receive these lessons. Then the request will be considered.
Can anyone think of something really good and unusual for a reason why. I cant think of anything clever! so would be grateful. Thanks

Acoustic Guitar Parts: Any Ideas For BTEC Music Pieces?

More vintage guitars from Sweden! :) I use 0.10’s strings on both.. On July 27th 1900, Herman Carlson Levin began building his wonderful stringed instruments in a small workshop in Gothenburg, Sweden. My great passion is collecting these instruments that, to my eyes (and ears), were some of the finest guitars ever built.. Certainly, many people today know of Levin for its fine old arch-top guitars or its plainer and not quite so fine-sounding beginners’ instruments from the 50s and 60s. But long before this, Levin was top of it’s class in Europe and other parts of the world. It already achieved a high-point as an instrument maker at the 1907 World’s Fair in Madrid, where it won the gold medal for the best guitar. Remember, this was in the Spanish guitar builders’ home territory. Not only that, Levin was awarded the exhibition’s Grand Prix!

I’m currently in Year 10 and studying BTEC performing arts, part of which requires me to record or perform three solo pieces. I play electric guitar at Grade 5, as well as acoustic guitar and basic piano. However, I really can’t think of any definite song choices.. my teacher really isn’t helpful, so I’m turning to Yahoo!

Apparently it doesn’t have to be too complex, but I’d like to play something which looks and sounds pretty good. I was thinking of doing some Satriani or a modified version of Canon Rock for one of the pieces, keeping another as a simpler acoustic [Villagers, or Street Spirit by Radiohead] and no idea for the third.

I quite dislike the ‘classic’ rock bands- Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, Led Zep, that kind of thing. I thought as a last resort I’d do Eric Clapton’s Layla, other ideas being Bigmouth Strikes Again/ I Know It’s Over/ This Charming Man by the Smiths [huge Morrissey fan], Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix [another last resort], Coming Back to Life by Pink Floyd or Shape of my Heart by Sting.

I’m mainly into The Smiths, Emilie Autumn, The Cure, Villagers, Sisters of Mercy, that kind of thing.. so the above isn’t really what I’d be happiest playing. I thought it could also be interesting to do some J-Rock [like The Gazette]..

Any suggestions?

I have to do original compositions for another module, so that’s out of the question! Heh.

Acoustic Guitar Parts: Looking For Name Song That Was In The Charts Last Year 1 Hit Wonder Uk Charts?

This is a lesson on how to play Major Minus by Coldplay on the guitar. I show you how to play all of the guitar parts in the song, acoustic and electric. This and Charlie Brown are my favorite new Coldplay songs, so I hope you like the tutorial. Sorry if it’s a bit long. Can’t wait for LP5!

the singer was male think he was from holland played acoustic guitar and the video was animated i think in 1 part he was sliding down a rainbow

Acoustic Guitar Parts: Do You Know This Song ?

so this song just came out yesterday and i love it! haha CHORDS: i figured out the chords by myself, the only part im not completely sure about is the bridge. other than that it’s good. check out my other video for the download link: i’ll put up the chords at a later time, im too lazy right now haha. if you urgently need the chords u can message me, cuz i might take a while to put them up. oh and the video might not completely be in sync cuz i put the song over the video and some parts might be off in timing. but its close, so yeah. thanks for watching, comment,rate, subscribe :)

I am trying to find the name of this LATIN
jazz song. The words on it is this.
Whatever happened to the goodness in
man, whatever happened to giving a
helping hand. Whatever happened to
striving towards goals, whatever
happened to….. And you get the picture.
It is a slow song, with an acoustic
guitar, a harp, and a beat. The chorus
part goes like this. Fa la la la la la la la,
fa la la la la , la la di daaa.
And again. It is a beautiful melody on
that song. And it is played on those
inspirational stations, for spiritual
minded folks. Where they play
Jazz, classical, and other alternatives,
bu tmostly jazz. Do you know the name
of this LATIN jazz group ? The lead
singer sounds like, that Spanish
guy with the glasses, and slick back hair.
It is a Latin jazz group. The lead
singer sound like Michael FrantZ.

Acoustic Guitar Parts: What Is The Song Called. With Martin Luther King Jr. Extracts?

Für Bine! * * * Fireflies guitar cover played with the original intro and parts of the bass and string arrangement! Go to for TABS / LESSON * * * Please check out my other videos (guitar & flute) – thanx :-) Oliver Mochmann Cort custom shop acoustic guitar “You would not believe your eyes, if ten million fireflies lit up the world as I fell asleep…”

Hi Guys,

I hope you can help. I heard a song today and I have been trying to find it with no luck. The song has a chilled mood and features an acoustic guitar for the main fill. The main part is made up of quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. and Neil Armstrong. These quotes from others also make up the bulk of the song.

So could anyone possibly help me or does anyone know the song.


To reply to the answer, The song has a fairly upbeat tempo, it has a house music type feel to it, but not too ‘clubby’. I guess it is a fairly recent song. An acoustic guitar is present through-ought. Thanks for the enquiries

Acoustic Guitar Parts: Song Idea Of Mine I Just Had?

Part 2: Part 3: A collection of my favorite mellow passages from Opeth. Enjoy. 0:00 – The Moor 1:44 – Benighted 2:38 – Face of Melinda 4:03 – Patterns in the Ivy 5:02 – The Leper Affinity 5:59 – Harvest

I just got hit for an idea for a song, my idea came to me when i was adding songs on my mp3 & i remembered how my old mp3 used to mash up songs cause it was a cheap piece of crap….anyway my idea was me playing parts of other songs & tieing them in together, like:

“…cause we’re livin on a prayer whoaaa I never meant to brag but It’s more than a feeling ”

Thats just a couple of lines as an example.

And I know its basically just me ripping off other peoples songs but at the moment it sounds like a good idea to me.

Anyone else think it could work if i made a good effort at it??

Also note: everything would be played on an acoustic guitar

Acoustic Guitar Parts: Suggestions With The Performance/ Where To Find The Music Fortime Of Your Life By Green Day?

This is a slow loop version of After Midnight. I’ve been playing this lately on my live gigs. I am recording my guitar with a Boss RC20Xl Loop Sampler while playing live. After laying down the rhythm track I overdubbed a bass part live using a Boss Super Octave OC-3. The bass pedal is a new addition to my pedal board. Near the end of the tune I erase the first loop and build a new loop while continuing to play. At the very end I overdub several guitar parts live. The looper is fun to play with.

in my music tech class, we’re in groups and have to perform a song and we chose time of your life by greenday..
we’ll have probably an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, voice and piano… (y)
so voice is easy, the bass i think they will work out okay… electric and acoustic people already know the song, what should the pianist do? we’re changing the parts to suit the group..
where can i find the music?
pianist could play just the chords, but what should they add to it so its not like a triad plus a 7th or something…


Acoustic Guitar Parts: What Does This Guitar Tab Layout Mean?

Learn how to play One by Metallica. I made this when i was like 12 so thats why it kinda sucks soo yeah

hey, im still kinda new to guitar and been learning my hero acoustic by the foo fighters. ive been doing it fine as:


sounds good and all but think its missing abit more to make it sound better then i came across this version with alot of votes 5/5


This is the part i dont get.


i know that i proberly need 2 be lifting my finger up and down but i dont understand which tab first because ther all in a line which i thought means hold them together.?

Whats this song? I think it goes “out of my head..”?

It goes somethin like this I think

I’m/get out of my head
Get out of my …..
whooah oh oh

Played on acoustic guitar, with a guy singing, maybe with a fiddle in the background at parts. Hmmm think it might be in an add for something at the minute

Acoustic Guitar Parts: Could PVC Pipe Tape Be Used As A Grip Tape?

Here’s my rendition of the super fantastic main theme from the winner of a tv series that is Game of Thrones, as composed by Ramin Djawadi. Trying to arrange this to capture the sustain of the string parts and balance all those tracks nearly killed me, hopefully it sounds ok being recorded with the terribad camera mic. Anyway, enjoy :) Tuning – Standard EADGBE, Capo 1st fret mp3: TAB –

In case you are not aware of the anatomy of a guitar I’ll try to explain:
At the head of the guitar are the machine heads. They’re the mechanical parts that the strings are wound around and can be adjusted to tune the strings.
The tuner keys are the parts you turn to tune the strings. The inside of the tuner keys are shaped with two wedges so that they grip on to the metal part of the machine head. On my guitar the inside of one of the tuner keys has worn away so that it doesn’t grip on any more.

Would it work if I used PVC pipe tape to tighten the connection?

It’s an acoustic guitar by the way so the tuner keys are plastic, not metal.


Song lyrics “I really wanna be with you”?

My arrangement of all 3 terran themes from the original Starcraft. All together they were about 12 minutes so I just arranged my favourite parts. I cut out around 30-40%. Sorry if your favourite part isn’t in there! Even though I went much slower than the original song, some parts were still too hard for me for me to play cleanly/evenly.

The song starts off with an acoustic guitar. The singer has almost a country voice and you cannot make out what he is really saying in the beginning of the song. The only lyrics I remember is “I really wanna be with you”. During that part he holds the ‘you’ out for awhile.

I can’t sing to my guitar teacher…?

Arranged and played by Clay Grumieaux. If anybody can think of a song that would be well covered by multiple guitar parts please feel free to suggest via comment. I’d like to do some more of these for fun.

My guitar teacher has recently started to teach me singing as well as acoustic and electric guitar. As soon as we start the song i just get really embarrassed and can’t do it. When i play and sing alone i’m fine but i just can’t do it in public. This could be an issue as i would like to join my friend’s band as bass. This would probably include a singing part. How do i get the confidence to sing?

Acoustic Guitar Parts: What Song Has Whistling In The Beginning?

In the summer of 2006 Jay Robinson traveled to Vancouver Island British Columbia to embark on a Guitar fueled adventure. Studying with Luthier and teacher Adam Marsh Johnston in the small town of Bowser British Columbia Jay designed and built a Custom Acoustic Guitar from scratch. No prefab parts were used in the construction of the instrument. JR Guitars – Making an Acoustic Guitar

The beginning has whistling, an acoustic guitar and a bit of drums. Then a female singer starts singing. The first word (and only part of the lyrics I remember, sadly) is “Alabama.”

It’s a pretty modern song, made in the 2000s. And it is NOT Young Folks!! NOT NOT NOT YOUNG FOLKS!

I appreciate your help. Thank-you! :)

Acoustic Guitar Parts: What Is The Name Of The Song In Brothers And Sisters Season 2 Episode 3 (History Repeating)?

In my very first attempt of posting a Youtube video, I show you how to play the acoustic guitar parts for the live version of Chris Tomlin’s song, Unchanging. I hope this helps other worship leaders in recreating the sound you hear Chris play on the live version of the song.

Where Kevin and Scotty meet in a car – it sounds acoustic (guitar). It’s been haunting me for ages I’ve no idea what’s it called or where I could get it from. Part of the song I think goes ‘where the taxis wait in line’. I neeed it! Be your bf forever if you can pleeese help me!!!

Acoustic Guitar Parts: Help With Advanced GUITAR Tabs?

A cover of one of my favorite songs of all time. I had to play a few parts differently because I cant reach certain spots on the fretboard(acoustic without cutaway…). Either way hope whoever watches it enjoys.

help with advanced GUITAR tabs?
please look at the following link for the tab…

the thing i do not understand is the part with guitar 2 that goes:

Guitar1 (acoustic chords or can be fairly clean electric):
D(10x) C#m(9x) Bm(7x) A(5x)

Guitar2(Fairly Clean sound for lead part)


i dont understand what the letters between the numbers are like; -9b11—-b11-9–9p7-9p7-x7p6-7p6-
what the hell does that mean? ive seen it on a few tabs but do not understand


Acoustic Guitar Parts: Can Anyone Play This Song On Guitar And Record And Send It To Me? Learn to play China Grove Guitar lesson – Doobie Brotherssample guitar lesson. Full lesson found at http Visit the site for free guitar lessons, TARGET program, forum, community, and contests. China Grove is one of Tom Johnston’s signature sound songs. It is just a simple, but driving power chord based riff, combined with a few guitar fills and inspired vocals from Tom, with Pat Simmons and Tiran Porter adding great backing parts and harmony. The song was released in 1973 on the 3rd Doobie Brothers album, The Captain And Me. This lesson goes over the main rhythm guitar parts with a few lead fills thrown in. – Complete Free Lessons – Community – Chat Room – Forum – Your Own Blog – Recommend A Lesson – Membership is free http join now!

here’s the acoustic version so you get a better idea:

here’s the original:

it’s such a beautiful song, and i’d like to put vocals over it, if you play the guitar part and send it my way, preferably tonight :)

if it works out we could potentially do a few more covers, and have some sort of awesome internet band going on 😀

My brand new guitar has a cracked neck…help?!?

So basically, i’d been waiting for a new acoustic guitar, and for my christmas my dad got me the Yamaha APX500.

A couple of days later, we had some guests round with very young girls, and i had my friend round. Me and my friend went downstairs and we heard a thump from my room and when i went upstairs i saw my guitar had a broken string.

I knew strings could be replaced easily so i wasnt too bothered, until i saw a small crack down the neck, and the plastic piping had not completely come off but had come loose.
Today i took it into the local music shop and we noticed a crack down the other side aswell.
The guy in there said it looks as if, if it got another push or even after time the top part of the neck would snap off.

I just want older sort of more experienced guitarists opinion, what do you think? Can it be repaired is all i really want to know.
Sorry if i’ve given vague description, and thanks in advance.

Acoustic Guitar Parts: Can Anyone Tell Me If Keeping Really Good Rhythm On The Guitar Whilst Singing Is Genetic, Or Can It Be Learnt?

Part 2/3 of my tutorial. Finally here, thanks for waiting, i will post up the tabs for these sections when i get time so watch this space. Unfortunatley, i couldn’t fit the rest of the song into one video because of the 15 min limit. So there will be 3 parts in total. Link to part 3 below link to part 1 if you missed it Link to my playthrough of this song

I find I can’t keep really set rhythm patterns on the acoustic guitar and sing over the top. A guy who got me started on the guitar, who taught me my first few chords etc etc, a guy from new Zealand, he could do this, he wasn’t a professional as such, just played for fun, but he could do it without really thinking too much about it. It’s bloody frustrating. He could pull off Doobie Bros ‘Long Train Running’ and sing over the top, magic, it’s just he couldn’t sing, lol! Well not very well anyway. I can, that’s the frustrating part. I can sing pretty well, and if I could master this, I could start a band. He said he didn’t really think about the strumming part, it was almost done subconsciously and he focused primarily on the singing? perhaps it’s an ability you’re born with? Now I can play the patterns most of the time, just not sing at the same time as well, that’s the frustrating part. Like I would love to be able to play ‘Another Brick in the Wall (Pt2)’ by Pink Floyd but can’t keep the strum up and sing at the same time. I can play it, I can sing it, just not both together. Another song that infuriates me like this is, ‘The Last Time’ by Rolling Stones. Also, ‘Half the World Away’ by Oasis, tryna keep the strum up and the little 3 note picking part that comes after each chord, I can play it without singing, or I can play and sing it without the picking bit at the end, why can’t I do the strum/picking and singing all at once. ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon is another one. So is there any techniques anyone knows of to learn this or am I doomed. I get the feeling sometimes, that it’s either something you can just do naturally or you can’t. I’ve never been able to do it. Been playing guitar 11yrs now, and tried a few times to master this. I nearly stamped on my guitar a few years back I was so angry and frustarted with this dilemma. I dedicated a whole day to tryna achieve it, practiced and practiced and practiced, but no matter how hard I try, I get the pattern, and as soon as I start to sing, the strum just wants to go steady with my voice. I’ve heard somebody else say they had the same problem. I would also love to be able to play the two Kinks classics that have definitive strum patterns in them, ‘You Really Got Me’ and ‘All Day and All of the Night’. Somebody please help, won’t you pleeeeaaassse help me!

to all guitar players……?

Just me playing along to Misery Business This was as good as i could get it, Hope you like :) Please comment and rate! This is the tab that i basically used but i switched between the two guitar parts and in the 2nd part of each verse i did it by ear

this could get quite long winded for such a small question…
i started off playing bass guitar at secondry school and by the age of 16 i had reached grade 8 (i skipped the first 4 grades cos they were just too easy and itd be a waste of my time…) and the school no longer had any music for me to learn from so i couldnt devlop my talent more. so me and my music teacher actually composed a grade 9 piece for my Higher exam (im scottish, Higher exams are kinda the equivelent to english A-Levels) got straight A! woohoo!
during that same year, during my Higher exams, i started to learn acoustic guitar to occupy myself in music classes cos bass guitar was just too easy at the time, so if i had a spare 15 mins id pick up an acoustic and try to transfer my music skills over to it.
basically, im now 23 (no longer at school!!) and i cant seem to learn anymore. i have my very own beautiful acoustic and i can play the basics, open chords, scales, maybe even attempt a few songs if the chords are simple. i can also play some finger picked songs. but i dont have the creativity i once had. i used to love writing pieces for the bass, and id wrtie songs and scribble melodies everywhere, but i just cant seem to pick up a guitar and have that spark anymore.
basically, my question is What are your influences? what keeps you learning? my question is especially aimed at people not in school anymore, cos its not part if their every day curriculum. how can i start to learn again without paying out stupid tuition fees. i just want to be able to pick up a guitar and feel the love again. i want to play it so much! (i have this wierd thing where i have to be good at everything i do…) i just need some influence