Guitar Lessons: I Want To Buy An Electric Guitar, Can Anyone Give Me Advice?

What advice can you give me about lessons as well


  1. 2 good 2 miss says:

    go to a shop that sells guitars. 😉

  2. Pauline says:


  3. hstoic01 says:

    Get something inexpensive to strat out with. Get a Gibson Epiphone*. For the guitar and the amp it will run you just under $ 200.00. I don’t know if you have a place like The Guitar Center where you live. Go somewhere like that and they will hook you up.

  4. Rachael H says:

    Get a cheap one to start. I play the classical guitar and boought an electric to try it. Didn’t really take to it too well, so I was glad I only bought a cheap one. There are loads of electric guitar tutors in the Yellow Pages.

  5. hallowman12892 says:

    As a starter you could start with a pack, you know the ones with an amp already? It wouldn’t really matter what kind of guitar but a versatile one would help a lot like a stratocaster (the most versatile of them all) start humble and patient<—- I’m dead serious it helps but as an advice if you wanna be ferociously good in guitar i would suggest to start of in classical after a couple of years your fingers will be very fast then after classical you can go to electric and all you have to practice is the is your picking and that would take very little time * steve vai is classicaly trained* from a 14 year old

  6. hugebaby says:

    best guitar to get would be a yamaha pacificer very good price and excellent guitar. i would try to teach yourself first to learn basics some good books out there check amazon for reviews

  7. MiG-29_1977 says:

    Well,you have to find which guitar suits u the best.There are many electric guitar manufacturer that produced a very good guitar such as “Fender Stratocaster”,”Gibson SG”,”Ibanez”, “Jackson Flying V”,”Rickenbacker” and so on.
    If you want a cheap but quality guitar,I suggest that you buy a Squier Stratocaster and Epiphone SG…..
    About the lesson,you can have a tutor to teach u to play guitar.If u can’t afford this,then u ask someone,maybe your friends to teach u to play or u buy a guitar coursebook which u can find in every musical instruments’ shop………
    As for me last time,I bought a Gibson SG guitar just like Iommi’s SG,expensive but worth it.I play with it for around 9 yrs already,n until now it is still in good condition….