Guitar Notes: Do I Have A Brain Tumor?

I have been scared that I have a brain tumor for about 2 months now… I have seen three diffrent doctors and all of them have said that there is no way I have a brain tumor. All three of them did strength tests, reflex, light in the eyes, and follow the pen with your eyes tests. I had a CT scan of my head about a year and a half ago and that came out normal. About a month ago I was getting really bad headaches that would wake me up in the middle of the night, i haven’t had those anymore. When I do get headaches every once and a while they start sometime in the night and will last until I go to bed the next day. They are one sided (right side above ear or on top of the center right side of my head) and pulsating with light and sound sensitivity. I have been getting double vision when i look at text on a LCD which i don’t think I had noticed had before (I saw an eye doctor after getting this and he told me that I was at low risk for Glaucoma and I had astigmatism in my left eye but he didn’t seem to worried about the double vision thing. I also asked him if my optic nerve looked swollen and he said it looked fine). I constantly feel like i am stumbling over my words and my thought process has slowed down. I do have a bad problem with controlling my health anxiety and stress levels.

On a good note I am still able to play my drums and guitar with my band. I am able to do push ups and lift my two year old little girl up so I dont think I have strength issues.

Can health anxiety cause me to have these symptoms or does it sound like i do have a brain tumor?

Also forgot to mention that I am a 22 year old male in decent shape. I have asthma and allergies. I do smoke but hardly ever drink and I dont do any type of drugs.


  1. april says:

    Yet, you had no problem typing this detailed question out. I think you’re more paranoid than anything. Every little twitch, ache or pain doesn’t indicate brain tumors. I have astigmatism and I’ve always had headaches.

  2. kat says:

    I’m not trying to sound like a big Burt or anything, but smoking causes all of the things you are describing. The headaches could be from migranes and you could see a doctor about that. Smoking can affect your vision. But how long have you been smoking? But by the means of it, no brain cancer Yay!

  3. V R says:

    Sounds more like migraine or allergy to something. But consult a neurologist. He is the only one qualified to tell you about the brain. It is not like there is definitely no tumor. Are you having problems with walking or speech slurring?

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  5. Adewale Ademuyiwa says:

    Yes I believe health anxiety can cause you to have the symptoms you have described.

    Anxiety has a funny way of making people experience quite a large amount of symptoms that could easily be mistaken for something more insidious.

    A prolonged experience of anxiety causes cortisol to build up in our blood stream. Cortisol proceeds to sap resources from other body organs and systems like the imune system hence we can begin to experience a minor physical health problems. See for more on this