Guitar Games: Am I A Bad Dad To My Son?

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I was only 17 when my son Caleb and since then i get o see him every now and ten. When he was three i moved to Australia. I got to see him even less than i normally did but i still rang him. When Poppy was born (My first daughter with my wife, Caleb half-sister) he came out and stayed with us for awhile. He really enjoyed it and he loves his little sister and he talks to her every time we ring. His mother is getting remarried and going on her honeymoon for six months and sh has asked me to look after him for that time. Of course i agreed but the way she said it made me think i’m a bad Dad. She said that i haven’t been much of Dad to him so i can at least do this. I haven’t seen him in at least three years but i talk to him a least three to four times a week. I know i shouldn’t think that i’m a bad Dad but i haven’t ever really been there for him. I’ve missed countless school plays, baseball games and he plays the guitar and i haven’t ever seen him play it. Am i a bad Dad?
Last time i went and tried to see him his mother told me to go away. I have visitation rights but she ignored them. Caleb is televe by the way. He has a good realtionship with his sister and talks to all his siblings over webcam.
When i was eighteen my parents devorced and my Dad moved to Australia. He was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer about a year later and a bit later and i moved over there so i could be with him.

My ex-partner decided to go and see Europe so her and her new partner decided to do it alone. I didn’t ask why they are going for so long.


  1. Jimi Hendrix Guy says:


  2. Aubrey says:

    It sounds like you are. im sorry but look at him. its obvios he has dreams and a big future and theres no dad there to guide him through it.

  3. codicas04 says:

    your not a bad dad. but you couldve seen him more. thats a long time to not see your child. but just try to see him more after the six months. offer for him to live through a school year or something.

  4. itsonlyme says:

    just think there is always worse than you.

    my sons dad lives in sydney and me in vic he is 5 and has seen him about 4 times, calls about 4 times a year know nothing about him.

    and whats worse has never bought him a present in his life!!!


  5. jamie says:

    No mate. You may not have lived up to her expectations, but that is for her to deal with. Its not very constructive for her to insinuate that you are a bad dad.From what you have written it sounds like you are a good dad to your daughter, and also you want to look after Caleb while she is getting married. Your two children have sparked up a bond, which means they are comfortable with themselves to do that.
    To me, the fact you are worrying about it proves your heart is in the right place.

  6. cs says:

    >”going on her honeymoon for six months”

    I never heard of a honeymoon lasting 6 months, heck, some marriages don’t last that long!

    I would suppose it was a little “dig” (animosity)! I think you’ll be able to make up for lost time with this extended visit. Who knows, it may be a problem for his mom to get him back after spending that much time with your current family. I am not sure by your description of him exactly how old he is, but at some point he’ll reach an age where he’ll have a choice where he wants to live.

    Look at it this way, if you didn’t care you would not be seeing him and this comment would not be weighing on your mind. Just focus on him while he’s with you. Kids are smart, they know whether you really care or not!

  7. Dispatcher says:

    i wouldnt say you are a bad dad but i wouldnt say your a good one either. you put your son on the back burner and havent seen him in 3 years! how can a parent go 3 years without seeing their child?? you could have easily gotten on a plane and went and saw him!