Guitar Hero Games: Help! Want To Buy My Boyfriend An Xbox For Christmas, But Which One?

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My head is spinning!

I have been looking on the net for ages and I still can’t work out which one to get! He is not a hard-core gamer but likes Rock Band, Guitar Hero and really wants the new F1 game. Other than that, I wouldn’t mind having the new Kinect for it but I can buy that later on.

I know there is the 250GB one which is really a bit to expensive. But I’ve heard that the new 4GB one will not have enough storage?
I’ve seen some 120GB Elite ones on, apart from the storage space, what’s the difference between this one and the 250GB?
Thanks for all your answers so far – so what is the difference between the 250GB xbox and the 120GB Elite (apart from the storage space)?


  1. ScoobyBudge says:

    If you run out of storage on the memory of the xbox you can always buy a hardrive later on. Although these are expensive you could save up the money whilst using the storage space on the memory of the xbox as standered.

  2. Ineed Answers says:

    I would suggest buying the $ 300 4gb kinect bundle. I think walmart also has a $ 330 bundle that offers an additional kinect game. if you run out of memory, you can use certain USB flash drives as a memory unit.

  3. Beth says:

    Honestly the 4GB isn’t worth anything if he plans to play online. Plus with all the DLC he will download for the Rock Band/Guitar Hero games you are going to want to upgrade your memory.

    I would go ahead and get the 250GB unless you can find an older model 360 at your local gamestore. They are a bit cheaper and have 60, 120 and 250GB memory.


    The only difference between the 250 and 120gb is looks. The slim model is well slimmer and shiny. Whereas the elite model is not slim and a matte black. Honestly I would go with the elite. The slims came out this year so there could still be some bugs with it.