Guitar Lessons: Breakfast Ideas/recipes????

Well i would like to make my parents a nice breakfast to show my appreciation for all the money the just spent for my guitar, amp, lessons, and more but i dont know what to make so and ideas recipes that i can make thank you!!!


  1. Prussia says:

    Make a French Toast sandwich and fill it with Nutella & bananas and/ or peanut butter and some tea, perhaps. :)

  2. pizza is like yum says:

    you could make pancakes cut out into any shape you’d like, waffles, eggs, and for a topping, strawberry sauce. You can find great recipies on

  3. CrossroadsMotel says:

    Beautiful question. If they enjoy sweet things I would consider Italian or French pastries served with real cafe latte or simple long hot espresso. Cream filled croissants are very nice, so are millefoglie! A selection of small pastries would look VERY impressive and indulgent. Seek out proper patiserie, not supermarkets. Or what about taking the transatlantic route and serving up waffles with pure maple syrup?