Guitar Hero Games: Will An American Xbox 360 Game Work On A British Xbox 360?

Hi i really want to buy guitar hero 3 but I cant wait until the 30th of november which is when it is out in the uk so I was wondering if i purchased it from a USA website could the game playon my british xbox

I have completed all songs on expert on gh2 and my bro stood on it so i cant play it and I cant be bothered wasting more money on another one as that will probably break too


  1. channy900 says:

    It should do

  2. Starlette_rae says:

    most likely i wouldnt know y

  3. richard r says:

    no i dont think so were pal and america is ntsc, types of programs

  4. Reecie says:

    I know playstation games wont do this, but not sure about x box’s sorry.

  5. Lauren D says:

    I don’t think that they are really made differently or anything, but the system that they use may be different, so I would check with the company (call them, etc.) or go to a gaming store and ask if it would work. The people that work at those stores usually know what they’re talking about.

    P.S. I don’t blame you for not wanting to wait. That game is awesome!

  6. Neil G says:

    No different regions. Sorry, you may as well just wait.