Best Acoustic Guitar: How Much Does An Average Acoustic Guitar Cost?

Mixing vocals in Garageband to make professional quality vocals and mixes. This is a really easy way to make your vocals seem louder and be heard in a song’s mix. Thanks for all of you who asked for the tutorial and if you need any more let me know so I can start to make one! Check out my songs to hear what the mix sounds like. My ‘studio’ is a really cheap set up and that’s what I think Garageband is all about – being able to have a really great sound quality that you’re happy with, without spending thousands. Thanks for watching! Ryan from AIA

answers in ££££££££’s please


  1. would_be_sinner says:

    Depends on what sort of thing you want.

    Good budget model – £60-£80
    More competent player £175 +
    Professional kit up to £300 +

    Most reasonable guitars tend to be £60-£120

  2. Robert C says:

    Average?…between £150 and £250.

    If you are learning do not spend more than this. It is not because learners don’t deserve good guitars…it is because when you can play…that first ‘goooooood guitar’ is you reward!!!!!!

  3. Jeremy G says:

    It really depends on what quality of acoustic guitar your after.

    Check your local Guitar Center or Musicians Friend, they should have lots of Acoustic Guitars of all qualities, that would be your best bet for finding out.

  4. The Watchers says:

    I have no idea in Euro’s. You can find some for cheap. You’ll want to check out A wide range of acoustic guitars. But I have no idea if the ship overseas.

  5. bat says:

    you can pck cheap ones from £60 ish, but could get a decent quality one for around £300 ish or you could a very good one for £800 ish or then go into quality hand made ones from £2500 upwards… take your pick

  6. Fudgy01 says:

    An average of around £50, they can cost alot more than this but if you wish to start playing as a beginner then you should look to spend anything from £50-£150 << nothing more because you could end up not liking the guitar as an instrument and it would be better, to advance onto a better guitar when your skill advances aswell. You feel better about yourself this way…..