Guitar Hero Games: What Is The Best Computer Game U Have Ever Played?

LYRICS: So this aint the end – I saw you again today I had to turn my heart away Smiled like the sun – Kisses for real And tales – it never fails! You lying so low in the weeds I bet you gonna ambush me Youd have me down down down down on my knees Now wouldnt you, barracuda? Back over time we were all Trying for free You met the porpoise and me No right no wrong, selling a song- A name, whisper game. If the real thing dont do the trick You better make up something quick You gonna burn burn burn burn it to the wick Ooooooh, barracuda? Sell me sell you the porpoise said Dive down deep down to save my head You…i think you got the blues too. All that night and all the next Swam without looking back Made for the western pools – silly fools! If the real thing dont do the trick No, you better make up something quick You gonna burn burn burn burn it to the wick Ooooooohhhh, barra barracuda. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.

i love guitar hero


  1. drakkie86 says:

    The sims :)

  2. worried guy says:

    Final Fantasy VII on the PS1. By far the best game ever made.

    Aside from that, Call of duty 4 is my most played and enjoyed game of recent times

  3. Geoff the skier says:

    Space Invaders – mind you that was when men were men and women were glad of ’em.

  4. AllStar™ says:

    Halo 3

    Very tactical

  5. Rainbow says:

    sims 2 :]

  6. you'llneverwalkalone says:

    all of the splinter cell series

  7. Loyal Blood says:

    Over Lord



  8. Ryan says:

    It would probably be a throw up between the original Call of Duty, Guild Wars, and Team Fortress 2

  9. gvilla713 says:

    Probaly the sims

  10. Kia the Koala Lady says:

    For computers, I would say its a toss up between The secret of monkey island, and everquest. For platforms, I would say FF7, bioshock, or super mario bros 3.

  11. Bryce says:

    Age of Empires

  12. Addícto Perfectó says:

    dragon Quest VIII and FF VII.

    but if your referring to Computer games, then I suppose. Command and Conquer/The sims franchise/Age of Empires series.

  13. Bryle V says:

    PES 2008. :)

  14. Laurie B says:

    Gears of War
    Guitar Hero
    Nazi Zombies (world at war)

  15. Fake says:

    Deus Ex


  16. Dean says:

    Warcraft 2, simply a classic.

  17. Krist Loves Lakers says:

    oh there’s a few.
    oblivion xbox 360
    The Sims 2 PC
    Guitar Hero Wii
    And Call of duty 4 and 5 Xbox 360

  18. Kirsty-Louise says:

    Firstly it has to be on an xbox 360 :)

    secondly i agree with Laurie: COD WAW is a great game :)

    and thirdly…..COD4 still beats 5 any day…..all time favourite game….CALL OF DUTY 4 (On xbox live too)

  19. Kieran =D says:

    warcraft III the frozen throne

    i played it for about 5 years straight
    the online is simply incredible