Help with what i can get for my boyfriend’s birthday?

The band sound at the top of their game. Even Tom seems to have gotten his voice back after the somewhat uneven performance in places on the Warfield DVD

I’m 15 years old and i have been going out with my boyfriend for 5 and a half months now. I’m going to meet him in august and stay with him for a couple of weeks for his 16th birthday. The only problem is that i am panicking for what i can get for him. Hes my first boyfriend so i did talk to him truthfully and admitted i had no idea what to get him. He told me he would be happy with whatever i got him and said he liked things like after shave and shoes.

After 1 hour of looking around on the internet after getting off the phone to him, i narrowed it down to choosing a video game “Guitar Hero World Tour” which he has been after for ages and some type of aftershave. Does this sound ok? This is the first time i’m meeting up with him because he lives so far away and also the first birthday present from me. For valentines day i just got him LittleBigPlanet. So i defo want to get him something else so it doesnt just look like i buy him video games!

Thankyou so much!
no jewelry or ipods! i’ll get him that stuff for xmas. and hes just wanting the game on its own!


  1. Vampira of treehuggers says:

    I bet he would like it…

  2. Baz says:

    treat him to something romantic =]

  3. Mz.D0pE says:
  4. indie_dude80 says:

    Aftershave and shoes, of course!

  5. Ladarica says:

    Make a movie night with him.

  6. mrenigma2008 says:

    Your presence in person will be gift enough. Spending a bunch of money on him isn’t necessary. Enjoy your time together … that would be the best gift of all.

  7. Collin says:

    sounds like he’ll be fine with whatever u choose.

  8. junie w. says:

    add a certificate to FYE to get more games

  9. JASMINE says:

    get him a gift card to foot locker or somethin like that :-)

  10. Mike T says:

    that sounds pretty good. i mean if thats what hes into get it for him, dont stress, he told u what he likes and u got him what he likes so he should LIKE it. ur fineee. dont worry and have a good time at his birthday, he will love what u got him

  11. Grey Person says:

    The video game is perfect. Don’t forget the Metallica version and the Beatles version too! Christmas is coming!

  12. Ray (of sunshine) says:

    i would get him the guitar hero thingie and then you could like make him a mix cd or something?

  13. Amaia says:

    maybe a ipod touch or a watch maybe a ring

  14. Ronnie says:

    Either D&G Light Blue
    Calvin Klein Envy
    i like these ones the most! i am sure he will love it too!

  15. Caleb says:

    if you want to get to a mans heart shoes are always the way to go.. i nice pair of air force ones are always good… maybe some nike sb’s

  16. Samantha says:

    Honestly if he really wants that may not be the best idea to get it for him because someone else might get it for him like his parents. It’s good that you are really wanting to get him something nice. If i were you i would maybe make him a mix cd and get him some axe mens body spray or something by axe. It’s not that exspensive you can find it at any store (walmart has it). And buy him a cute teddy bear, or even better a stuffed animal that you’ve had for a while (that’d be cute because then he could keep it and think of you when you go back home)
    But if you endup not finding anything, your best bet is getting him the game you mentioned.
    Good luck! =)

  17. Brandon says:

    well thats nice but i am a boy and the only thing i would want for my birthday from a girl is to hold them and watch a movie and sex but just the girl being there would be enough.

  18. Princesa Z says:

    if u already spent about 50 dollars on a game why not get him a perfume that comes with an after shave and maybe deodorant too! (my boy likes the sean joJohnla coste, polo, and there are many more)

  19. anonymouse says:

    Don’t get him that game unless you will get the drums, a guitar, and a mic.

    Unless you’re going to get the entire set for $ 180..

  20. MelissaCullen_x says:

    dont be too fussed since hed be kl with the game since he asked for it.
    but you could try finding something different, even likee if you go on this website, has some random things (: upty you matee;