Acoustic Bass Guitar: How Do I Set Up A Basic Recording Studio At Home?

Travis picking in the style of Landslide, Dust in the wind, Helplessly hoping and the Painter. Tab downloads available at Check out “The Sringery” site. Very cool.

i want to try putting some songs together but i literally have no idea where to start or what to buy.
i’m not working so don’t want to spend a lot of money.
what i have so far to work with is:
a laptop, an electronic drum kit (Roland TD-3), electric guitar, a bass, acoustic guitar, and a microphone.
does anyone know how i should go about doing this? haha. any software i’ll need to download?
any suggestions would be appreciated :)

Acoustic Bass Guitar: Should I Sell All Music Equipment And Just Play Classical Guitar?

Click here to get up 60% OFF: Johnson JG-702-CE Cutaway Acoustic Electric Bass The JG-702 Cutaway Acoustic/Electric Bass features a shorter scale length and a thin profile for great playability. The active pickup has a 4-band EQ with a warm sound and nice punch. This model is made from a Canadian sitka spruce top

at the moment i have a bass guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar, electro-acoustic, and arch-top jazz guitar.
peavey 20watt bass amp trans-tube, peavey bandit 112 trans-tube.
and a small yamaha keyboard.
i also am learning to sing.

i was thinking of just keeping to one instrument, although i enjoy all of them.

am i stretching myself to thinly by learning too many different styles.

ie jazz, classical guitar, classical bass guitar, rock guitar, rock bass, acoustic rock and pop singing.

thanks for our help.

Acoustic Bass Guitar: Does Anyone Know How Much Tension Is Applied To Guitar Bridges By The Strings?

Jazz blues progression in the key of C major.

I want to know the net pull exerted on the bridge of bass, 6 and 12 string guitars (acoustic) (average string guage) or a link to any website that has this information please. Thanks.
OK maybe I worded it wrong, I want to know how much pull the strings exert?

Acoustic Bass Guitar: How Can I Record All My Instruments For My Band?

I am in a band, I have a drum kit, acoustic guitar, bass and electric guitar and we are doing home demo’s but I don’t know how to make good quality recordings for all of my instruments.

New guitar and I want a bass, but my parents don’t know?

Artist: Paramore Song: Misery Business [acoustic] Album: Riot! [2007] Genre: Rock, Alternative, Punk Pop, Emo Bio: Paramore is an American pop-punk band that formed in Franklin, Tennessee, United States in 2003 consisting of Hayley Williams (lead vocals), Josh Farro (lead guitar/backing vocals), Jeremy Davis (bass guitar), Taylor York (rhythm guitar), and Zac Farro (drums). The group released their debut album All We Know Is Falling in 2005, and their second album Riot! in 2007, which was certified platinum in the United States and gold in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Formation and All We Know Is Falling (20022005) In 2002, at the age of 13, vocalist Hayley Williams moved from her hometown Meridan, Mississippi to Franklin, Tennessee USA where she met brothers Josh and Zac Farro while attending private school.Shortly after arriving, she began taking vocal lessons with Brett Manning. Prior to forming Paramore, however, Williams and bassist Jeremy Davis took part in a funk cover band called the Factory, while the Farro brothers had practiced together after school. The other members of what was soon to be Paramore had been edgy about the whole female thing of having Williams as vocalist, but, because they were really good friends, she started writing for them and it eventually worked out. The band was officially formed by Josh Farro (lead guitar/backing vocals), Zac Farro (drums), Jeremy Davis (bass) and Hayley Williams (lead vocals) in 2003, with the later

So, a few months ago, I bought an acoustic guitar, and I’m learning off of it. But now I also want to learn bass. I’m not exactly sure how to tell my parents this, they might get mad and say I bought the guitar for no reason, but I want to learn both. I’m debating whether to buy a bass too, but I haven’t mastered guitar, what should I do? And how should I tell my parents this?
Should I also buy a bass?

Acoustic Bass Guitar: I Need A Gadget That Will Follow My Guitar Chords And Automatically Play A Simple Bass-is There Such A Device?

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I play electro-acoustic but would like something that will automatically provide a simple bass just to fill out the sound, but it would need to generate bass notes based on the chords of the guitar. Can anyone help?

Acoustic Bass Guitar: What Do I Need To Record My Music On My Macbook Pro?

I have a macbook pro that i just bought. I already have a mic. I will be recording some stuff to add to my youtube page and maybe an ep. I will record vocals, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums, and some piano. besides software because i am planning on getting logic studio in a week what stuff should i get to make it sound professional?

Acoustic Bass Guitar: Bass Guitar Worries?

From the Pink Couch Sessions. More at

I have just been brought a acoustic bass, please can anyone tell me the perpose of the alan key that came with it? i can see there is a fitting in the neck, but am stumped as to its perpose, i can only asume it has something to do with re stringing. Is it ok to use the bass straight away? I have tuned it but am worried, dont whant to ruin it. Would be really glad of help on this one, as obviously keen to get playing, well learning!!

Acoustic Bass Guitar: Who Here Plays Bass Guitar? I Need Some Help Please?

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i’m starting to play bass. i have never played any form of guitar before, but when you started to play the first time, did you start with a bass or acoustic?
because my music teacher said i had to start with an acoustic one, but acoustic ones have 6 strings and bass have 4 and are completely different. should i just get an acoustic one?
also, are you good, and how long have you been playing for?
thanks 😀

Acoustic Bass Guitar: Standard Acoustic Guitar?

You can get tenor, baritone and bass guitars (as far as I know).
So if a standard guitar is none of those types what type would it be?

Is it inbetween tenor and baritone or something?
Is their a name for that?

Just curious by the way.

Acoustic Bass Guitar: Should I Begin To Play Bass Guitar?

just a demo of the bass mic’d, I replaced the stock strings by Adamas bronze. The mic is a SE electronics Titan through my m-audio 2626. Sorry, the fan of my graphics card is killer

I have always liked the sound of bass, and it is my favourite instrument (followed by the drums).
I stopped playing the acoustic guitar at the age of 12, as I was too young to fully appreciate it. Now, I’m 17, and I would very much like to take up the bass guitar, just as a hobby.

Timmy Commerford (from Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave) and Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers are two of my favourite bassists. I’d be interested in playing mainly punk, funk and rock riffs.

Unfortunately, I have very little knowledge on which bass I should purchase here in Ireland. I don’t intend on spending much over €200 on it, and I’d really appreciate it, if someone could point me in the right direction. Any tips in relation to learning, buying or just general information on the bass guitar would be helpful. Thanks in advance. :)
Thank you all very much for your answers so far! Would an Epiphone Thunderbird IV bass guitar for €299 be worth it? (taking into consideration I may not even progress very far with the instrument) Would you recommend that bass guitar?

I want to learn bass guitar…?

Hi guys,
I would like to start learning bass and am slightly stumped where to start really, I’m a total novice.
I’m not sure what kind of bass I should be looking at, within my price range (hopefully under £100 but that’s not looking very promising at the moment) there isn’t much available.
Would it be easier to look in a music shop?
Also would it be better to learn on an acoustic bass or an electric bass?
The reason I ask is because a few of my friends play guitar and often play more folksy/pop music so if one day I was going to play with them would it be more appropriate to use a acoustic? (Although of course that’s in the very distant future!)
Another thing, Is a 4 string better/easier than a 5 or 6 string bass?

Also another worry, do you think I’m too old to learn? I’m 17 now and I know lots of people who have learnt to play instruments from when they were very little, it makes me rather jealous!
I don’t want to be a genius at it, I just want to play.

Thanks for reading :)
Thank you so much everyone! Your information was seriously helpful 😀
I think I’m going to grab one of my friends and go look around the local music shops on monday, I’m pretty excited to learn now ! 😀
Oh! And I checked out The Pixies, they’re pretty awesome 😀
May itunes some of their stuff now 😀

Acoustic Bass Guitar: Stuck Between Electric And Bass Guitar? Just because the bass player isn’t flashy or obvious enough doesn’t mean that they are not crucial in a particular group. A song is quite often brought together by the bass player and the drummer by creating the framework for the song and arranging the rhythm. To many people who aren’t into guitars or playing guitars, an acoustic bass guitar and a standard acoustic guitar looks the same. However, when one looks deeper, it has a larger hollow body and thicker neck. Likewise, the fingerboard is wider with 20 frets, not like the standard one which has only 19 frets. It also has four strings, although there are 6 string acoustic bass guitar versions available, even going as high as 12 strings (like in the Mexican acoustic bass referred to as the bajo sexto). These four strings are tuned similarly with a regular double bass. These pitches, consequently, are one octave lower than the lowest four strings of a regular 6-string guitar, particularly EADG. The string is another feature to take into consideration.These metal strings may are available in roundwound, flatwound, groundwound, or halfwound types. Other guitars have various coverings, like plastic or tapewound.

I want to move on from playing acoustic guitar, but I am stuck between bass or electric, cuz I love them both, but only have enough money to buy one. Any ideas to help me choose?

Acoustic Bass Guitar: A Good Bass Guitar For Around £60?

Me playing Californication by RHCP on acoustic bass. Comment please.

I want to learn how to play bass, I already play electric and acoustic guitar so I don’t need an amp or anything.

But I really don’t have a lot of money, so I just want a bass guitar that works reasonably well and is easy to set up and tune. I know I won’t get much for £60, but I figure I can always upgrade when I have the money. Thanks

I would like to learn to play the guitar….which is easier Bass or an Acoustic?

A couple clips of me playing my 6-string Kinal Kompact Acoustic Bass. This time tuned F#BEADG (the EADG are up an octave from a standard bass), strung with a mix of two Sterling silver wrapped gut cello strings, a plain gut cello string, and three plain gut bass viol de Gamba strings. Recorded with a mix of the piezos and an external condenser mic.

Acoustic Bass Guitar: Bass Guitar, Impressing?

Mamen – Yorgos Nousis and Roger Lock playing “Mamen” on acoustic guitar and fretless bass. Recorded at capricorn studio Vienna. Visit Links: myspace:

what are some good songs to learn to impress people?
my timings great and i can play many things its just so many songs sound so boring on bass :p
any suggestions for whenb someone goes, ‘play me something’?
dont give me any of that ‘smoke on the water’ or ‘seven nation army’ crap, so easy!
also anything romantic i could learn on bass or acoustic guitar ( im not good at acoustic guitar though so simple ones for that)

Acoustic Bass Guitar: Thinking About Buying A Roundback Electro Acoustic Guitar?

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Do you know where I can buy a roundback electro acoustic guitar cheaply? I have found this one: but I don’t know if it will be any good. Thanks :)

Acoustic Bass Guitar: How Many Instruments Are There To Play Bass?

A compilation of a bunch of shorter video clips and outtakes with my two acoustic basses. A 4-string fretless and 6-string fretted, both built by Mike Kinal. Strung with Thomastik-Infeld Acousticore strings. Various chord melody stuff I’ve only half-learned too……a gold star goes to anyone who can guess what any of the songs are!

Just curious

Bass electric guitar,
bass acoustic guitar
Double bass
Bass clarinet?
Bass cornett
Bass flute
Bass sax
bass sarrusophone

Also would piano count as you can play bass on it too?

Acoustic Bass Guitar: Are Ukuleles Similar To Acoustic Bass Guitars?

Acoustic Bass Guitar: Which Bass Guitar Should I Buy?

When I first tried double thumping on the acoustic, I got really frustrated because I couldn’t do it. I concluded that because it lacks a pick up system, which I’m very reliant on for double thumping, this is what hindered me from transferring the technique from electric to acoustic. But, with sticking with it and determination, I think I figured it out (it’s all in the shoulder), so I would like to share that with you. Also, read ‘Stone Butch Blues’ by Leslie Feinberg – it’s an awesome novel about alienation in relation to sexual identity. Check it out – I highly recommend it!

I’ve been playing a normal acoustic guitar since January and am now looking into buying an electrical bass guitar after playing one recently. I am pretty good at it and intend to practise regularly as I have a place in a band as soon as I get the guitar. I was wondering what make and model would be suitable? Thanks!

Acoustic Bass Guitar: Is It Easier To Teach Myself Guitar Or Bass?

some nice singing by jonas and a roger spoof for true who fans at the end :)

I want to teach myself bass, but it’s so expensive, since I have to buy a guitar and an amplifier. But if I taught myself acoustic guitar, it would be much cheaper (about £150 less). So which is easier, and which instrument should I learn?

Acoustic Bass Guitar: Is It Easier To Teach Yourself Guitar Or Bass?

Jah Parsonanda and I trying to make some sound

I want to teach myself bass, but it’s so expensive, since I have to buy a guitar and an amplifier. But if I taught myself acoustic guitar, it would be much cheaper (about £150 less). So which is easier, and which instrument should I learn?

Acoustic Bass Guitar: How Long Would It Take To Teach Myself Bass Guitar?

Hey everyone! Thanks for watching this video. I know a lot of y’all have been wanting me to make another video like this, but unfortunately it will probably never happen as everyone is now incredibly busy or had graduated college (this video was shot in a dorm room at the University of Arkansas). But if you did like this, feel free to check out Ryan Burton. He is the guitarist on the far left, and is making music now! Here is a link to one of his videos: Thanks so much again for watching. I hope you all enjoyed the video!

Say through, online lessons, books, videos…?

Would it be any different if i tried to learn acoustic guitar, or the ukulele…?


Acoustic Bass Guitar: Can Anyone Recommend The Smallest And Most Powerful PA System For Use With 2 Voices, A Guitar And A Bass?


We need the smallest, lightest PA possible. Will even take it on a plane etc. It needs to be very powerful to use a bass guitar, an acoustic electric guitar and two voices. To be used in middle sized clubs etc.
needs to have a bass bin also

Acoustic Bass Guitar: Is Bass Guitar Easy To Learn When You Can Play Acoustic And Electric Guitar?

Home recorded video, just testing my new microphone for double bass on the bass guitar.

I’ve been learning guitar for 5 years and was wondering if Bass is easy to learn.