Guitar Hero Games: Best DS Game?

I want another Nintendo DS Game.
I Already Have A Few But Can’t Decided Between These;

-Guitar Hero
-My Health Coach
-More Brain Traning
-Baby Pals
-Cooking Mama

Which One Do You Recommend?


  1. kabo921 says:

    I’ve got “la guida in cucina” it’s so pretty !! but i don’t know the name in English ’cause is from Italy

  2. Eric S says:

    Guitar Hero any day u won’t regret it

  3. Cmidrfti says:

    I picked up Guitar Hero at the weekend. It’s awesome.

  4. says:

    guitar hero is the best out of that list and out of all other games in the world for the DS better than pokémon diamond or pearl!

  5. LEWYS says:

    out of all those guitar hero is the best i would say, but it isnt as good as the console version because it has around 25 songs and the console version has around 80.

    if you go to you can watch a review of it there

    also the songs arnt very loud even if you use ear phones and it isnt my ds because i have tried it on my girlfriends one too