Guitar Lessons: Which Amp To Buy Help Duddes :D?

Ok so i have 160 pound and i want to buy an electric guitar amp preferbly a vox one because i use one at guitar lesson and it sounds sweeeeeeet! this is my first like descent amp i am going to buy so i want a fairly descent one with some features effects etc, i’m into music like indie and rock so basically from the kooks to paramore any heads up on what to get?

thanks :)


  1. DJC says:

    All vox are pretty much the same just different watts so just figure out how many watts you need (25-30 for just playing in your home and 75-120 for small gigs). But from personal experience the solid/tube combination amps are pretty nice.

  2. Sponge D says:

    could try a usb port so u can have all types of amps simulated on pc making great sounds!! u can even use stomp boxes with them (virtual ones!) look up m-audio fast track on ebay! they usually have good deals! then when you find your sound, buy an amp! but i think you would still use the usb when you see what it is capable of! research!