Guitar Lessons: How Do I Say No To My Auntie?

Musicians Institute and Guitar World bring you a series of guitar lessons with some of the top guitar instructors around. In this video, blues master Keith Wyatt gives a lesson on Fills.

i want to buy a really good quality guitar with steel strings. My auntie has offered me me cousins old one but i have a feeling that its not steel strings and old guitars that are not top quality break more easily how do i say no. I dont want to sound ungrateful and that i dot want an old guitar. I know its not a very good one because my cousin never enjoyed it and stopped years and years ago. The guitar i want is perfect and i could take it too my grave. I’m serious about the guitar and am getting basic lessons.
How do i say no kindly and seem grateful
i already have an old not so good quality guitar to practise on and i know compared to the guitar i want its not as good for the music i want to play (country-taylor swift)


  1. ? says:

    Just say that thanks very much and there is a very nice guitar youve seen and been Savin up for weeks and no thank you 😉

  2. ALAN T says:

    You don’t and you can change the strings, just accept it and buy yourself another one in a few months.

  3. Babs says:

    If your cousins guitar is in good nick you could always have it and change the strings for the type you want. If the whole thing is not too brill then have it anyway and use it for practising on when your auntie is about. Buy the new one that you desire and tell her that it’s for best when you can play well. Say it’s a present to yourself for when you learn to play.

    That way auntie is chuffed that you have accepted your cousins old guitar and you are chuffed because you have what you really want.

    Happy strumming.

  4. shaqueena t says:

    this is a tricky one i have been through this many time with parents and relatives who believe that if it was good enough for someone else its good enough for you
    If you would like to satisfy her take it for a few days then bring it back and say this doesn’t feel right to me i don’t feel connected to it… but the guitar i want feels great i feel alive when i hold it.(if you’ve seen it in person before)
    Or just say no thanks its a wonderful guitar but i want something of my own. you don’t have to mention that you don’t think its good quality just stand your ground, she cant force it on you.

  5. くみ says:

    why don’t you just take it and buy yourself the other one there is no problem of having two