Guitar Lessons: What Should I Get From My Auntie For Xmas?

My auntie wants to get me a gift for xmas not cash or vouchers, i already have an ipod speaker and biebers perfume on my list for my main buyers. She normally spends around £20 on the older kids like me. I was gonna ask for a scrapbook but i got one on sale the other day. I have my gadgets and don’t need more. For my birthday after xmas I am getting a trip to doctor who experience in london and a trip to liverpool tate museum to see the alice in wonderland stuff along with a own a pony day at the stables.

About me- I love alice in wonderland, drawing anime- not reading it, classic novels, drama, and singing (already have lessons) already have guitar, i also like meerkats and purple and will be getting a dog in feb….

i get books and dvd’s from libarys, I only buy special books. Are the moomin comic strips good?…
what should I ask for from auntie jan?


  1. Jay says:

    a flesh light

  2. becky says:

    You can’t go wrong with a gift card from your store you like to shop at

  3. xfresh says:

    Gift cards.

  4. Zyz says:

    You could ask her to sponsor a goat in your name for a village in Africa or sponsor a rescued owl at an owl sanctuary … something like that. It seems you already have a lot of things and are well looked after but perhaps, as one of the older kids, you could show that you are growing up and starting to look beyond your immediate surroundings towards those who are less fortunate than you. That might be a kind thing to do and might give you a warm glow which is better than just getting another thing you don’t really need. It’s just an idea. It is not meant to be a criticism or anything nasty.

  5. Emma says:

    ask her for something pampering, that might make you feel relaxed. girls love that! and it’ll be the ideal present that i would want from an auntie or just a photography poster of alice in wonderland, people.. etc. :)