Guitar Hero Games: Should I Buy The PSP GO?

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I was thinking to get this as I have £200 burning a hole in my pocket. At the mo sony are offering 10 free games with ever purchase; however is it true you only get to choose:

Fifa 2010
GTA: Vice City
Assasins Creed
Gran Turismo
Little Big Planet
Motorstorm Artic Edge
Wipeout Pure
Pursuit Force
Need For Speed

I really want to get a normal psp as I can get the blue one. I only want one of these games so is it worth buying, it’d be better if I could choose the game.

If I don’t get this I’ll buy Guitar Hero 6


  1. Jason says:

    Get the original psp (blue one) or the new one with the mic. the psp GO does not have a UMD tray and is download only so if not connected… plus if will probably break after the sliders wear out

  2. Dylan Burk says:

    no man its a rip off they break easily and you might as well get a PS3 or an XBOX360 for round the same price

  3. Ajani Blackwood says:

    get a psp 3000 look on youtube.

  4. MetalSonic128 says:

    No. Buy the PSP 3000.