Guitar Games: How Can My Brother Be Happy Being A Longer Virgin At 22 Years Old?

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My brother is a confident, intelligent and successful guy. But he doesn’t have much of a social life.

He lives by himself in an apartment, and all he does is listen to music, play his guitar, play video games, and the only social thing he does is goes to football matches with our dad.

Since he was 14 he’s never really had friends, and been a total loner, but never really seemed bothered about it. He seemed so happy playing halo 2 or 3 or whatever you call them, and listening to his death metal screaming stupid music.

If he was depressed about it, I’d not worry a quarter as much as I do now. The frightening thing is he’s happy being a loner?

It’s good that he’s happy, but Is that the only important thing? Will he be happy in 15 years when he’s still a loner?

I’m thinking about the future here. I know he likes girls, he’s had loads of crushes.


  1. flying carpet says:

    Leave him alone ! his life is his to lead it how he wishes to lead it.
    He could be doing worse things like out boozing and cheating on gf”s etc etc.
    He seems fine to me so stop judging him.