I keep getting butterflies in my stomach, but I’m not nervous about anything.?

This started on the day of my first driving lesson, which was about a week ago. I was waiting for the instructor, with a serious case of butterflies. I thought it would all pass away once I got through my first lesson, and when I was doing it, it did pass. I had a lot of fun and my instructor was very nice, but when I got home, almost immediately it started again. It’s been about a week, and I still get butterflies every night, sometimes it’s so bad I don’t feel good at all, and in the morning I can’t bring myself to eat because I think I might throw up. I don’t understand. School just started, but I’m not nervous about that. I love the driving lessons, they’re quite relaxing and enjoyable, so what can it be?

I noticed one thing that calms me down is playing my guitar, but that’s probably because I’m not thinking about the butterflies.


  1. Jungaar El-Mjangar says:

    you’re probably thinking about things that are stirring you up without knowing.

    when you play the guitar or immerse yourself in some other activity, you forget about your worries and feel better.

    keep busy, hobbies are good. thats all i could advise you my son.