I really like a boy in my class…?

I sit next to a guy called Chris in Science, he’s tall and really good looking. He makes me laugh and we’re both in the same band (I’m singer he’s guitar) and we like the same kind of music…
In Science he talks to me out of everybody and leans towards me on the table but a boy on our table teases us both about us liking eachother, I told my friend Cat the other day whether she thinks he likes me and she said he definitely does and that I should ask him out. Also, when we’re in the practice room playing songs he always looks at me… We were playing wonderwall once on acoustic and he wouldn’t take his eyes off my while we were singing… I think he does like me but I have a couple of problems. Okay, you guys are going to think I’m really silly for this:
A) We dated about 6 months ago… It didn’t end up well, it was fine for a few days and we really liked eachother, but then it got nasty and my friends started rumours about me dating this other guy called Jake, which I wasn’t, and Jake agreed to it even though he goes to another school. Also he was shy talking to me, he blamed the breakup on how he didn’t know what to talk to me about but I’m not sure what the reason is…
B) I’m moving schools, he said (even after we broke up) that he would really miss me and that he’d move too but he can’t afford it,
Okay, when he broke up with me he said it was because we didn’t talk and he wanted to get to know me better then my friends started pestering him and me and eventually he turned around and said he’d never date me again… I’m hoping he said it because he was annoyed but maybe he was serious? That really upset me and I have no idea what to do!!!!
Please help, I can’t stop thinking about him,
He only goes for pretty girls though, and I’m not skinny or pretty so I think I blew my chance…
By the way we’re over the breaking up thing, it’s just the comments he said when we did break up about never dating me again. We’re still really good friends :)


  1. dhiki says:

    If you have fallen love with him …..then tell him…..about you….love him………..if you like him then propose him to become a friend….its better