Guitar Lessons: How To Get A Career In Teaching Music?

Mein Cover (+ Gesang) von diesem Lied: Bitte Bewerten und Kommentare abgeben. Rhytmik im Refrain: D= Downstroke U= Upstroke C: D–DDU D: DDU G:D–D–UUDD-DU C:DD-DU D: DD-DU E: D-DU-DD-UU-UD-DU B-Moll: DDU-UD-DUD CD-DU-UD-DU A: DDU-UD-DD-DUD-DU-UD-DD-DUD Hier gibts noch die Tabs zum Vers und die Akkorde und der Songtext: Ich werde noch weitere Gitarren Lessons machen. Ihr könnt mich einfach abonnieren. Nächste Guitar Lesson: Bullet for my Valentine – Hearts Burst into fire Intro: Viel Spaß beim spielen =)

HI :) I’m 15 and in my final year at Secondary school so i am thinking about what A-Levels to take for next year.
Since the age of about 8 I have loved music and have had lessons for Clarinet since then i’ve also learnt Flute, Saxophone and Guitar as well as Clarinet.
I would really love to become a Music teacher but I don’t know what grades, A-Levels and Degrees I would need in an instrument and Music in order to teach children in a secondary school…
Could someone please explain what qualifications in grades, A-Levels and degrees i would need in order to teach?
Thanks :)


  1. Dave LaBuda says:

    Get yourself a degree in music and a teaching certificate. I would help if you have a minor in education as well. But, with a music degree, there are higher paying jobs you could get.