Guitar Lessons: What Should I Do About This Band/music Situation?

Scale practicing techniques and concepts. Discussion of Legato and Staccato techniques.

I’ve formed a band with my best mates at school and a guy in our year we really get on with. However, we’re kind of “floundering” at the moment because we need to learn our instruments better. I more or less got jumped into learning guitar (even though I prefer bass) but I am now really keen on learning lead or maybe rhythm.

I had a brainwave today. All my friends in the band and I go to Christian Union and my best friend’s friend’s older brother (sorry it’s complicated) runs it and is really good at guitar. She suggested I ask him to give me lessons after school because he’s really patient and a great teacher. However, I noticed him and the other girl who runs CU talking today to me and they told me they are also in a band with another sixth former (they are all Christians) but they’re missing a drummer and singer.

I was thinking of asking them if they’d want me to audition for them or something because they like similar music to me. However, I don’t know if it would be weird because I’m 2 years younger (I’m in Year 11) but I really get on with them. Also, my friends who I’m playing with now might be upset if we disband.

How should I deal with the situation? Should I maybe talk to my friends and see if it would be ok with them if I talked to the sixth formers and take it from there? I’m really unsure what I want to do at the moment because even though it’s fun playing with my friends, we have a long way to go before we’re gig ready and we’re pretty disorganised.

Any ideas?

Cheers guys. XD


  1. artistry_in_motion says:

    stop hanging out with Christians is a idea

  2. Sabrina Is a fan of Muse says:

    Yes talk to your band mates. Make sure they would be okay with everything before you do anything. Talke and decide on everything so you don’t disband. Good luck. 😀

  3. Oracular Spectacular says:

    i know its cruel but i laughed at the first answer

    yep you should talk (your mates) to them you can be in two bands at the same time you know

  4. heskethpearson says:

    2 years difference is nothing in ANYTHING – bands, relationships, friends, etc, though it may seem so now. :) Ask them. They can only say no and they’re not the only band in the world, are they? I’d advise you play with both bands if you can. You’ll soon discover which one you like playing with the best.