Guitar Lessons: Name Of Band And Song?

Lyrics went like this: “Born to be down, I learned all my lessons before now, born to be down”. And the main hook:” Well you just don’t get it keep it copacetic………….and you’re so pathetic”. Thats all I can remember. It had a cool Guitar riff through-out the song.


  1. dior_girl_at_heart says:

    no,can’t think of the band/song at the moment.

  2. sassymoomin says:

    try searching on

  3. Schecter496 says:

    Local H – Bound For the Floor

  4. alm says:

    Bound For The Floor by Local H

  5. says:

    sure dude!its all in ur head by “u just made iot up! hehe !! xx

  6. Chazy J says:

    dunno soz