ballad played on acoustic guitar by 80’s rock band?!?

This was so amazing, such a small venue and only fans who knew them for so long! PICTURES OF WHEN I MET THEM: * GIVE ME FREAKING CREDIT MY VIDEO IS ALL OVER TUMBLR IN GIFS WITHOUT ANY FREAKING CREDIT *

mu hubby mentioned a ballad by an 80’s rock band, played on acoustic guitar. Can anyone help? This was not a power ballad, so I’m stumped!


  1. Scarlett12 says:

    “More Than Words” was on acoustic guitar. The group’s name was Extreme.

  2. Daisy the cow says:

    Possibly more than words by extreme or patience by guns’n’roses.

  3. Tracii P says:

    Could be “More Than Words” by Extreme ?

  4. thatsmypurse091804 says:

    Could be Extreme, more than words

  5. Jamie h says:

    Anymore info such as lyrics? There was a million songs that fit that description. Can you edit your question with more info?

  6. dswinkphn says:

    More then words by extreme

  7. says:

    it’s really going to be kind of hard to answer your question,unless you know some of the word’s to the song and then it shouldnt take to long to get an answer

  8. Phil Lewis Chik says:

    either More Than Words by Extreme or Every Rose Has It’s Thorn by Poison or pssibly Little Suzy by Tesla or Patience by Guns N’ Roses or that one song by Mr. Big i forgot what it’s called.

  9. Pav says:

    To Be With You – Mr. Big
    High Enough(?) – Damn Yankees

  10. black cherry says:

    Sounds a lot like more than words by Extreme to me.