Guitar Hero Games: Where Can I Get An X-BOX 360 + Game?

Where can I get an X-BOX 360 console with either Rock Band or Guitar Hero (like as a bundle)?
Cheapest possible please? And not 2nd hand.

Thank you kindly
Can you be more specific please? Not just say to try my local games shop XD
Links would be nice :)


  1. sarah says:

    Argos is usually the best place for this or try your local game shops i would say ebay but you’d have to pay a high price for postage which would cost more. Gamestations cheap if you live in the UK that is.

  2. danefx1986 says:

    Ok go here:

    Click on SIGN UP! And then SIGN UP! Then go to

    Account Summary > And then click OFFERS > And then click on the left hand side where it says “FREE OFFERS” and then do all the free offers. Trust me! You’ll be doing your self something good here, its only 3 little things im asking you if not its ok. Thank you anyways remember Invite ALL YOUR FRIENDS

  3. Jamie E says:

    Try Game or Gamestation

  4. Sid K says: