Guitar Lessons: I Have Just Bought A Guitar Should I ?

learn to play with myself or go for lessons


  1. ♣Kermit the Frog 2♣ says:

    Go for 4-5 Lessons with a teacher, they’ll teach you all the basics etc

    from then on, self teach yourself.

    Good Luck!

  2. Dad's found yer scoo'er says:

    Get one of those “play in a day” books and see how you get on then look at lessons because they are oriented towards style these days, i.e you can get electric lessons, classical lessons etc. etc.

  3. Robert C says:

    Decide what music you want to play…find someone else in the same position…and have the most fun you will ever have in your life.

    I have been playing for 39 years….learning was the best bit by far!!!!!!!!!

  4. tattylashes says:

    download some sheet music, and also get some backing music and some tutorial videos and learn at home, i am self taught too, paying for lessons is a waste of time, because ifr your dedicated, then you’ll teach yourself and learn all there is to know…..good luck….

  5. lokidrew says:

    if you can spare the money go for a few lessons, i did a guitar college course about 9 years ago and it really got me motivated into playing. whereas before i just noodled around.

    guitar lessons can correct you on mistakes you don’t know you are making, which otherwise you can take years to unlearn.

    go to a local music shop & look on the board for teachers, give them a call and see who sounds good to you depending on the style you want to play.

  6. chris w. says:

    what do ya mean learn to play with yourself..who are you trying to kid….