Guitar Lessons: Beginner Guitar Player . . Is This Normal . . . .?

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ive been playing around a week an hour or two a day im getting better at it but my fingers are killing me they are really sore and the ends of my fingers are weird they are getting like hard is this right?
im teaching myself as i cant afford lessons many thanks
no way to stop the pian?
just have tp play through it i guess


  1. Ashley says:

    Yes, hard finger tips are normal. It means you are practising alot. if your guitar strings are too hard for you, the best type to use is nylon. Nylon string is for beginners. it is soft. The hard stuff is called callus. Your fingers are getting tough. you may need them, and after a while it strengthens your finger tips and you will eventually feel no pain when playing. Keep teaching yourself, and you will be fine. !!

    wish you the best and hope this helped

  2. A-Train says:

    yes, your fingertips will need to create “callus” which means it’ll start feeling really rough on the ends. Don’t stop, you just need tp push past the pain. within a couple more weeks you’ll be able to play a little longer. maybe try playing for just half an hour a day so you don’t hurt them too much

  3. Jaff says:

    It must be normal because I have been playing for a couple of weeks too but my fingers have hard skin on the ends of them now so it’s made it a little easier.

  4. Floyd says:

    Perfectly normal, It happens to everyone at first. You are in the process of developing callouses on your fingertips which are essential to being able to play the guitar. Otherwise your fingertips will get blistered and that’s no fun. Hang in there a few more days and your fingers should be calloused enough that it won’t hurt anymore. Just make sure you keep playing or else you’ll lose the callouses and you’ll have to repeat the whole process over again.