Guitar Lessons: Beginners Guitarist Help!?

Michael Angelo Batio performs “No Boundaries” from his DVD guitar lesson “Speed Kills”. “Speed Kills” is available at

This hard to explain but ive started taking online beginners lessons for my acoustic guitar
but the bottom two (the thin silver ones) dont make a noise when i press down even slightly on the strings on the neck of the guitar. No vibration or anything just a dull ping.

it makes a noise if i dont hold it down on the neck


  1. God says:

    This sounds stupid but have you got it in tune? The only thing I can think of is that you haven’t got enough tension on the two strings

  2. Ryan Nealey says:

    did you tune it, that could be the problem?

  3. Please punctuate properly, folks says:

    If they are VERY old strings, then they will have lost their “zinnnnggg” and will definitely sound flat and dead as can be. Change them for new ones! Do a full set, and tune them up properly. There are good online tuners available.

    How’s your picking technique? Can you put a video on youtube of the problem?

  4. Mikey, just Mikey says:

    >>but the bottom two (the thin silver ones)<< Just so you know, those are the top two strings, not the bottom two. Top and bottom always refer to pitch, not vertical position.