Best Acoustic Guitar: Need Help Buying An Acoustic Guitar?

hey so I am selling my xbox 360 and a couple of games because i am sick of gaming and i need a new hobby i want to buy an acoustic guitar for around £130-£150 but people are saying that guitars in that price range aren’t that good and i’d be better off buying a used guitar what guitars would u guys recommend. I am a beginner and i want a good one with a great sound to keep me motivated


  1. Guy says:

    My bro plays and says go to local music and check sizes price etc and see what they say but you could buy it somewhere else.

  2. James says:


  3. Tony B says:

    At that price, you won’t get a “good” guitar with a “great” sound. However, you should easily be able to get one that is playable, reliable, sounds okay and good enough to learnt on. Years ago I bought a Westfield acoustic for about £100. I was a teacher and wanted a cheap guitar to use at school. It simply didn’t compare with the other guitars I had but it did the job and never let me down. Now, I would like to sell it for £50. It is still okay, so anyone buying it would get a guitar for about half the price of a new one. Therefore, if you spent your £130 – £150 on a used instrument you could get a better quality guitar. You would need to try out any guitar you buy and if possible take someone with you who can play and who knows about guitars (there are plenty people who post he who know nothing about guitars!). The are literally dozens of brand names out there, Yamaha, Fender are Epiphone well known names but there are many others.

    Take care choosing, good luck.