So, I really like this boy…?

Jim Hall part1

I feel so lame writing this, aha.

I met this boy on a sixth form induction day (UK). He was only in one of my taster lessons, but as soon as the teacher said his name I was like, woah. I LOVE his name, it is the nicest name I’ve ever heard. And he was AMAZING on the guitar, so I was like, double woah. And I sort of fell in love with him after hearing him play the guitar, aha. Stupid I know.

So I got home and searched the origin of his name – like, what country. And I found his twitter and a link to a blog that he has, and I’ve pretty much been speaking to him through the blog, but anonymously. He doesn’t know who I am yet aha.

It’s pathetic, I’ve never even talked to him in person, but I really like him.

He has my email address, but can’t accept until he comes home, I don’t know how long he’s going to be away for.

But, I don’t know if I want him to know who I am. I mean, he seems really nice when I’ve been talking to him, but I don’t know if he’s one of this guys who only likes the girls who are practically perfect.

I mean, I talk to him about music on the blog – he likes EXACTLY the same bands that I like. And he’s put that he likes girls who have a decent music taste, but I just don’t want to tell him who I am if he only likes girls, as I’ve said, who are perfect.



  1. ashy says:

    lol tell him who you are, as I think you both have similarities and the same tastes.I think he may like you :) Try and talk to him face to face.

    Go for it :)